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  1. Detail looks amazing and practical for a home simpit.
  2. For IL2-1946? I'm using the HSFX mod, so I'm not sure if that's limiting it..
  3. Firing up IL2-1946 again to fly on one of the servers, however I think I have a "problem" of having too many joystick inputs. I think the game only recognizes up to 4 input devices. I have a Thrustmaster stick, a Saitek X-56 throttle, Saitek Throttle Quadrant, Thurstmaster rudder pedals, and three MFD button panels. That comes to 7 inputs. I could try unplugging them, but I think I run the risk of messing up the order of inputs while loading up the game each time. Is there a workaround for having more than 4 inputs or having the game recognize more than 4?
  4. I'm getting into the making some tank missions, but I'm noticing some behaviors of the AI tanks. Enemy tanks don't seem to fire unless you're somewhere within the range of 500m to 800m. On a flat field I would think that some of the tanks such as the Tiger would fire at me at a much farther distance (ie-1200+ meters). It doesn't matter the tank, they all fire at a fairly close range. In the editor, Is there a way to have them fire at longer distances?
  5. I wanted to share with the Ju52 fanclub here. Our squadron is hosting an Operation Stosser mission in the coming weeks. We're looking for Ju-52 pilots interested in joining us for this uniquely challenging mission.
  6. Greetings. VBF-12 is looking to host a large Ju-52 mission recreating Operation Stosser during a coming Saturday (10pm EST) sometime in February. Operation Stosser occurred on the night of December 17, 1944 just at the start of the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans gambled with sending nearly 70 Ju-52s behind enemy lines to drop off roughly 1,000 Fallschirmjagers. They did this in heavy snow, freezing temperatures, some gusts of wind and extremely low visibility. Ground forces setup search lights and flares at specified waypoints that lead them over the lines and to the dropzone. Our squadron, not typically flying the Ju-52, are up for a unique challenge where communication, coordination, and effort are required to complete one of the most dangerous missions of WW2. Please join us for a one time mission covering the exact waypoints, time of takeoff, and challenges on the new map flying the Ju-52. Let me know if you are interested as we continue trying to coordinate this event. I can provide more details once our squadron confirms a definite date and time.
  7. I'll try again when I'm back, but did you try loading any ammo?
  8. Don't use the periscope view with the numbered cross hairs. I thought that was the gun view. Use the other gun view. Don't forget, the gun doesn't traverse but it does have some range to move. I noticed that the range can be entered to fire on a distant target, possibly with someone spotting for you either on the ground or by air.
  9. I found the message in the book The Forecast for D-Day: And the Weatherman Behind Ike's Greatest Gamble
  10. I'd love to see the M18 Hellcat, M24 Chaffee, or M10 Tank Destroyer as well. The Hellcat's speed would be something welcome in the game.
  11. Thanks. Your file is a good template. Their fuel load was definitely an issue, so I reduced them to 50%
  12. I'm not sure if this is a regular issue with bombers in general or with the new B-25 and its flight model, but I'm trying to have a formation of four B-25s at 6000m flying at 400kph. After several minutes of flying it looks like the wingmen bombers start stalling while staying in formation and just fall out of the formation tumbling several thousand feet. Some recover, and others don't. I've tried adjusting their speeds, altitudes, formation settings, etc, but they keep falling out of formation. Is this a regular thing with bombers and if so is there something I need to do in the editor to prevent this?
  13. I checked another thread. 6000m altitude for the bombers, their waypoints, and I think the Attack Area Command is the magic number for the B-25s to drop their bombs.
  14. I tried to set this up and it's a no go for me. I'm trying to get them to carpet bomb using "Attack Ground" at 1500m altitude. Waypoint is about 5km from target with the "Attack Area Command" set to "Attack Ground." I know it's important to set the "Attack Area Command" icon to 1500m (same altitude) and linking it to the lead plane. I was able to set this up in the past using some He-111s, but not sure what's different now...
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