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  1. Okay so I move the waypoint way before the Attack Area and see what happens. Thanks a lot
  2. Level Bomb, I have 2 exaclty same group of trigger, command and objects. The one with the A20 works fine and they level drop their bombs, the one of the Pe doesn't
  3. Guys at what altitude I should set the waypoint before triggering the Area Attack Command to let the Pe Planes Bomb an area? I see they Don't drop but A20 do with same settings...
  4. Problem Solved, I simply made a mistake Targeting the Trigger Timer and the Waypoint. Now the Planes Spawn and follow the rout normally.
  5. So how to et a formation fly to a waypoint mantaining formation?
  6. Hi all! My question is pretty simple, I have a Flight of 6 Pe airstarting with a Trigger (OnEnterd bla bla) that works... And thats'okay. The flight is to fly to a Trigger waypoint Object Linked to the Pe ich is the Leader (other are TL to it), if the Bombers Spawn at 3000 meters and the Wayoint is at 5000 what do they do? A : They fly towards the waypoint climbing meanwhile B : They climb immediatily circilig where they spawned and then fly towards the waypoint at its altitude C : The fly towards the Waypoint and then, under the waypoint, they climb circling? I have the Flight that remain in the spawn locatino circling can't understan why...
  7. Hi Prangster, thank you for your reply. I Solved it yesterday evening doing this: -Opened the Editor -Turning its window into full screen -Closed the Editor while in full screen Done this I opened again it and it was fixed. (Thank you forthe Guide I'm usingit a lot XD)
  8. Guys please help me before I split in 10 pieces my freaking monitor............................. Today I open the Editor and I find the Properties windows OUT of the screen for a half or more, many commands and options are out of screen.. Tried everything but don't work because it isn't the program windows that is out f screen but the property windows so you can't select it from the Task Bar or anyother place.. I upload a screen...
  9. Dude can you read or what? Just say to me: CAN-YOU-READ? Read slowly, aloud and clearly my post. I quote my self so you can re-read it Anyway I'll redo the test focusing on the Stabilizer effects and report
  10. Indeed I didn't say that it's wrong or correct, I only say that doing BnZ with the 109 it almost impossible as you MUST mantain your speed below 530/540 Km/h to be able to aim while in position, but doing this you will never have the energy for going back in alt in safe position, So what's the point of keeping the energy if you must dissipate that before the attack? This cause the 109 to remain stuck in the middle of the combat without energy--> die. Also many times Russian manage to fly the plane even when hit very badly and even with Gunpods... I use to fly 109 and Yak I, I can say that the Yak can stay in the 109 Tail no matter what the german do. Online you can see Russian smoking (one of them problably me ehehehe) killing Germans everywhere XD No problem with me, I keep fly Russian for Having fun and Germans for Bombing If you like the game like this, leave it like this, but I fly online since years in every Il2 series ever, never have a 109 like this........
  11. So you think that this is okay? This means to me that the 109 here is better in turn fight but obviously it isn't. So why should I fly the 109 if it is not good on Dive Attack nor in Turnfight XD?
  12. Hi all, problably first post in the Forum.. What I can say is that, after a couple of dozen fo hundreds test (well i'm pretty sure) in this Sim the 109 F4 start to have the "blocked controls problem" (can I name it like this?) at 530 km/h. So if you manage the plane well you can reach that speed flying in level... This means that even the most slow attack dive would end in a Miss because of the impossibility of the plane to pitch up good to aim.... Indeed you can try as many times you want but you will never go in G-Loc with the 109. This problem cause the plane not be very good in dive attack. Now, in all others WWII sims that i Flew the 109 was always a very good dive-attack plane, shooting ad 600 km/h. I don't know if it was realistic or not, my point is to say that here in BoS the 109 is not a good plane for dive-hit-regain energy. If you fly a Lag (for example) you start having that problem at 600 km/h (maybe i'm wrong), this means that with the Lag or any other Russian plane (or the Macchi) you can do better dive-attack than the 109? Mmm I don't think so... Do anybody agree with this?
  13. Ringrazio Voss per la lista!! Saluti dal VII Stormo!!!!!!!
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