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  1. Hi, i played this mission and after i have destroyed first enemy wave i see primary objective complete and that yellow sign indicator get stuck at village entrance, this is the mission? to destroy first defensive line and first enemy tank wave?
  2. Geoweb35 + BON Amazing! Thank u very much!
  3. i wish to have Flying Circus vol 1 and my fav book is A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway and Goodbye to all that by Robert Graves I pick number 5, also i wish this but my first preference is Flying Circus vol 1 : - Battle of Bodenplatte - MC.202 Series VIII Thanks
  4. Brief description: Soviet tank crew models is missing from tank interior. Detailed description, conditions: I have installed last update 4.001, in Tank Crew game the soviet tank crew is missing (invisible) , in germans tanks the tank crew is ok. I have to press something to unhide the soviet tank crew?
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