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  1. Fine job! Thanks for sharing M&M.
  2. Anyone catch the Ju-52 in the Hulu miniseries Catch-22? It is just itching for someone to make that skin. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/catch-22-remake-warbirds-over-sardinia.html
  3. Definitely a familiar face in the community. RIP. S!
  4. I always go with 4 guns and 40% fuel. I find it performs much better and I can hold my own with most of the 109s in a one on one fight if it comes to it.
  5. Speaking of videos; I'm listening to this while working today. This man can whisper this about the P-47 all day to me.
  6. Attention to detail is amazing. What model jacket is the pilot wearing? I know that some wore A-2 Flight Jacket, but which is this?
  7. I threw out my back this week and Im resting at home now. Please tell me there is a real reason why I'm home today. No Jug today but the BoBP German pilot model looks beautiful.
  8. Thank you for the explanation, but I could not get this to work. Can you please share the mission file?
  9. I'm trying to set up a high altitude bomb run for He-111s or Ju-88s (or any medium bomber for that matter), while using the "command: attack area" MCU. I'm trying to have them just drop their bombs over a general area. They are not targeting anything specific. I'd like them to keep their high altitude to just drop the bombs without having to dive down and attack specific targets and move on to the next waypoint. I tried this with "attack ground" checked, but according to the manual that has a different function than what I'm trying to do. Also, does the waypoint distance matter? FYI, I have the waypoint over the general area to drop bombs and I have it "targeted" to the command: attack area.
  10. Hey folks. I came across this item at an aviation museum in Palm Springs. They had a bunch of them for sale at the table; I got one for $13. The volunteer/veteran told me there should be documentation on it, but I've looked all over and I can't find anything that references it or any documentation on how it would be used. The back of the board has a plate that reads: U.S. Property Intercept Plotting Board MFR'S Part No. FNA-340A Cont. No. N383-61244A G. Felsenthal & Sons, Inc. Chicago 18, ILL. I found the item listed on ebay here. It looks like a reproduction of an old tool, but I can't even be sure if it was something ever made. If someone can help me figure out what this is exactly and how its used I'd appreciate it. 😊 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1950-s-Aviation-Fighter-Pilot-s-Intercept-Plotting-Knee-Board-FNA-340A-/252410519457
  11. Thanks. I'm able to get the tanks to spawn with this logic, however they still aren't moving. I switched to the AI tank and unchecked Enabled; I even tried another tank model to be sure. Still no movement. I'm following the waypoint logic on page 68 of the manual (Chapter 5: Making Objects Move). All waypoints are "object" to the lead tank and the trigger waypoints "target" to the next waypoint. The "command formation" is "object" to the tank. Is my Trigger Activate suppose to do something else other than activating the tank?
  12. Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I am working on a dogfight mission (right now a singleplayer mission for testing). I'm hoping to have 3 areas that need to be cleared, each containing vehicles that need to be killed, before spawning in a friendly tank column that must move to a final objective to win the map. I got as far as having the art icon clear once a sufficient number of ground targets are destroyed (4 out of 6 that are triggered by counters), and a subtitle that indicates the area was cleared. As a test for now, I'm having just one area cleared so that friendly tanks spawn in along a road and start moving to a town. I was able to have the friendly tanks spawn in once the enemy ground targets are killed, however they are not moving. I tried copying the exact logic I need from the editor manual (waypoints, formation, etc), however I think my Translator Mission Begin might not be setup correctly, which is why they aren't moving. I have a link to my mission if someone would take a look. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fj1ca2wj8gcs2n/Smolensk-Advance.rar?dl=0
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