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  1. I'm hoping that with the advancements they are making, we'll get a improved Moscow map that includes the city.
  2. If you''re measuring it on how long it will take to accelerate from 250 MPH to 450 MPH, you're going to be waiting a long time since the aircraft can only do 450 in a dive.
  3. Especially since the manual states that the problem past 500 mph is compressibility forcing the nose down and making it almost impossible to pull out until lower alt is reached. Countermeasures listed are to INCREASE power, which is not something you'd do if you were afraid of shedding control surfaces.
  4. Ever get the feeling that someone hasn't read most of the thread he has posted in?
  5. Speed, useless over about 3.5-4k, roll rates on both are either good or excellent, heavy nose mounted firepower which can be difficult to aim.
  6. I would very much like for someone who has the rift, and gets the rift S, to say what they think of it with regards to IL-2.
  7. You're changing the throttle too quickly. The aircraft has a long shaft with a gearbox running under your seat. Because of this, suddenly throttling up or down can damage the drivetrain. Real P-39 had this issue.
  8. Before you knock the play experience we provide, you should try it. The fact that I'm well aware the effect afterwards is like handing out crack to addicts is a feature and not a bug.
  9. While I want this for completely different reasons, I'll just point out that in my experience, anyone complaining here is wasting their time for the most part. You need to speak Russian and do it on the Russian forums for maximum effect.
  10. I’ll cover this here though because this will probably be a frequently asked question. ACG expects members to show up for campaign missions, as participation is the main requirement to be a member. That said, that doesn’t mean that we are bereft of common sense. If a member can’t make it because of other commitments they have at that time, they inform their squadron leader/squadron adjutant about it and that’s ok. Most squadrons have an absence thread for this purpose. I missed our last mission because I was helping my brother in law replace my car’s alternator for example. As for after action reports, those are also required because we do not count anything using the in game scoring screen. If we could we’d probably disable the scoring screen as being anti-immersive. Everything that your pilot does in ACG is tracked through AARs, so without one it’s effectively like you didn’t fly the mission. For example we will use my last one which can be found below: https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/acg-pam/reportVVS.php?r_id=16316 Now, I’m a good typist and like to write, so I’ll point out my AARs aren’t typical. As the AAR itself notes, all of the text there is optional. What isn’t is everything else. In other words, where you flew from, the aircraft you flew, did you destroy anything, were you killed, etc. Many members fill out that only and nothing else. That’s up to the individual. These two things are what is expected of all ACG members. So, TL/DR if you can show up on Sundays routinely and fly with us, and fill out a synopsis of what you did afterwards that can take as little as a minute or two to fill out, you can qualify to be an ACG member.
  11. Both the aimbots manning all guns and the fact that HE damage isn’t realistic should be looked at. I wonder how effective tank guns firing HE will be to infantry..
  12. There's some question if the engine stops because it fails, if you can still feather after that, or if you have to shut down the engine before it fails to feather.
  13. I'm looking for modifications that were done to the A4, thanks. As well as their official designations.
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