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  1. So, as I suggested before, can we have the registration for next TAW be split into timezones? There seems to be an imbalance in both directions, which varies by time zone. Example: PST NA Evening Axis: 50 Allies: 32 EST NA Evening Axis: 40 Allies: 53 EU Evening Axis: 30 Allies: 23 Up to you which time zones to include, but I think this might at least help somewhat. Unless we get some sort of (unrealistic) auto engine management for VVS planes, I think there will always be those who are too scared/lazy to even try them. Then, there are those who refuse. For everyone else who actually want to balance the campaign, this will be more accurate than just overall numbers.
  2. That's what I figured, I was just curious whether anyone had actually achieved this. I'm quite comfortable at 45 with ASW, but of course 90 at all times would be amazing. Perhaps eventually the game will be optimized enough to achieve this, or some future CPU + GPU could just brute force it.. I'm guessing my 5820k @ 4.5 + 2080Ti (whenever I get it) won't.
  3. Regarding all the '45 vs 90fps' talk from earlier in the thread, is anyone actually getting a consistent 90 fps on any settings in multiplayer? If so, could you share your setup + settings? Thanks!
  4. Just speculating, but I see two options for including Bodenplatte planes: 1. Some of the planes in Bodenplatte were used towards the end of the war on the Eastern front (Fw-190 A8/F8, P-47 and potentially Spit Mk IX lend-lease, correct me if I'm wrong on these though), so we could see these added on a potential additional map rotation (currently there are 8 maps in a campaign, ending with La-5FN vs. Bf-109 G6 + Fw-190 A5). 2. Alternatively, we could see a 'TAW rotation', where we have 1 campaign on the Eastern front, then 1 Bodenplatte campaign (or more like 2-3 Eastern front, 1 Bodenplatte). Either one of these would have to deal with people complaining about having to buy all the different 'modules', but honestly this is already the case with current TAW, and you will always have 'older' aircraft that were still in service at the time, so people with only BoS/BoM can still fly something at least.
  5. Does it come with a crew chief to taxi with as well? 😄
  6. It takes about a month on average between TAW campaigns. They make a bunch of changes, test stuff, improve stuff. Be patient, it's worth it
  7. From what I'm reading online (having trouble finding a good source), the Russians received a decent number of Spit MK IX's as well as some P-47s.. excellent
  8. Are any of the Bodenplatte planes actually historical in this context? Specifically asking about the Allied ones. Did the Russians actually get lend-lease Spit MK IXs/Typhoons? Of course I wanna play with the new toys (and hopefully add more map timeframes for a longer TAW campaign), I'm just curious.
  9. I've more or less gotten used to this by doing the following (full sim pit, no spinning office chair tricks): 1. Take your feet off the rudder pedals (possibly not an option for WW1 planes?) 2. Twist your legs as far left as possible(not much, I bump into my throttle pretty quick), then your torso, and finally your head. I pretty much end up sitting sideways while still holding the joystick with my right hand. I can look over my left shoulder, while still flying with the joystick pretty easily. Rudder pedals aren't really needed for a quick six check unless you want to do some really fancy moves to get them off your six. I definitely can't do the same over my right shoulder, but there isn't really a need most of the time for just checking six. If I really wanted to, I could probably get used to holding the joystick with my other hand to check right side.
  10. It seems to me that coordinated groups have the most impact. Most groups should know at what time of day/timezones they fly. Might I suggest adding this as a selectable option when registering, i.e. 'EU evening' or such, and then showing the numbers grouped in this way in pre-registration, so that we can attempt to actually match numbers all throughout the day? This, in addition to a longer pre-registration period, could really help balance numbers IMO and avoid the situation when one group is just winning the map by themselves overnight with no opposition.
  11. Here are some more details: https://www.roadtovr.com/virtuallink-port-next-generation-vr-headset-connection-nvidia-amd-valve-oculus-microsoft/ Seems like all the major players are on board, which sounds a lot better than 'Nvidia proprietary'
  12. Thanks for sharing, that's very cool. From one of the links: "Nvidia says that LMS can result in up to a 50% increase in throughput available for pixel shading." Not sure how this translates to actual performance, but more FPS in VR is always great. Hope the devs get a chance to look into this!
  13. While we're on the topic, is there any way to turn off the annoying 'head hitting the glass' sound? I constantly think I'm being hit..
  14. Agreed, that was the largest improvement for me as well. I flew a whole TAW campaign without this mod, and always had to fly within gun range to even ID people.. very much less than ideal. Being able to ID from far away is amazing.
  15. First off, I want to add my thanks to lefuneste for this awesome mod, you have single-handedly made VR usable/competitive in multiplayer. Awesome stuff. Two questions (I have an Oculus Rift CV1 in case these are specific): 1. Does changing the zoom level for any of the zooms mess up the IPD, i.e. do I have to change the x7/y7 values when changing zoom? My 'low zoom' is set to 3x, and the IPD seems messed up (haven't tried changing it back to 1.5). I will check tonight to see if setting the zoom back to 1.5 fixes this. 2. Does anyone get pretty significant small-scale jitter/wobbling when zoomed all the way in (7x or more)? This might just be inherent to the Oculus tracking tech, which probably wasn't intended to be used at such high zoom. Has anyone encountered this and been able to fix/improve it? Thanks!
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