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  1. The trouble is you forgot to include the necessary screenshots, without which the person receiving those reports ( no matter how clear and unambiguous they may be ), has been programmed to reject them.
  2. There can be only one answer to that.
  3. My first thought was to say "If I want your opinion..." but that would be to propose a hypothesis that could never be realised in fact. Back in the real world, the only thing it is safe for me to say about Luke, is that at some time in the past he requested and was granted the privilege of providing a free service to a for-profit company; I know of no reason to infer that he knows anything about the inner workings of the software, but I do know that he would not be allowed to discuss such matters.
  4. I'm not supporting the belief expressed by J5_Daedallus, but have you been assured by the developers that is not the case, or are you both privy to and capable of understanding the source code?
  5. If the Thrustmaster arrives first don't open it, just take a photo of the box and put it on EBay before the prices crash.
  6. I remember having a few spirited engagements with Chunko in RoF about seven years ago, soon after I started hosting. Since then for whatever reason I don't recall meeting him again. Reincarnate In Perpetuity.
  7. Good to know. Now all we have to do is prove 'heavy airframe in flight', which will be a lot trickier.
  8. A state of affairs for which there can be only one inescapable explanation.
  9. Just don't let the engine come to a complete stop: It's been 5 years since I had to make this to accompany the bug report.
  10. Anybody can do that, but can you get a connectable server on-line in the first place?
  11. If you're trying for a debate, it's not going to happen.
  12. Never use the ping limiter; it's of no practical use and can cause unnecessary trouble.
  13. I'm not PMing anyone, so could you explain what exact type of help you need?
  14. The Engine Start indicator does not mean that the engine is running, only that it is ready to be started if possible. Any chance you could post a video of your landings?
  15. Tracks is a subfolder of data. What do you have assigned here:
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