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  1. Etc, etc. So what is any server operator to make of all this? If you want things done your way, you have to do them your way, which is why there are so many servers.
  2. This is really informative stuff! You've obviously spent many hours doing in-depth research on the subject Keep-up the good work.
  3. That's probably your only hope, but are you sure the Albs are managing to reach their waypoint? If not, the chances are they're just losing the plot, which is behaviour I have observed.
  4. On what planet has that ever been possible?
  5. When they're more interested in displaying custom liveries than analysing a problem, I say it reveals their motivation for playing in the first place.
  6. One wonders why the pedals aren't supplied with something like that.
  7. The default ports are 28000 and 28100, so it's likely your original problem was simply a typo. Forwarding an unrelated range of ports is neither neccessary nor advisable.
  8. I think we should start again here. I'm not sure if the following has always been the case in IL2, however currently the .sds file provides override parameters, meaning there's no need for multiple installations nor multiple .cfg files. Example extract shown below; I am not the author of the comments: // Those settings override options specified in startup.cfg, this allow you to run several DServers on one game copy under different accounts ServerIP="742.067.1.403" // overrides client_ip - network address to bind server DownloadLimit=100000 // overrides server_download_traflimit - sets server income bandwidth UploadLimit=100000 // overrides server_upload_traflimit - sets server outcome bandwidth DownloaderPort=28100 // overrides downloader_port - sets port used to download mission's data files TCPPort=28000 // overrides tcp_port - sets TCP port used by server UDPPort=28000 // overrides udp_port - sets UDP port used by server That's a very ambiguous statement. If you forward the default ports you would specify two "ranges" : 28000-28000 and 28100-28100 If you're setting-up two servers, the easiest forwarding solution may be: 28000-28001 and 28100-28101
  9. Just capture your recorded track on playback.
  10. If you're a programmer, this is possible via the Server Input MCU, which allows external software to communicate with the loaded map using the console service (rcon). The console service can be enabled in the .cfg file.
  11. I have had that error when the IP address was not correct. Are you sure the server's remote IP is specified in the .sds?
  12. Are you sure you uploaded all the files associated with the map? In the sds file, is the specified mission name a case-sensitive match for the actual msnbin file?
  13. Yes, that's quite a stare and no mistake.
  14. It looks a promising idea but the first thing it needs is a joystick upgrade. However successful this device turns-out to be, I suspect it won't be the inventors who profit from it. What exactly is a 'hidsit' anyway? Will those Kiwis never learn to use vowels?
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