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  1. Same in Italy. But only launching from Steam, launching Il2.exe directly there was no problem. It seems to be a Steam problem to me. System recovery that I did was useless
  2. I agree....the very fast responsiveness to the community is very appreciated! Keep going like this
  3. maybe you've just to open cp file and modify the last date of career file with DB Browser to one day forward. hope this helps good flights
  4. just be killed on Wol after bailing out. not a fair behaviour to me, not necessary and I 'm wondering what really means the fair play index. After this happen I feel myself far far away from fair play...😠 This is a game for sure and I'm not gonna loose my sleep for this but in some way I like to think this as a different game involving effort, study, discipline, team works and so on and ,at the end, all positive things. So why allows very few motherfucker players to ruin the general good spirit and feeling I've found in this community? Just because they are frustrated and in rl they are not worth a s..t? In TAW maybe there is a reason for such a behaviour ( that need quick correction imho) but elsewhere not.. simple and working solutions
  5. Hello RAAF492SQNOz_Steve in task manager I disabled all MSI process running and, just to be sure, all 32 bit programs. no afterburner running, no steam overlay, fresh installation without antivirus running, antivirus after installation with all possible exceptions,,,,I say again I've tried all current available suggestions. You can all undestand I'm a little bit frustrated...
  6. Hello, dlc Tobruk purchased aug.7 trying to see if anything of my problem with Blitz could be solved. Nothing at all. Same issue described for Clod Blitz (stuttering and crash = game unplayable). All suggestions on the net were attempted + several hours of precious free time dedicated to made game working properly....no way. So I request a complete refund of my dlc Tobruk purchase. If I can anyway give a suggestion imho this game required a command setting menu and logic referred to assigning command totally redesigned....i.e. what does it means &quot;landing gear neutral&quot; ...in real life landing gear lever are up or down position no neutral! What a pity,It could be an exellent idea if working for me..... Please let me know if I have to do something to get refund of my purchase. Cheers P.S. Following is the answer of 1CGS just received so let me know to whom should I ask for a refund Re: IL2 / 8C0C62DA-4600-403D-A018-38862A0EC657 / IL-2 CLOD Tobruk - request complete refund 1CGS Support Team <support@1cgs.net> 11:07 (35 minuti fa) Dear user, We don't support Cliffs of Dover. See the game documentation or information on the CD-ROM box to contact their support service. сб, 8 авг. 2020 г. в 16:09, <site-support+il2+8c0c62da-4600-403d-a018-38862a0ec657@1cgs.net>: Best Regards Olga Yemelyanova Support Team support@1cgs.net 1С Game Studio here is my answer hello, ok this not a case of technical support ....I've just request a refund. I've paid on your site so I supposed you are selling manager of the product and (of course) of the refund. Anyway, as you certainly know, no cd and no box from which obtain contact infos cause it's a digital product.. so you sell a product and after that you disregard completely of customer complain? Nice behaviour Buzzsaw Moderator 1034 936 posts Report post Posted Friday at 03:10 AM You don't need to submit to a lawyer, just get a refund from Steam or 1C. And at the end It seems not that true
