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  1. Implement a proper smart scaling, then remove every zoom from the game, no one will look for visibility "exploit" of any kind, problem fixed and everyone is happy. Zoom can't be fair? well it's wrong in first place, make people be able to play without, just like the way every flight sim should be played.
  2. sorry if i can't enjoy the game i bought (same for everyone) because people doesnt have the required amount of braincells to understand things, and here i stop.
  3. maybe you have different points of view because one of you have actually seen and used the zoom on VR and the other is pretending to know how the zoom is on VR.
  4. it's bad enough to even have to use any kind of zoom on a flight simulator/game. So not only the devs can't implement a proper smart scaling, like the one on another great f-16 only simulator, but they dont even care about removing the only tool that VR had to play the game online, which again, should not be needed in any simulator, imagine flying without zoom and be able to see things as it should be. It's unrealistic anyway because it's on a monitor, at least if it has to be unrealistic, make it unrealistically easier for everyone for spot and see, instead of unrealistically harder, because OF COURSE people will then search around for zoom, color changing software, contrast etc. fix and implement a good smart scaling and remove any kind of zoom.
  5. Wait a second, wasnt him the guy calling himself a professional virtual pilot or something? Ahahah
  6. i think it would be better to have different lives for bomber, attacker and fighter (like 3,3,3), and maybe unlimited for transports?
  7. i like that, another idea is to have type of planes assigned to a squadrons, and a pool of planes (no more individual) each squadron
  8. Guys the whole point i think is to be able to regain (slowly?) lives somehow with good missions, let's focus on that and brainstorm ideas that devs can choose from to be implemented. Some people dont like to fly when they are on their last life, cause if you die you go on cooldown and that's the end of the evening/daily session, that's it, we don't need to turn around that more.
  9. Another way could be to find ways to increase lives
  10. never forget https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=42993&name=JG700_Benek I've had joy malfunction to be precise one the centering springs was broken I didnt saw any1 near so i disco
  11. DISCO rule need to be adjusted for sure, happen that it punish people for no reason and doesnt punish people who deserved punishment, talking in general here, first of all, the damage received thing must be applied for every kind of damage received, not only if it's received by planes, if you disco after, for example, you dive and lose ailerons, you dont get DISCO but IN FLIGHT. just an example. @JG700_Benek eheh we should probably have a rule that look for the range between you and the nearest enemy plane or territory to apply DISCO or not, but even that might be exploitable.
  12. that's is true, with the actual rule it happen that you can fly and after you land you can't take off again for that reason.
  13. you can fly even if on cooldown if your side is outnumbered by at least 1 player, after 10 minutes from the mission start. Another good reason to update the manual i'd say
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