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  1. Spawn the bridge on mission start, then delete and respawn it on every damage/destroyed event until the required number of hits is reached. Alternatively, as above but just repair instead of delete/respawn.
  2. Very neat I'm sure and just what a low-flying intruder wants to see; one burst and you're all gone. Work on your dispersal.
  3. I think this has already been discussed to exhaustion.
  4. Just to be clear, when FC was first released,I bought BoS (in a handy sale) just to get access to the environment, enabling me to develop and host an FC server. Since current demand for FC multiplayer is easily met elsewhere, I'm disinclined to run a server I can't use myself, preferring to support RoF with servers financed by myself and appreciated by that community's cognoscente. It's not often I concede any shortcoming on my part, but in this case I'm compelled to admit that I have yet to evolve the ability to assess text without first having read it.
  5. So is a piece of string, at least subjectively. Unless you can prove a significant departure from historical reality, I'd say we're done here. I think once again you've put us on a road to nowhere.
  6. You configured the Windows firewall, but anti-virus software firewalls may block ports, so you could check for that too.
  7. As you're running the server in-game: Have you checked 'Available from Internet'? Have you set a firewall rule to allow il2.exe to access the Internet?
  8. According to the sound file embedded at the top of the page, we should stand by for an important announcement on the 26th.
  9. Just to be clear, are you saying that the map is being reloaded after 10-15 seconds of your joining? If so, does the map reload if you do not join (text constantly updating in DServer text window?) Did you create this map absolutely from scratch, or was it based on an existing map?
  10. If you're getting frustrated, maybe should be in a different type of game altogether; perhaps something faster-paced and requiring less patience. Maybe one of those games that just requires running with a gun.
  11. Meeting one 1000m above the ground - not so nice.
  12. There's no commercial like a stealth commercial.
  13. MP participants may or may not read this site but will always see the in-game master server screen, so I should suggest that as the best place to give details about current servers, particularly as such information would be more likely up to date. In an earlier product of yours called Rise of Flight (which I'm confident you'll recall not least because you continue to offer it for sale), it was possible to read a server's details such as its text description provided by the admin, its country code, a comprehensive list of all its settings and parameters plus a list of players connected, all without having to connect. Surely I'm not alone in wondering why your current product has not followed suit, particularly as the necessary code already exists. [ Post Archived ]
  14. That may be your view but don't mislead potential newcomers to MP. For what I would like to think is a significant proportion of players, flying against humans is the only worthwhile aspect of the game, and not all of them feel compelled to talk or even text while so doing. In fact there are those for whom having to communicate at all is a positive and unnecessary chore.
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