  7. hello to everyone, since I've installed Clod Blitz I've experienced poor running with frequent microstuttering and often followed by a crash.....definitely unplayable. Tried every res configuration, disinstall and fresh install several times,I've no aintivirus running just windows defender and followed every suggestion I found on the net.. I've ended options and I'm resigned to park the game aside sadly but my virtual squad friend wanna play Clod and mostly next Tobruck release so I must make last attempt. On il-2 GB i can play a gorgeous 90/120 fps. My spec are:CPU AMD Ryxen 7 3.7 ghz, Nvidia GTX 10160 6 GB, ssd crucial 1000Gb, 16 Gb ram, Win 10 64 bit. Controllers are;VKB Gladiatot, Throttle TWCS Trustmaster with same brand pedals. these are programs running C:\Users\Gerry>tasklist/svc Nome immagine PID Servizi ========================= ======== ============================================ System Idle Process 0 N/D System 4 N/D Registry 168 N/D smss.exe 564 N/D csrss.exe 784 N/D wininit.exe 876 N/D services.exe 948 N/D lsass.exe 968 KeyIso, SamSs, VaultSvc svchost.exe 788 PlugPlay svchost.exe 868 BrokerInfrastructure, DcomLaunch, Power, SystemEventsBroker fontdrvhost.exe 1044 N/D svchost.exe 1132 RpcEptMapper, RpcSs svchost.exe 1188 LSM svchost.exe 1336 NcbService svchost.exe 1348 TimeBrokerSvc svchost.exe 1444 CertPropSvc svchost.exe 1464 hidserv svchost.exe 1504 SCardSvr svchost.exe 1636 EventLog NVDisplay.Container.exe 1736 NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem svchost.exe 1780 nsi svchost.exe 1816 Dhcp svchost.exe 1916 SysMain svchost.exe 1932 Themes svchost.exe 1944 ProfSvc svchost.exe 1952 NlaSvc svchost.exe 1960 EventSystem svchost.exe 944 Dnscache svchost.exe 1612 Schedule svchost.exe 2076 SENS svchost.exe 2168 FontCache svchost.exe 2260 netprofm Memory Compression 2332 N/D svchost.exe 2472 UserManager svchost.exe 2508 WinHttpAutoProxySvc svchost.exe 2896 StateRepository svchost.exe 2904 DusmSvc svchost.exe 2912 Wcmsvc svchost.exe 2152 WlanSvc svchost.exe 2704 ShellHWDetection spoolsv.exe 3188 Spooler svchost.exe 3228 BFE, mpssvc svchost.exe 3256 LanmanWorkstation svchost.exe 3644 CoreMessagingRegistrar svchost.exe 3716 DispBrokerDesktopSvc svchost.exe 4036 CryptSvc svchost.exe 4044 DiagTrack spd.exe 4052 cFosSpeedS armsvc.exe 4064 AdobeARMservice svchost.exe 4072 DPS GamingApp_Service.exe 4080 GamingApp_Service svchost.exe 4092 AppHostSvc svchost.exe 2460 IKEEXT svchost.exe 3664 Winmgmt svchost.exe 3740 W3SVC, WAS MSI_RAMDisk_Service.exe 3876 MSI_RAMDisk_Service ChargeService.exe 4124 MSI_SuperCharger NIHardwareService.exe 4136 NIHardwareService GamingHotkey_Service.exe 4152 GamingHotkey_Service SMSvcHost.exe 4160 NetPipeActivator, NetTcpActivator, NetTcpPortSharing svchost.exe 4172 stisvc svchost.exe 4184 WpnService svchost.exe 4192 TrkWks MSI_LiveUpdate_Service.ex 4200 MSI_LiveUpdate_Service tmHInstall.exe 4240 tmHInstall svchost.exe 4248 TapiSrv MsMpEng.exe 4264 WinDefend OriginWebHelperService.ex 4284 Origin Web Helper Service MSIControlService.exe 4380 MSICTL_CC svchost.exe 4604 LanmanServer mqsvc.exe 4612 MSMQ svchost.exe 4728 SstpSvc svchost.exe 4756 WdiServiceHost svchost.exe 4888 iphlpsvc svchost.exe 4984 DeviceAssociationService svchost.exe 5344 RasMan SMSvcHost.exe 6024 NetMsmqActivator svchost.exe 2628 SSDPSRV NisSrv.exe 7968 WdNisSvc dllhost.exe 7688 N/D svchost.exe 8512 TabletInputService svchost.exe 8760 TokenBroker svchost.exe 8952 CDPSvc svchost.exe 8332 WdiSystemHost svchost.exe 9200 PcaSvc svchost.exe 10680 LicenseManager svchost.exe 10320 lfsvc svchost.exe 11976 BthAvctpSvc SecurityHealthService.exe 12940 SecurityHealthService svchost.exe 14484 WbioSrvc svchost.exe 15264 UsoSvc svchost.exe 13332 DoSvc svchost.exe 1364 StorSvc SgrmBroker.exe 1712 SgrmBroker svchost.exe 10704 wscsvc svchost.exe 7324 InstallService OfficeClickToRun.exe 