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  1. Perhaps if there was a community that existed, that had a private run server only for members that had no such things..
  2. "Our engineering department improved the FM and systems modeling for a number of planes, including Yak-7 and Bf-110."
  3. Perhaps you could ask Donkey about how he set up ours? https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/acg-pam-2/index.php#/campaign-info/17/missions/221/synop/275 If it’s not showing, click on “want to know more” under pilot status.
  4. You don’t. The only time I’ve ended up on both sides is when I tried to fly German and then realized (probably like Drifter) that the German teamstack was so bad I needed to switch sides to make it more fair. Also, don’t expect ACG’s board to rule on following any such rule, because the organization on ACGs rules applies only to our server and campaign. Outside of that individuals can do whatever they want, within reason. Also, “squadron” in ACG means the unit you are assigned to, not the organization as a whole, so that is confusing. I don’t even know many of the people outside my unit.
  5. Also, you may have overheated the engine.
  6. Curious how 37mm hits will affect aircraft, especially with the yak-9T coming.
  7. Speak of the devil...or the Kung Flu, as the case may be:
  8. Any answer on why this acts the way it does? I would not think that wheel door covers should act as speedbrakes.
  9. Or, better. Airventure. Where you can see that and much, much more. We had 18 P-51's taking off at once last year.
  10. I think some of the people above have unrealistic expectations. Early Yak-9 and late yak-9 are like P-51B to P-51D which are different aircraft in game.
  11. Hail gun jesus, our lord and firepower savior
  12. Which is something that constantly is overlooked, is that when it was given the 1.42 ATA, it was essentially converted to a G4.
  13. If the addition of this plane makes it so that the modification for the MG-131 also becomes available for the A4, I'll be happy with it.
  14. This is patently false as can be seen by the graphics shown in this thread. I don't know what they've done but it's not an improvement.
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