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  1. You can see the info about the server you are in , at the bottom of the page where you choose team/plane beside spectate etc...under tab server info hope this helps.. good flights
  2. I didn't think before it was likely a connection related problem. all the way possible 'cause my connection performance are often shitty. Thank you for suggestions good flights
  3. Hello Guys and Girls I've experienced a strange fact on Wol in a 20.12.2020 - 21:37 sortie.... maybe anyone can explain to me. I dove in a G14 over a Spitfire on the deck at 700 Kph and , trying to align the gunsight on him, I misjudged the distance hitting him at this crazy speed....consequences are pretty obvious I'm dead in many tiny pieces together my aircraft....but the Spitfire continued his flight as if nothing had happened. This sounds a little bit crazy to me. Unfortunately I was'nt recording so I cannot analyze better the fact. In Wol stat sortie log section nothing was rec
  4. Hello guys....interesting argument I've never hitted Alt+F4 and I really agree with Tvrdi that's a really unfair and uncorrect behaviour disconnecting when hitted from another player but I've another point of view. I live outside town, in the middle of nowhere, (with a lot of plus and advantages😉😄) but a good and fast internet connection it's not among these. So I've the best connection I can have in this place but sometime it's lagging and sometime it's disconnecting for unknown reason ( last mission on Wol it disconnected just few seconds before landing and scoring one of my rare k
  5. Same in Italy. But only launching from Steam, launching Il2.exe directly there was no problem. It seems to be a Steam problem to me. System recovery that I did was useless
  6. I agree....the very fast responsiveness to the community is very appreciated! Keep going like this
  7. maybe you've just to open cp file and modify the last date of career file with DB Browser to one day forward. hope this helps good flights
  8. just be killed on Wol after bailing out. not a fair behaviour to me, not necessary and I 'm wondering what really means the fair play index. After this happen I feel myself far far away from fair play...😠 This is a game for sure and I'm not gonna loose my sleep for this but in some way I like to think this as a different game involving effort, study, discipline, team works and so on and ,at the end, all positive things. So why allows very few motherfucker players to ruin the general good spirit and feeling I've found in this community? Just because they are frustrated and in rl they are not w
  9. Hello RAAF492SQNOz_Steve in task manager I disabled all MSI process running and, just to be sure, all 32 bit programs. no afterburner running, no steam overlay, fresh installation without antivirus running, antivirus after installation with all possible exceptions,,,,I say again I've tried all current available suggestions. You can all undestand I'm a little bit frustrated...
  10. Hello, dlc Tobruk purchased aug.7 trying to see if anything of my problem with Blitz could be solved. Nothing at all. Same issue described for Clod Blitz (stuttering and crash = game unplayable). All suggestions on the net were attempted + several hours of precious free time dedicated to made game working properly....no way. So I request a complete refund of my dlc Tobruk purchase. If I can anyway give a suggestion imho this game required a command setting menu and logic referred to assigning command totally redesigned....i.e. what does it means "landing gear neutral" ...in
  11. hello to everyone, since I've installed Clod Blitz I've experienced poor running with frequent microstuttering and often followed by a crash.....definitely unplayable. Tried every res configuration, disinstall and fresh install several times,I've no aintivirus running just windows defender and followed every suggestion I found on the net.. I've ended options and I'm resigned to park the game aside sadly but my virtual squad friend wanna play Clod and mostly next Tobruck release so I must make last attempt. On il-2 GB i can play a gorgeous 90/120 fps. My spec are:CPU AMD Ryxen 7
  12. I agree with you....but i've read a post from Jason where he explained the difficulties in setting ingame spotting characteristics to match anyone taste....and that's absolutely true! but under realism perspective the game as it is now it's absolutely realistic....all of us have read dogfighting stories from wwii fighter pilots (the enemy you didn't see is the enemy that will shoot you down..) and, to be precise, pilots during wwii were from 18 years old up to 26/28 mainly to have better spotting capability (Greg Pappy Boyngton 26 yo was nicknamed Grumpy from his fellows pilots of Marines 214
  13. I think that in the end we are all turning around the point .....in MP we have to start with same conditions, no advantages for anyone. This is imho the way to develop the community right with the max fun possible. Obviously no one can intervene on anyone hardware ( like monitors/ graphic adapters/trackir/vr and so on.....that likely affects the most some crucial aspects of playing like spotting and SA) but basicly we would have to play with the best strategy, airmanship, gunnery, coordination etc. to perform a successful mission/dogfight. If you play i.e. on Berloga server which is one of the
  14. hi foreword...my "not so brilliant" results in dogfighting skill are doubtless a consequence of several factors (spotting,strategy and airmanship just to say some..) depending all on me. That said I think that reshade is definitely a cheat. Yes some player could use it just to enhance their in game graphic performance but this limited and responsible use of reshade it's all on their shoulder and, outside on their pc, no one can verify this. If I mind about some shaders like comic and cartoon you can just agree with me. at this point I think that the right choice will be ban resh
  15. hello, if I could add a small and very basic suggestion to this very useful topic .....when you have a very long career (like me through BOM,BOS and BOK after about 300 hours of combat mission) You won't definitely loose your progress as happen to me after an update of windows and following problem on IL-2 launch. You just have to back up your cp file every few days of flying ( it could be better with a script instruction that do this automatically for you) . in an unfortunate case of game reinstallation all you have to do is just to copy your backupped cp file instead of the original bl
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