13136 ClickToRunSvc AppVShNotify.exe 12920 N/D SearchIndexer.exe 1660 WSearch svchost.exe 7772 QWAVE svchost.exe 5900 Appinfo svchost.exe 8676 DsSvc svchost.exe 11988 wuauserv svchost.exe 14044 DisplayEnhancementService svchost.exe 8272 RmSvc svchost.exe 15852 AudioEndpointBuilder svchost.exe 10920 Audiosrv svchost.exe 8780 SDRSVC audiodg.exe 2868 N/D csrss.exe 14744 N/D winlogon.exe 11912 N/D fontdrvhost.exe 6812 N/D dwm.exe 5208 N/D WmiPrvSE.exe 6160 N/D NVDisplay.Container.exe 2632 N/D sihost.exe 13672 N/D svchost.exe 6472 CDPUserSvc_4af8c1d5 svchost.exe 15808 WpnUserService_4af8c1d5 taskhostw.exe 15692 N/D MsiGamingOSD_x86.exe 10788 N/D MsiGamingOSD_x64.exe 15240 N/D GamingHotkey.exe 16120 N/D muachost.exe 6692 N/D MSI_LED.exe 15780 N/D explorer.exe 4784 N/D svchost.exe 15876 cbdhsvc_4af8c1d5 StartMenuExperienceHost.e 4712 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 15436 N/D SearchUI.exe 8744 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 12840 N/D svchost.exe 13076 lmhosts ctfmon.exe 14496 N/D YourPhone.exe 10744 N/D SettingSyncHost.exe 8540 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 13124 N/D LockApp.exe 11452 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 9672 N/D ShellExperienceHost.exe 6748 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 7612 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 13336 N/D SecurityHealthSystray.exe 14652 N/D rundll32.exe 8252 N/D cardoscp.exe 11560 N/D HOTONEUsbAudioCpl.exe 13624 N/D IDProtect Monitor.exe 14156 N/D UMCAudioCplApp.exe 3240 N/D Taskmgr.exe 11868 N/D firefox.exe 14828 N/D WmiPrvSE.exe 6996 N/D firefox.exe 3748 N/D WmiPrvSE.exe 11340 N/D firefox.exe 8232 N/D firefox.exe 10332 N/D firefox.exe 12404 N/D SystemSettings.exe 9356 N/D ApplicationFrameHost.exe 2044 N/D Video.UI.exe 12348 N/D RuntimeBroker.exe 12004 N/D svchost.exe 3320 OneSyncSvc_4af8c1d5, PimIndexMaintenanceSvc_4af8c1d5, UnistoreSvc_4af8c1d5, UserDataSvc_4af8c1d5 CompPkgSrv.exe 12496 N/D firefox.exe 14312 N/D firefox.exe 13468 N/D firefox.exe 15620 N/D firefox.exe 17228 N/D firefox.exe 16444 N/D joystick_gremlin.exe 16968 N/D opentrack.exe 3500 N/D svchost.exe 16604 AppXSvc SystemSettingsBroker.exe 15760 N/D svchost.exe 4776 camsvc firefox.exe 17320 N/D steam.exe 15712 N/D dllhost.exe 13572 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 6816 N/D SteamService.exe 4980 Steam Client Service steamwebhelper.exe 9940 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 17032 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 7160 N/D smartscreen.exe 14452 N/D mmc.exe 11472 N/D TrackIR.exe 14440 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 13704 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 12516 N/D steamwebhelper.exe 16264 N/D cmd.exe 8752 N/D conhost.exe 2288 N/D backgroundTaskHost.exe 8508 N/D tasklist.exe 7548 N/D this is the last win error referrable any help will be appreciated. Good flights cheers
  8. I agree with you....but i've read a post from Jason where he explained the difficulties in setting ingame spotting characteristics to match anyone taste....and that's absolutely true! but under realism perspective the game as it is now it's absolutely realistic....all of us have read dogfighting stories from wwii fighter pilots (the enemy you didn't see is the enemy that will shoot you down..) and, to be precise, pilots during wwii were from 18 years old up to 26/28 mainly to have better spotting capability (Greg Pappy Boyngton 26 yo was nicknamed Grumpy from his fellows pilots of Marines 214 VFN Black Sheeps 😉).imho the question at this point is how many players could like a little bit less realism and a little bit increased spotting capability. I'm among the latter .
