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  1. Curious how 37mm hits will affect aircraft, especially with the yak-9T coming.
  2. Speak of the devil...or the Kung Flu, as the case may be:
  3. Any answer on why this acts the way it does? I would not think that wheel door covers should act as speedbrakes.
  4. Or, better. Airventure. Where you can see that and much, much more. We had 18 P-51's taking off at once last year.
  5. I think some of the people above have unrealistic expectations. Early Yak-9 and late yak-9 are like P-51B to P-51D which are different aircraft in game.
  6. Hail gun jesus, our lord and firepower savior
  7. Which is something that constantly is overlooked, is that when it was given the 1.42 ATA, it was essentially converted to a G4.
  8. If the addition of this plane makes it so that the modification for the MG-131 also becomes available for the A4, I'll be happy with it.
  9. This is patently false as can be seen by the graphics shown in this thread. I don't know what they've done but it's not an improvement.
  10. I've been...well, raging in various discords about this issue because it's killing my fun with the game. According to steam, I have 1300 hours playing this game. However, I've had recently a series of severe personal issues that basically stopped me from playing for over 6 months, which means that I went from what would be referred to as the "old system" - where there was a 10km bubble - to the new. I'll never be a super ace but I would previously have characterized myself as competent. Usually landed my plane. That sort of player. Right now however, I never do because I'm getting killed by guys that I don't see. While this is historical, the fact that I'm literally looking right in the spots they are coming out of before is not. I just can't see most people unless: A. Something shoots at them, or they shoot at something B. They turn on their lights or shoot a flare C. They set someone on fire letting me know where to look at max zoom D. The lighting conditions and the aircraft paintwork give a reflection that shows where they are It's just not possible currently for me to pick up people generally unless I'm under full zoom, and you can't fly like that all the time (or most of the time). I'm confused why the old system seemingly was totally junked. The 10km bubble wasn't ideal - you could be looking at someone (usually full zoomed in) and he'd just vanish as the plane would be un-rendered - but you could generally pick up guys that were close to you. While it wasn't easy - took practice to learn - it was generally ok, other than the range limitation. Now we have a different system where you can't see guys at long ranges or as SuperEtendard has noted, nearly at point blank. There's a private video that DerSheriff posted where he and Blackhound are flying together and trying to form up, and he can't see Blackhound until he's literally on top of him (not using zoom). You cannot fight things you can't see. You also can't cooperatively fly with wingmen you can't see either. The "solutions" to this that I've heard so far are to decrease the gamma in the config file to the point that your cockpit is nearly black, which I hate. My simple question is before the change, the close range spotting was...ok. Why can't we have that back again?
  11. The in game splash screens are very nice and I'd use them as wallpaper if they'd let me
  12. Should be noted though currently in game the largest thing you'll be shot at is a destroyer.
  13. You mean the velkuri luki map, which is a complete map created by a mod team and officially adopted.
  14. Map is released when it's ready and not before. It's also usually one of the last things that's released.
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