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  1. Oh, you too got WikiWise:) Thx OP, will take the D9 out for a spin.
  2. Awesome news, they fixed it and replied to my email. Now all titles are showing up in the upper right hand corner.
  3. There are no keys to be copied from Steam to IL-2, then copying the BOBP key into the Add Game button on Steam results in Invalid License warning. Waiting for Alyosha to reply in about two weeks if I am lucky, ticket submitted. Köszi szépen, boldog kései Március 15-ét!
  4. Same problem, none of the BOBP content is showing up since the latest patch, whether I start from Steam or IL-2 launcher. Every time I click a BOBP plane, I get the Buy Game warning.
  5. After the last game update all BOPP planes are locked again. I have tried launching game from Steam and IIL-2 Launcher with same result. I tried to copy the BOBP game key into Steam but stated "Invalid Key". I purchased BOBP from IL-2. I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem, if so how did you get out of it. I am getting tired of getting strafed on Berloga flying the slow poke 109 versions.
  6. I have the brakes and tail wheel lock on the left hat of the Warthog stick, perfect for maneuvering the 109 on the ground, except when the TAW server is in full winter with taxiways and runways iced up:)
  7. You mouse is shaking on the desk, turn it off and it will go away?
  8. I have the zoom axis programmed into the MFG Crosswinds pedals left toebrake. Love the ease and ability to rapidly magnify at a distance, plane ID improves.
  9. Just tie a string to the joystick and attach it to the desk, keep manifold pressure at 12 and do something useful around the house until it climbs out:) The furball is like an insect light for me, I keep willing myself over and over but those triangular winged Yaks just keep luring me into turnfighting, then my 109 becomes gun fodder. Great fun on this server, when it really hits the fan I turn on the position lights and message all blues for free meals, ie straight line flying Yaks and Spits vying to finish off my smoke and fuel trail emitting plane.
  10. OMG this newb had a fit with the 109 on ice, first time on TAW. Until I permanently locked the tailwheel while taxying, I spun to the left with any throttle input no matter how much brakes were applied, almost tripped a few landing Stukas, in my defense their lights were off:) Those white painted Yaks are a real PITA, you fly out 10min constantly comparing the river bends with the map hoping not to miss the action, only to get shot out of nowhere. Back to the furball servers for a while.
  11. I would recycle the seat and backrest from an old executive office chair, the trash container behind our office building always has 2-3 of those.
  12. You mountain people are so good with wood:) Great looking setup, paint it in camo.
  13. Watch carefully the sensor green LEDs while you turn your head. If they flicker it means the unit loses tracking. The solution is moving the TIR to the side of your body where you hold the Pro (LED) Clip or center if using the ballcap reflectors. You may also have the TIR unit mounted too high or too low. Lastly update your game specific drivers, look at the exclamation sign over a red background in right upper corner, that means updates are available. Notice the curves on the left lower corner of the guy in the video below, I use very similar settings.
  14. 1. Old treadmill with Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog stand and Warthog stick mounting plate. BTW the MFG pedals fit perfectly into the predrilled holes. 2. Alienware Aurora R7 top config with 140Hz curvie on a Play25x wall mount. Tripp Lite sine wave to protect the 1TB SSD and 64GB fast RAM. 3. Redgragon clicky USB keyboard and wireless mouse. 4. $60 (Ebay sold as defective, forgot to load drivers) Blue Yeti Pro mic with integrated output sound card powering AKG702 with TrackIR LED bolted to it. (JBRadio FLAC 2000kbps 192kHz sound out of this world during breaks) 5. Pole mou
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