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  1. Having it on a baseboard (if that's what you mean) should give you more options, but if you want to discuss this further in future, there's already a relevant thread in the hardware section.
  2. Cynic_Al


    That's what annoyed her. Everyone's looking for validation these days.
  3. After all the work that clearly has gone into your project, it would be nothing short of a tragedy to see it coupled to a PC joystick using pushrods or the like. If you have a basic knowledge of electrics and soldering, the parts, software and assistance to do the job properly are freely available.
  4. Initially I had trouble rationalising this design. The bike headset providing an overhead pivot is fine, but I assume the purpose of all that other metalwork, including what looks like a dumbbell, is to retain the whole unit in place during use. Either way wouldn't it be more practical were its dimensions to allow it to be sited permanently under a desk, still without having to attach it to anything?
  5. Well I certainly look forward to seeing the finished product, particularly your implementation of the unit's base.
  6. Re the Sopwith rudder bar, is it going to be this design similar to that rendered in the RoF Pup and Triplane and used in the real Camel, or will it be the design rendered in the Rof and FC Camels, which is a different design whose provenance seems unclear?
  7. Wrong forum, but since you're here just submit a ticket stating the error message. In perhaps a few days you'll get an email stating: "We fixed your problem", however they won't have fixed the underlying problem that causes this one.
  8. That wouldn't make everyone laugh. This would: 1.5.18Camel B7334, 42 TS, Wye Aeroplane inverted and pilot fell out, South Willesborough 2Lt Duncan McCarter (23) killed
  9. If I understand you properly, maybe an outfit like this could help.
  10. Seems like potentially anyone is already a member, but actual members can't distinguish. I can't see anything going wrong there.
  11. Nobody would program that to happen; the problem is that players' perception of the number of times they were hit, cannot be expected to match the reality, which makes this whole discussion meaningless.
  12. Just a quick attempt; I'm sure we can do better.
  13. Do you mean to say they'd actually listen to you? That would be a worrying development and no mistake.
  14. That depends entirely upon one's personal belief system, but that's a matter for an entirely different type of forum, not to say user.
  15. Your results are from a 'simulation' based on an undisclosed formula, but we'll leave that aside. Although it would be better to speak in terms of torque, for a given propeller to achieve X RPM at 3.5km, requires significantly less power than at ground level, which makes a complete nonsense of the above.
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