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  1. Early access, as the store clearly tells you. So far BoN has nothing but... two planes I think. All the rest will come later.
  2. I feel that's part of experiencing the ups and downs of MP. Always happens at leats once to everyone 😬 Thanks to the low low loooow draw distance in this game even going as high as 5k means bombing is more luck than anything. Just saying. And since bombs have been busted working as intended for so long now, there's even less incentive to go high as you need to be deadly accurate as well or waste 45+ minutes that one could've spent taking out thrice as many targets from down low. A tangent, I know, but as someone that used to love high alt level bombing (for red and blue), th
  3. Having him fight AI is probably not going to endear the game to him too much though. It tends to be either hillariously bad or way too good with no in between. And even at the "too good" setting it tends to do death turns till the player blacks out or tries opens the distance (my personal experience). Getting him mercilessly slaughtered by experts in proper open MP probably wouldn't be too much fun either obviously. Not saying that.
  4. I do wish so very dearly they'd incorporate something like this into the game by default. One can dream... In the meantime your mod is bloody fantastic as well, keep up the good work.
  5. That's the main reason why I used to use reshade and/or the Nvidia thing to alter the colours before they blocked that behind the Mods=On setting. It feels really washed out a lot of the time.
  6. That's an ok distance to spot things at, though wooded landscapes can make it harder. I for one can do it at least when I know where to look - i.e. defending an objective or having a server message callout about planes in an area - and I feel legally blind compared to some others I fly with.
  7. The new frontlines are amazing. So many targets, so much AAA and the smokestacks are sweet as well. The current lines on the map on LD are a bit... eccentric though. 😛
  8. Amazingly, the amount of destroyed ground targets is similar though... But yeah, the amount of Blue Experten endlessly friendly-firing each other while circling about their own troop and artillery positions desperately looking for Reds to attack certainly doesn't help.
  9. Oh don't bother with the big bombs at the moment. Regardless of plane or delivery method really. Take as many small ones as you can and the number of destroyed targets will increase dramatically. I can't remember what it was, but something is off with every single type heavier than 250kg. I seem to remember that I've been told it's been a confirmed as a bug by a Dev as well, but that may be wrong on my part.
  10. The folk I play with generally are very ground attack heavy and we've decided to go Blue with the next Tour for exactly that reason. So many beautiful untouched targets waiting for us 😆 Also Blue seems to get bridges as targets more often and blowing those up is just the best.
  11. That looks fantastic and I am really looking forward to it! If nothing else it should be much more enjoyable than seeing up to 20 Experten dunces circle a single small spot for hours... I will miss the endless friendly fire messages though. 😄
  12. Wait... so proper AFs are protected by invulnerable guns, you get a real time warning if there's a tank close to any field and yet it's NOT your own fault for being blown up by a tank on spawn? Sorry... this is the same twisted non-logic that leads to people whining and whining about vulching when the game gives you every tool to avoid it. How is this even an argument?🤔 Now whether or not tank players take up slots that are better used by planes I wouldn't know, but personally I definitely like the idea of combined arms. But I haven't been back to flying on Finnish for long eno
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