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  1. Balance the numbers and let the skills and good plans (part of the skillset) to decide who win
  2. If you can't fix the number of pilots because one side is more popular, then once again, the only thing you can do is scale the damage done in proportion with the ratio of hours flown each Mission, still didn't heard any valid point against that. Valid for both sides, totally balanced. But guys, LG have said that they'll also try to balance the registrations for the next TAW, let's see..
  3. This guy literally thinks to be super sneaky smart, like when he keeps talking in both teams chat the whole start of the mission thinking that nobody is as smart as him to understand why he does that, embarrassing for real..
  4. Blues are too busy camping the spawn points then win maps, or flying at 8k for the stats Average Red pilot > Average blue pilot That's the only reason why Red side can still win/draw maps with this average numbers, still -2 players on average since a month
  5. they often do it intentionally, to let you know that they know where you spawned, pretending to have missclicked the chat, it's pretty cringe to see that level of sneaky tryhard more then once in a mission.. but what can you do..
  6. Nah you are constantly using chat to pretend you're missclicking and send message to both teams, you constantly camp around airfields trying to spawn kill, what's your problem? You really feel like you need to tryhard that much to win in a videogame where the prize is literally nothing? After you see that no one else does what you do don't you think that maybe there's a reason? I can understand sometimes one can feel "spicy" and do stupid things, but always acting like that? It gets pathetic, and your excuses are pretty cringe.
  7. I think this kind of toxicity in terms of chat and gameplay should really be fixed by the admins ASAP There's a limit between competitiveness and toxicity EDIT: Can somebody explain this log? https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=69945&name==KG76=flyus747
  8. Intentionally using all chat pretending to be missclicking sometimes might even be funny and people will laugh at it, but if someone keeps doing it for entire missions then it might get annoying, as long as constantly chasing planes landing on airfields, ignoring all the AAA, camping next to fields, not caring about own lifes or planes just to ram someone, why do things like that are tolerated? Clearly just trying to be annoying and to ruin the experience, nobody does this stupid things but an element, can we fix that or he's too much into the admins friend list?
  9. that's interesting, all the sorties i'm looking at shows 100% at shot down, weird! https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=67397&name=ACG_Prancing https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=67226&name=xJammer https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=66344&name=ACG_Prancing anyone can find another report with more then 100% damage? EDIT: since it's understandable, can someone explain how it works?
  10. can you explain why you think it's a bad solution? or you're here just to make useless spam?
  11. Once again, just scale the damage at the end of the mission proportionally with average pilots that flew the mission, or proportional to the ratio of total hours flown in the mission by each side. That would make the sorties way less effective when it's unbalanced, and the map will be affected mostly when the server is balanced. Totally fair. Map 7 could be over before this evening, people won't even fly it. Legitimally? Red side seems just better at defending while outnumbered and hammering when it's outnumbering.
  12. what part of spawn killing you don't understand? we can't spawn, so we can't be there flying, understand? we talk about flying seriously on a "Real War" tactical server, and then we tolerate that a single fighter can go take down all the AAA of a not attackable airfield and nobody can spawn anymore, even a less competitive server like Finnish Virtual Pilot realized that they needed to keep the AAA not killable on rear airfields lol
  13. right now there are 17 vs 3 flying, because overlimit does not work, and because there's probably people camping the spawn points, because yeah, for the new players looking to fly on TAW, on this server the spawn points camping is allowed and fully supported by the admins even for airfields that are not "attackable"
  14. if that was a "full real" virtual war then you would need to have slightly different numbers between Axis and Soviets to match the "Real"
  15. nope, you can compare the basketball player's skill with IL2's players skill, the height with the planes they fly, and the numbers of players each squad, well, same thing? and you should think why every competitive sport game have same number of players on each team
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