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  1. Not sure if you're going to see it here first or rather on Steam, but the dropbox link is dead unfortunately. Keep it up, fantastic quick reference material.
  2. What I gathered over the years from various server threads, the limits is mostly on the software end, with Dserver. As in, for example Finnish used to have various moving ground targets and a ton of scripted mission logic to make things come to life and would regularly lock up, crash, freeze, stutter and whatever else you can imagine, while only using the tiniest fraction of the available resources. The software is in desperate need of an update/rework. To be fair to the devs at this point also, it has been said multiple times that this is planned. For the BoBp update cycle IIRC, or that was the last time I saw it mentioned at least.
  3. Guess this thread is as good as any to maybe give this some airtime for those not on the discord 😁 He also said that it's going to take time, so keep that in mind. But for that we have dear Nocke and his valiant effort here, eh?
  4. Sounds good though! Keep at it and this will be something truly amazing
  5. Read dear deckerrunner's attempts to argue this in the "Game version 3.201 discussion" thread. The replies will give you the answer you're looking for😇
  6. Ah gotcha. Sorry I misunderstood you completely.
  7. No it's in QM as well. If you click on Custom you can turn it on/off at will otherwise it's enabled and disabled as Han said above.
  8. Server settings are a good enough solution I'd say. Gives people choice - insofar as there are like three servers to pick from that have any players... - and offers something to both sides. Those wishing for a 25km bubble or somrthing are of course left out, but hey... it's something? Anyway, kinda wish they had also tackled the LOD/zoom issue, but here's hoping for further quick hotfixes for that.
  9. Ok tested it, the zoom/LOD thing is still in. At least for ships. Spawned in the Anapa region of Kuban in QM, 5k altitude, ships disappear and reappear based on level of zoom and/or distance of the plane. As seen in this video:
  10. Thank you for a new signature😂 The Luftwaffle whiner in it's Red form. I love it. Yep. Was still happening to me prior to the current second hotfix. Haven't tried since. Here's hoping they fixed it.
  11. it's a GIMP work in progress file. PS might also be able to open then, not sure. /edit Oh yeah, also cheers for the template! I gotta admit I was too lazy to make one myself and was waiting for someone to do this.😇
  12. It's an issue with the LODs or something related. Happens with planes and ships as well. In VR, non VR, on my high end Nvidia card, buddy's older AMD one, you name it. I've been told the devs know about, but I haven't checked myself if it's been acknowledged anywhere.
  13. Inspired by the video above I decided to fiddle with my old reshade settings a bit and I came across a funny little twist: The LOD/zoom issue is still there. Contacts popping out and in at somewhere between 6,5km and 7km distance* depending on zoom level. Tested it with A20s, I-16s and 109K4s. So... fun. *Yes, yes, I know. It's great that we can actually see things at that distance, it's better than before the big patch. It's still not good enough than what we now have seen could be. And no, before you start putting words in my mouth, not talking about a distance of 100+.
  14. No, reshade is fine. It doesn't change any game files. Also for the gamma thing he posted in the video, set the file to write-protected afterwards.
  15. I'm on a 37" at 2560x1440. so... 😋 Dunno, maybe I'm too German and want to know the values too precisely for my own good, but even ignoring that I just hate how the game looks when fully zoomed out. The fish-eye effect making me nauseous doesn't help obviously. I mean good for you that it works and yeah, you're probably right about dogfights. I do mostly bombing runs and mud moving so that part ain't a real concern to me.
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