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  1. That message usually appears erroneously during network difficulties, and is probably intended for those trying to circumvent a ban imposed by the master server. If you were actively banned by the admin, you would see this symbol at the master server screen:
  2. In RoF you get the same cycling effect if "Cruise Control" is enabled, so under IL2 perhaps it's "Engine Auto Control" that does it. It's easy to forget about offline players; I wonder if anyone has experienced it in multiplayer.
  3. If you have not done already, I would say the cheapest workaround would be to send each onkilled event to a separate non-resetting counter set to 1, then send all those counter outputs to the ship counter.
  4. To take the example of position 3, each cylinder misses one beat, so half the mixture being delivered to each cylinder fails to burn, resulting in it being expelled into the cowled area. There may be several factors determining the risk igniting un-burned fuel mixture within the cowl.
  5. As if to fly in the face of what I said previously, this Gnome-Powered Pup flew for over three minutes at half ignition with no ill effects. Maybe the design of the cowl plays a part.
  6. There's always the infallible approach of starting the game and checking the server list. If you want to be really radical, you can seed an empty server yourself, allowing others to see your commitment.
  7. I usually allow at least 500ms between calls and have never experienced that problem on Windows or Linux. I take it you are reusing the same connection all the time, not re-establishing a new one each time. If you do run under Linux, there is (or was) an issue with a socket becoming unresponsive over time, perhaps after several thousand calls, necessitating periodic script abort followed by a restart after a delay of about one minute.
  8. The settings are : 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 . As previously explained, such action (on the part of the pilot) would be needed to prevent an accumulation of unburned fuel in the cowl. That's a simulation of spark plug fouling.
  9. The current producer prefers it to be called a simulator, while others might expect higher standards before that term could be justified. Try selling that to someone using entry-level controls, which need comprise only a mouse and keyboard.
  10. This has been debated in the past and it boils down to this: How popular do you think it would be to have to operate two engine controls with one hand?
  11. What you're describing is the way the sequencer switch would have to be used in reality. If it were left in any intermediate position for too long, the accumulation of unburned fuel in the cowl would be at increasing risk of ingnition by flames from the exhaust ports. Therefore to avoid the risk of cowl fire, it would be necessary to switch regularly to full ignition. I suspect the action seen in-game to be deliberate and likely to be confirmed in due course.
  12. If you can log-in to the RoF website, you can ask them to change your email address. They may ask for a screen shot of your licence keys. Don't expect an instant response.
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