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  1. Their TARDIS must have been set for the wrong period in history.
  2. That's a new one on me. Is this a deathmatch-type mission or something else?
  3. If I understand properly, you want just to change the model of a copied AI plane. If so, click on the plane, right click and select Properties. The dialogue that appears includes a Model button. Having selected the desired model, it is important to check its ammo levels as some may default to empty.
  4. "Well when you put it that way it does sound like a ludicrous overkill, so I'll just use EBay."
  5. The ultimate goal of precision measurement, no doubt. Or why you didn't use the correct instrument in the first place
  6. You should have warned us about your dangerously-low amusement threshold. In future we'll just have to be more careful.
  7. No matter how up-to-date such data might be, there's no certainty that it would be accurate to the exact locale in which the machine were being tested, therefore the result would have limited credibility.
  8. Only if it was converted to true airspeed (TAS).
  9. We are interested only in airspeed, which on it's own GPS can't measure .
  10. Probably because they don't have the information we would want, and have no incentive to go to the trouble and expense of determining it.
  11. I just tried that with no problem. Train started from east of Douai where the line runs north/south, went all the way to the first shell holes. One waypoint, triggered directly by Mission Begin MCU.
  12. Images of Nazis aren't allowed.
  13. If the concept isn't too radical, you can always try being the person others find.
  14. I really must kick the habit of hosting non-existent servers.
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