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  1. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Guns not firing? (Bf 109)

    Generally look at the ammo counters to see if something is off before taking off. Had the same thing after a 30+ minute patrol attacking an A-20. Picture perfect attack too.
  2. No.615_Kai_Lae

    What planes will be released in the next 2 months?

    Engine modeling of the P-47 though will require something totally new, since there's a control to control turbo speed. IRL if you set it wrong you could damage the engine so getting it right is important.
  3. No.615_Kai_Lae


  4. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    There are right now, 3 enemy tank columns on the map, with zero russian ones. There are 7 russian players to stop them. I wonder how often this is happening.
  5. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    I'd bet when we get the map, we'll get a map using all the planes released up to that time on TAW. Pretty typical: https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/acg-pam/reportRAF.php?r_id=13339
  6. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    When the enemy has 10-15 every night and you have 8 (typical) the problem is way more than the numbers. The problem is that somehow in that environment you have to take out at least 1, and frequently 2 full tank columns. This means really in order to do that everyone must shoot tanks, which is why in some cases the aircraft losses are so high. You can't have high cover or there's not enough people. You need to get in, make an attack, hope you get out and then do it all over again. It's easy to tell if a campaign is unbalanced, you just look at the stats. Numbers of tanks destroyed? Aircraft and pilot losses? Number of maps won? Notice that this time all of those have been consistently held by a german margin, in some cases quite large. Another telling sign is the maps where Russians are supposed to have an advantage, but still get steamrolled. A competitive campaign tends to swing back and forth either way, which is nothing close to what we have now. It's important as if it's totally lopsided no one wins, because as a game, it's not very fun playing on a side that gets consistently run over. Players start doing something else, and then it gets boring on the other side and they stop logging in. Everyone loses. I don't know what the answer is for this because it's not the fault of LG admins. I've learned that the registration site is also useless as it has no relationship to what the actual numbers in game will be. Consistently it'll show large german advantages but they don't show up. For me it's frustrating that sides can't be balanced more effectively or even predicted, because I feel that in order to make it more fair I need to join the short side. Russian always looks short so I always end up russian, even though I'd like to do german/russian 50/50 split. In short, this is a severe problem and I honestly don't know what to do about it, short of having a campaign set up rather like our sunday campaign where the sides are intentionally matched at least somewhat evenly.
  7. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    I can personally say that the balance on this rendition of TAW is the worst I've ever seen. I'm not sure what point the germans are getting out of it, since I don't see how flying unopposed is entertaining. Most russian pilots I know are saying they're probably going to stop flying, so GG germans? I know I'm not good enough to engage 2-3 at once in a slower plane.
  8. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    Russian partisans, comrade!
  9. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

  10. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    Tanks, halftracks, and AT guns. Though it's something of a question what is considered important for destruction purposes and what is fluf?
  11. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    Multiple people are having this problem. Quite curious on the last moscow map how after taking out about 1/2 a tank column it was able to push past 3 fully intact defenses. There have been some odd things this campaign. I'll note that I don't think they've changed anything, since nothing really changes being outnumbered 2-1 to 3-1.
  12. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    Too much, I think.
  13. No.615_Kai_Lae


    Might want to take a look: Also, Sheriff runs a nice discord where if you have questions, answers can be had: https://discord.gg/CWn2TyK
  14. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    That however was due to perfectly valid reasons, as we violenced their boats
  15. No.615_Kai_Lae

    Tactical Air War

    I believe this is happening in general as well. We were covering a bridge last night when it disappeared from the map, only for someone to say that he was looking right at it and it was intact.