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  1. Are you the operator of the current Rise of Flight server of the same name? If so, I didn't find any obvious feedback channel for it. I ask because that server appears un-connectable, at least for myself.
  2. If your friends can't see the server, it's because it's not configured to be accessible from the Internet. If you're running the server from the in-game GUI, you'll see a checkbox to that effect. If you're doing things properly, the parameter you need to set in your sds file is: ExternalIP=1 Having fixed that, if they can see it listed but can't connect, it will be either a port forwarding or firewall issue.
  3. Cynic_Al

    Fokker D-VII "HOTAS"

    Is that you, and if so do you have one of these interfaced to a computer?
  4. Cynic_Al


    It's a 1962 Innocenti Lambretta 125, a technically inferior competitor of the Vespa by the former aircraft manufacturer Piaggio.
  5. Cynic_Al

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    I heard they had a significant effect on diving speed.
  6. Cynic_Al

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Without a reference point, 'very low' and 'very high' are meaningless phrases, however despite having slightly lower wing area, the N28 has a lower wing loading than the Pfalz DIIIa. N28 isn't eligible for a parachute.
  7. I'd say you've found the solution to the nightmare: Just leave him to burn.
  8. Is anyone else as suspicious as I am?
  9. It's called The Serpentine and doesn't quite resemble the lake depicted.
  10. In the words of Sir Frank Whittle: "I'm glad I was too stupid to know that."
  11. An excellent concept to be commended to all players. Don't connect unless there's someone on already; what could possibly go wrong? Did someone say winter? We'll be lucky to avoid an ice age. For pity's sake: Trash those sites before they trash our games!
  12. I would say the bad engineering starts with the barrel and spring tube being two separate pieces of metal. Not the way it was on my air rifle. As for the scope, I would expect it to be designed to withstand recoil shocks, which act in the same plane for air or firearms. Conversely, I would not expect it to be designed necessarily to withstand the perpendicular shock generated at the end of a radius arm, whenever the barrel is closed.
  13. Does anyone else see the flaw in that reasoning, or do I (once again) expect too much?
  14. Cynic_Al

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    To any reasonable person, yes clearly he did. The rest of what I'd like to say to you cannot be said here.
  15. Cynic_Al

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    Well it was Jason who made the distinction, so take it up with him.