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  1. You are making it hard for me to choose… lol…. 😄
  2. So sorry to hear about COVID19, i wish you all the best and i hope you will get well very soon. and i can not thank you enough for all the work and effort you both have put in to making a Swed happy while you are being ill. Im loving all the skins and i am using them all the time, sinse the first one you created i have flown nothing els...
  3. No way mate... I love it.. 😄 I absolutely love it.. With the nr 76 on the tail.. its all i asked for, and more.. 😄
  4. My goodness, mate you are spoiling me rotten, i wont be able to choose what skin to use.. 😄
  5. I´ll take your Word for it, but the planes i have seen have it on both, cant remember if it was A and C code however.. 😄
  6. SARFlytitus Im loving the P51´s been flying nothing els sinse they got made 😄 , i did see there is only one thing wrong with the planes as they are now, not really a fault, but both wings looks the same IRL , and only the left wing got it all.. and again, i can not thank you enough for these skins, they are fantastic.
  7. No i dont like, I LOVE them 😄
  8. OMG, what are you doing to me mate, i wont be "able" to fly anything other than P51, these look like a million bucks!!! The planes them self are pinups…. 😄
  9. As far as i can tell, they never actully used the 109 IRL, but this is more of a what they could have looked like if they did..I Think.. And if i wish for a specific model it would be the K4 or G6, becouse those are the 2 109´s i fly the most.. But im easy. sinse im completely inept whene it comes to creating stuff like this im just really glad whene someone actully creates something that i like.
  10. Very nice indeed. 😄 Love the fact you properly Went in for the Swedish P51´s and sinse clearly you got an act for it, and you did wrote if you got time for it 😄 , im gonna ask you for yet another favor of another Swedish marked plane, i found some rendering of how some Swedish Me/Bf 109 might have looked like, and i for one thought they looked incredible, there was quite a few to choose from but i picked one that looked IMO the best to add here, i will also send you a link to where i found the pics if you wanna look in to them any deeper, if you want, i do have a personal request instead of putting the 0 there, would you mind putting 76, its silly request, but its my lucky nr.. . Here is the link to where i found the 109´s https://imgur.com/gallery/HT081
  11. What do you mean it might not be perfect, its stunning, i can not thank you enough!
  12. Holy crap SARFlytitus, there is no other way of saying that, that looks Epic, I for one can not wait to put that on my P51´s 😄
  13. I am one of those that wouldent mind flying for my own country in IL2, so i send a request to anyone that is good at making skins, would anyone pls create some skins for the Swedish airforce. Thanks in advance The Pagan
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