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  1. It would form a reference with regard to your judgement of voice age, enabling volunteers to make more accurate assessments of their own recordings, and consequently their likelihood of acceptance.
  2. Just for reference purposes, could we have an audio sample of yourself sounding 20?
  3. You should find a used DVD copy cheap on ebay. You can rest your tea mug on it while watching something more credible.
  4. Same issue, must be a network problem. I would re-check the firewall settings for dserver (Windows firewall and any antivirus firewall too). Also check the router forwarding is still addressing the right machine for both ports.
  5. I had the same problem, but when I run the same map (flaming forest) locally it works.
  6. Here. That amounts to just another spring-loaded controller, not force feedback.
  7. That basic concept has been suggested already, but it still requires a workaround for games that don't support FFB on rudder.
  8. No it really isn't, not least because the TrackIR camera provides its own light source, which would need only reflectors on the clip, not LEDs and a battery. I can't believe anyone would pay a price of that magnitude. I'm surprised the makers can stop laughing for long enough to pack it into a box.
  9. Just as a matter of interest, have you ever toyed with the idea of looking behind you while in combat?
  10. That wasn't my interpretation. That's also not my interpretation, however there's no question that it's time to abandon this forum, as simply reading it has become demeaning.
  11. I'm not complaining about anything; just recounting my lack of adventures.
  12. In all the dialogue there has been about airframe durability, I don't recall any discussion regarding progressive weakening. Just because a new plane survives Xg on one occasion, shouldn't mean that it will do so repeatedly, particularly with a timber airframe. Surely this must be modelled to some extent.
  13. I find those conditions perfectly survivable. It should be remembered that an indicated 138mph is just about achievable in level flight at zero feet, provided the mixture is peaked and the engine is up to temperature. Could today's update have been a reaction to this, or did it come earlier?
  14. Well if that's true, it's a good thing the enemy is no better at it.
  15. Who in their right mind joins a multiplayer server to fly against bots? If I wanted that I'd start one of those 'career' things people keep mentioning. I view redundant bots as an insult in any server, more so in this type due to the extra effort needed to locate them.
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