  9. I think that in the end we are all turning around the point .....in MP we have to start with same conditions, no advantages for anyone. This is imho the way to develop the community right with the max fun possible. Obviously no one can intervene on anyone hardware ( like monitors/ graphic adapters/trackir/vr and so on.....that likely affects the most some crucial aspects of playing like spotting and SA) but basicly we would have to play with the best strategy, airmanship, gunnery, coordination etc. to perform a successful mission/dogfight. If you play i.e. on Berloga server which is one of them that still allows Reshade, when you spawn in immediately you can see where are the aircrafts and i.e that probably the higher are German and the lower are Russians....you can proceed higher and when identified the enemy think which strategy could be the most effective and start the attack. This is an undoubted and unfair advantage....the fact that after such planning and thinking I succeed in downing the ennemy aircraft it's a whole other story😀😀
  10. hi foreword...my "not so brilliant" results in dogfighting skill are doubtless a consequence of several factors (spotting,strategy and airmanship just to say some..) depending all on me. That said I think that reshade is definitely a cheat. Yes some player could use it just to enhance their in game graphic performance but this limited and responsible use of reshade it's all on their shoulder and, outside on their pc, no one can verify this. If I mind about some shaders like comic and cartoon you can just agree with me. at this point I think that the right choice will be ban reshade from every mp server. but for the playability of the game (and the future of the game too, especially in mp) a less realistic but increased spotting capability could be a desirable choice of devs. All depends on what we consider the most desirable objective for the game and for us as players. To me engage tactitcs (like a chess game more or less) airmanship and gunnery could be most interesting aspects so better spotting possibility without the need of graphic injectors/cheat coul be the right choice to increase playability. Just my opinion good flights P.S.: by the way in another thread someone asked to real life pilots about the realism of spotting aircraft in Il-2. To me, working as helo pilot in real life, spotting in Il-2 is very realistic....some time with indications from air traffic controllers about heading, altitude, type of aircraft and often even with a Tcas indication on screen it's very difficult spot aircraft and which aircraft is. Maybe this is the reason why Adolf Galland made an out of aircraft configuration installation of a rifle shooting scope in the front cockpit glass of his ME Bf 109E-4/N.
  11. hello, if I could add a small and very basic suggestion to this very useful topic .....when you have a very long career (like me through BOM,BOS and BOK after about 300 hours of combat mission) You won't definitely loose your progress as happen to me after an update of windows and following problem on IL-2 launch. You just have to back up your cp file every few days of flying ( it could be better with a script instruction that do this automatically for you) . in an unfortunate case of game reinstallation all you have to do is just to copy your backupped cp file instead of the original blank cp file....this worked for me and I only lost my commanding officer spec but it isn't a big issue, isn't it? I did'nt yet verify if this works in case of pilot died or captured too... Hope this helps good flights
  12. I'm Glad you too solved the issue and, at the same time, I'm happy I could help someone as I was a lot of times😊😊 Cheers
  13. Hello, try this I described at the end of this topic OpenTrack limited pitch and absolutely no yaw By -Skaro-Doomerz, January 14 in Hardware, Software and Controllers Hope it helps....for me it worked Good flights
  14. Hello to everyone Having the same issue (no yaw output and a little pitch movement) with opentrack and a Diy 3 ir led clip, I gave a try to all suggestions I've found around the net, nothing worked. Finally I read a post where someone said that unplugging the joystick opentrack starts to work correctly. So I started to think that the problem could be a command conflict and it was! I had assigned horizontal and vertical head movement ( turn head and bow head) to tm twcs throttle hat axis and this assignment prevented, IMHO, the correct execution of opentrack input. I simply disabled this assignments and opentrack starts working like a charm. Hope this helps Good flights
  15. Hello everyone many thanks BlackHellHound1👍 after 2 days trying to make Facetracknoir + my homemade clip working with no success I see the light!😀😉 really appreciated good flights
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