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  1. The big guns hardly ever kill a bomber. Even on Ace they're rather forgiving. At 5 km ALT that is. I think over the last year when bombing from up there with 88s and Peshkas our little group - anecdotal evidence and all, yes - lost three or four planes tops to AAA. Granted, if they hit, you're dead. Instantly. But that's a big "if". So as far as protection against classical vulching goes this could be a good take on it.
  2. Coconut has no influence over the stats. It's a game bug that is recorded on something that's also coded by a dev.
  3. UbiSoft, EA, ActivisionBlizzard and Take2 are doing their utmost best to push the legal limit as to what is allowed in screwing over their customers, inching into previous taboo areas of monetisation year after year. Why on earth would you trust them to make an OS that beenfits the user?😂
  4. Well having the targets too close also makes getting to altitude a bit annoying for the ones that prefer level bombing. As is, the way to the targets eats most of that time and you don't have to go on horrendously long doglegs.
  5. Mit einfg, Pos1, bild auf, bild ab, ende und entf kannst du die Position des Kopfes ändern und mit F10 als neuen Standard speichern. Vorher natürlich TrackIR pausieren. Die StandarD Ansicht ist mMn grundsätzlich ziemlich nutzlos und muss in jedem Flugzeug vom User angepasst werden.
  6. Honestly, after the last two replies I'm convinced OP is just taking the piss. Another player once told me he doesn't set the wind to simulate a bit of the historical inaccuracy, but I for one could never resist to be as pin-point accurate as possible. 😁
  7. Haven't had that particular bug for over a year now. It fixed itself after a driver update. Unless we're talking about different things. Issue being that planes go instantly invisible when they so much as touch a cloud, yeah?
  8. Musst du nicht. Ist an deinen Account gebunden. Hast du Steam und Website Account miteinander verbunden? /edit Falls nicht: https://il2sturmovik.com/m/SteamAndIL2AccountGuide.pdf
  9. Seconded. Not a good change at all. At least in the current form when it's enforced. If it was an optional server setting, fine, but enforced it's just bad. /edit Rest of the update is good. Highly appreciated even. GUI remembering your settings is a major quality of live improvement and imrpoved performance is nothing to ever scoff about either. DServer improvements are the major thing to me. Cheers for that and thank you, thank you, thank you.
  10. Someone just linked this in another thread. this needs way more exposure! Fantastic improvement that should be vanilla, will try it when I'm home from work.
  11. That is marvellous! Maybe a bit overdone but a massive improvement over the pixely black squares. Now I am dreaming of a world where they reach an agreement with the mod maker and implement something like that... hmmm... Doesn't make the black vortexes into the nether regions of reality less disappointing. What-about-ism is a completely useless type of reply... 😐 For the record, I too can live mwith the current state of things while hoping they'll improve it later down the line.
  12. What scares me is that I can't tell if you're joking or not 😅
  13. My old 970 could do Kuban on Ultra before I upgraded, so his 980 ti will be able to do it twice without breaking a sweat😋
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