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  1. Can't tell from the picture. That's the real one, not an AT-6 lookalike?
  2. Of course, you can wait for a sale, and then treat them all like pokemon...
  3. Which was my suggestion. Experience has no substitute, and expect that until you get some that you’ll be bailing out a lot. See instructional video below of your current predicament: Only way to cure that is to fly a lot and take some lumps along the way.
  4. I'll just add I've shot down a LOT of 109's in a IL-2 41, because they think horizontally turning with me is a good idea. In fact it's nearly suicidal. Turning vertically? Big disadvantage.
  5. 9M had a more powerful engine, and 2 .50 cal and 1 20mm cannon. Used the same general airframe as the 9T, was a later development.
  6. Your meme cannon was the most produced version of the Yak-9. Edit: Should have said highly produced, with 2700+ of them.
  7. I suppose that's possible, but the airframe is physically different:
  8. Well just because they announce this now, doesn't mean they can't say announce a 190A9 or a Spit XIV later.
  9. Nope: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/09/01/virpil-reveals-constellation-alpha-grip-in-front-of-1cgs-ed-gaijin-community/
  10. Hurricane is a good aircraft for BoM. Really, the first BoM collector plane, because the P-40E and the Mc 202 are both stalingrad era planes (though you can argue for the P-40E..the P-40 used over moscow was the P-40B). Yak-9 was first used in stalingrad. Yak-9T is a great aircraft for Kursk. That, and the La-7, and the Yak-9U.
  11. The only change to the engine was that they removed the manifold pressure regulator because P-40's during this time period didn't have one.
  12. No changes have ever been done to the P-40's engine. After about a year to a year and a half of asking to check the FM, they finally did and found the initial one had a bug that caused the plane to have too much drag which turned it into something nearly unflyable in combat. This has been corrected. A whole series of other, smaller issues have never been resolved.
  13. Just about anything they'd release probably would be. What would not be a good plane? Well, seaplanes or really niche stuff like a Po-2 (which is the only plane I don't have).
  14. This is a great source of P-38 info and the problems (and solutions) of the airplane. https://www.ausairpower.net/P-38-Analysis.html
  15. When you think of it, because there are so many of the common german planes already in existence, it makes it hard to see how they would create what would be a "normal" planeset for something like Battle of Bagration. I wouldn't expect that to be coming for that reason. If they want to keep following their current battle model with planes from both sides, they're almost forced to go Pacific where there's a huge number of aircraft they can create. What makes sense for collector's planes? B-25. It could be used here, in Russia, and in the Pacific. That's a win in so many ways. Plus everyone would buy it, and the exterior is being done already. Sure it would be complex but it makes sense. I'd like to see a B-26 but that seems too much work, though Jason pushed for it previously. German plane that makes sense is the A9. It was in BoBP, actually was flown, and they built about 1000 of them. The other types are rare unimportant types. Ar 234...I'm not sure what that would bring over what we have in a Me-262. Spitfire XIV makes sense as well. Looking glass says pacific soon™ as it's wide open for additional content. What would make a good first step would be New Guinea, not Midway. The somewhat Kuban like terrain with the Owen Stanley range, plus the fact that the fighting went on from 41 to nearly the end of the war, makes it great to be represented. Also, if you make the map big enough, it can cover the naval battle of the coral sea, which would allow you to use the USN aircraft from the early war. You could also ease your way into naval warfare and prototype stuff that you would need later. I suspect they would still go midway first though. Of course, they could just add in something that is missing from another pack from somewhere else, say a Yak-9T for kursk or a BF-110F for stalingrad, but that seems unlikely.
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