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  1. You're right. Actually he was doing what I would do.....sorta. I should've said "jackwagon". What you din't see is the part where we chased him for several minutes where he just ran away and did nothing. Thanks for your input. I'll be sure to not upset you again.
  2. I made a movie...Too much time on my hands...
  3. I was alone on the server yesterday. I got bored so I attacked a enemy airfield to see what's up. Made a movie...Why??... "Quarantine" STAVING BABIES, LONELY ANIMALS and ME. Just think...Someone could've got an easy kill.... My friend helped me make the call-to-action segment....we think it's funny.. AND I watched way too many war movies when I was a kid.
  4. The AKA part confused me too a little. I like that server because there's no hoops to jump thru like TAW and you don't get jumped by a pack of ding-dongs every 2 minutes like on Combat Box. It's relaxing, the map isn't too big, lots of stuff to blow-up, bots, the occasional human victim , and stats on their website. The server went down tonight and the website changed. Looks like it's back to Finnish Virtualpilot server. But the selection of aircraft on that server goes from early war to late war in a cycle and the cycles last way too long. I'd like to start a server with some help and input so we can have a place where we can fly what we like when we want and how we want without hassles
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