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  1. Brief description: Tank Crew Binoculars not working after 4.501 update Detailed description, conditions: Hi, i notice a bug, after you press RSht+2 to change combat posts to Tank Commander the Binoculars (LCtl+5) is not working anymore in Tank Crew, i think it has something to do with tank commander 2nd firing point key RSht+2. - Binoculars is working when you use LCtrl+C to switch combat post and the press Binoculars (LCtl+5) - if you press RSht+2 and then Binoculars (LCtl+5) is not working
  2. i found it, it is located in input devices, tank control mouse or joystick, thanks.
  3. @LachenKrieg Hi, i'm using this keys for Tank Crew, i use for visor control Home/End Delete/PageDown and Insert, i use my left hand (when tank is not moving) and right hand ( when tank is moving) to control the visor with keys and the view with my mouse.
  4. СГ- WP is range scale nr.7, MG is nr.5 range scale
  5. @No_Face Hi, it is filmed live, you can see the tehnical messages, kill messages and recording icon in the right, i'am unable to use the replay file because when i use the replay the gunsight view it is displayed very bad, tank gunsight view is not displayed properly in recorded file so i have to use the original live version, in-game recording tool needs to be fixed to display correctly the gunsight view, try and see in a recording file how the gunsight view is moving. After i played tank games for many times my eyes estimate very good the range 😁
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