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  1. What I would like to see in this new map is a fix to the extreme roll and spin of mostly the FW 190 on takeoff and the Spitfire on landings. If Capt Winkle Brown said the FW had no vicious caracteristics on landing or takeoff, it should be as easy to taxy the FW 190 as for the P-51 mustang or the Hurricane which were also made with wide landing struts for safety reasons. As of now, it is way too sensible on the ground the be realistic (the FW). Erick Brown (I found taxying the essence of simplicity as the fighter could be swung freely from side to side on its broad-track underca
  2. Hello! Most players will avoid the FW 190, because of this over modeled spinning on take off behavior. Funny that it is the Me 109 that was supposed to be a real pilot killer on landing and take off in WW2. But in this game, after one take off in a 109 you are an expert. But in the FW 190, and by a margine of 10 to 1 vs the 109, it will kill you. Strange that even with joystick to the rear and being very quick on correcting the plane's direction as soon as it want's to bite right or left it will destroy 10 times more plane on a server with limited ressources then the 109 of any
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