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  1. Couple questions for P40 pro's

    The actual P-40 manifold pressure decreases with increasing RPM up to a certain (unstated) altitude, then it reverses and increases. This is directly from the flight manual. The game is wrong.
  2. Which Wulf?

    As stated if you get the A5 you also get the F3.
  3. If you'd of asked me this time last year about BoX.....

    It seemed at some point about a year and a half ago the attitude changed from “here’s our game, take it or leave it, we don’t care what you think” to “how can we make this better?” Actually paying attention to your customers and giving them what they want makes a huge difference.
  4. P-40 turn rate/Flight model check

    Question: Is the turn performance of the plane subpar overall when compared to german planes (which doesn't match anecdotal accounts) due to an incorrect issue with the FM, or due to the engine settings, or both?
  5. To Jason and Admin regarding WOL server.

    Should I point out that 777/1CG has nothing to do with wings of potato other than they gave them a dserver.
  6. Multiplayer needs fixing

    Netcode. Netcode prevents us from moving from CLoD to BoX, or from even having the discussion. I fly with 615 Squadron, Air Combat Group. ACG is a CLoD based organization that has 6 RAF squadrons and 9 staffelin of the Lufwaffe. We have roughly about 170 pilots currently, and fly a sunday based battle of britain campaign. Due to the numbers of pilots involved, having a server that can support our numbers without crashing and with acceptable framerates, with the use of large AI controlled bomber formations, is paramount. CLoD can support 100+ player servers; BoX is limited to 84. Even with a 100+ man server we still have to break things into 2 shifts. With even lower players per server and the fact that AI usage on the server is effectively like adding a player with BoX, this means that a campaign of our size just won't work currently, and can't until they improve the netcode further. If you want to see what's involved in our campaign nights, you can always have a look here:
  7. Tactical Air War

    Remind me how you would go about creating another account to swap to red? Because I've not seen a situation before where I thought it might be a good idea.
  8. Mirror ... in Bf110

    That's the default one that you get by sitting in the plane.
  9. Tactical Air War

    Yeah I don't know what to do at the moment. Changing over would be a bitch too.
  10. Mirror ... in Bf110

    I have bugreport screenshots that show otherwise.
  11. Mirror ... in Bf110

    It points at the pilots head. I have bug reported it.
  12. Multiplayer needs fixing

    These are large issues, but currently the single threaded dserver's ability to actually have AI on it without slowing the server to a crawl is another problem. Armor columns are usually stationary on multiplayer servers, and that's why. If BoX could support the same number of objects/aircraft/players as CLoD could, there'd be serious debate with us if we should switch over, but it can't so...
  13. Tactical Air War

    If you take the 37mm pod, the 20mm are removed FYI.
  14. Midway Discussion

    Well my background is electrical engineering not aeronautical engineering, so unless someone knowledgeable suggests something I wouldn’t know to check it. If you have a good suggestion it would be appreciated here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25323-p-40-turn-rateflight-model-check/page-27?do=findComment&comment=552315
  15. Tactical Air War

    Just checking, which groups anticipate going german for the upcoming TAW?