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  1. Should be noted though currently in game the largest thing you'll be shot at is a destroyer.
  2. You mean the velkuri luki map, which is a complete map created by a mod team and officially adopted.
  3. Map is released when it's ready and not before. It's also usually one of the last things that's released.
  4. That should be correct, but I'm not sure how well that would work. No single player at all? Would be hard to learn how to take off and land. Someone buy a Po-2 for a buddy that doesn't have the game and let me know how well that works
  5. Only difference is if you buy through steam. Steam treats BoS as a "base game" and the rest as DLC, so you must buy BoS in order to buy any of the others. This is because of how valve treats the game and does not reflect reality. As noted you can buy any one product and be able to play. You can even play on multiplayer maps you don't own, and be a gunner in planes you don't own as well.
  6. Good listing of what is missing currently in the aircraft. #3 is common to all bombers in the sim and has always been underwhelming. Personally I find these things irksome, because all of them existed in earlier versions of the sim. Hell, as has already been pointed out, War Thunder is better in this regard, which is sort of amazing.
  7. I'll just point out that the NS-37 that the 9T is armed with has a muzzle velocity that is higher than the ShVAK cannon by about 100 m/s. It has a much higher velocity than the M4 round of the P-39.
  8. Hopefully, all of them, so we can use it in as many theaters as possible
  9. I kind of find it funny that the prop was made by a company that makes water heaters
  10. Appreciate the detailed looks. Something generally is off and it should be addressed. While we probably will never have sim nirvana, constant improvement can be an achievable goal.
  11. Slats were added on the LaGG-3 series 34/35, which we don’t have in game. The series 29 is the last major series without them, actually.
  12. Using a monitor, not that I know why that would matter here? To see the tail I have to lower my head below the gunsight and the canopy frame clips part of the mirror in that case.
  13. What I’d like to know is why the hs-129 mirror is pointed at the pilot’s seat, and not the tail.
  14. Options aren't bad. If you don't like the options available on the servers, then you can open your own or ask a server to use what you want.
  15. Can't tell from the picture. That's the real one, not an AT-6 lookalike?
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