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  1. Geoweb35

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    gift recieved thanks
  2. Geoweb35

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    T-rex I want Blazing Steppe Campaign, thanks
  3. Geoweb35

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Thank you so much for the gift, very generous @SCG_Tzigy , key activated
  4. Geoweb35

    Historical Campaign "Ten Days of Autumn"

    Hey when you add this campaign in steam store? It will be great for people with credit in steam wallet, i wanted to buy it but unfortunately i don't find it in steam store. Cheers Update: i just bought this campaign via paypal. Is this campaign compatible with v3009 or i have to re-save this missions with bos editor? Thanks
  5. Geoweb35

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Pls i wish Battle of Kuban, Flying Circus, Tank Crew or any aircraft or Campaign gift, i have BOS and BOM standard edition , happy new year
  6. Geoweb35

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Fortress of the Volga Campaign gift is still avaible? i want this campaign, thanks.
  7. Geoweb35

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Merry Christmas , i want a gift if is still available. comedy:
  8. Geoweb35


    Hi, i wish a DLC giveaway for my IL-2 Sturmovik BoS game, BOM will be perfect, thanks.
  9. Hi, i have some questions: this game is DLC or standalone ? if it is a DLC for which game?
  10. Waiting for Tank Crew game release , when is avaible to buy? now i play Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 game with STA 3.3 Mod , this game have infantry ,infantry adds more immersion: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9FXLxe5Ogq36yQq685QoGv0TgIqEKfY