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  1. @TIGRE88 I have added the sounds correctly and i hear them but when i have edited the video i had to cut some parts because i have added action replays with different camera angles.
  2. @TIGRE88 Thanks for this mission pack, i played A bridge too far and is excellent.
  3. Hi, Steam doesn't have an option to stop updates, the only method to stop updates is to add a hour shedule for updates or to set 1kb download speed for updates, i checked my games in steam to see if i have pending updates and no updates available, then i have tested the IL-2 game with STEAM offline mode and i have 45 FPS when i start the game first time, i have restarted my pc and i tested IL-2 game with STEAM online mode and i see 30 FPS, with Steam online mode i have to restart the game for 2-3 times to see 45 FPS. The solution for 45 FPS is to start this game with STEAM offline mode. Try an
  4. Brief description: Lower Framerate in game menu when i start the game. Detailed description, conditions: When i start the game i see 30 FPS in game menu, if i restart the game/steam for 2-3 times i see 45 FPS in game menu. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Youtube Video Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): I5 4670k, GTX 650 Ti, 8Gb RAM, Windows 10 I noticed this strange behaivor, lower fps in game interface when i start the game first time, i have to restart the game and steam for few times to see 45 FPS, i have disabled MODS in game configuration
  5. @-DED-Rapidus this bug is fixed in 4.502. i have tested binoculars in T-34 and Panzer IV, problem solved.
  6. Brief description: Tank Crew Binoculars not working after 4.501 update Detailed description, conditions: Hi, i notice a bug, after you press RSht+2 to change combat posts to Tank Commander the Binoculars (LCtl+5) is not working anymore in Tank Crew, i think it has something to do with tank commander 2nd firing point key RSht+2. - Binoculars is working when you use LCtrl+C to switch combat post and the press Binoculars (LCtl+5) - if you press RSht+2 and then Binoculars (LCtl+5) is not working
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