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  1. hello, if I could add a small and very basic suggestion to this very useful topic .....when you have a very long career (like me through BOM,BOS and BOK after about 300 hours of combat mission) You won't definitely loose your progress as happen to me after an update of windows and following problem on IL-2 launch. You just have to back up your cp file every few days of flying ( it could be better with a script instruction that do this automatically for you) . in an unfortunate case of game reinstallation all you have to do is just to copy your backupped cp file instead of the original blank cp file....this worked for me and I only lost my commanding officer spec but it isn't a big issue, isn't it? I did'nt yet verify if this works in case of pilot died or captured too... Hope this helps good flights
  2. I'm Glad you too solved the issue and, at the same time, I'm happy I could help someone as I was a lot of times๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š Cheers
  3. Hello, try this I described at the end of this topic OpenTrack limited pitch and absolutely no yaw By -Skaro-Doomerz, January 14 in Hardware, Software and Controllers Hope it helps....for me it worked Good flights
  4. Hello to everyone Having the same issue (no yaw output and a little pitch movement) with opentrack and a Diy 3 ir led clip, I gave a try to all suggestions I've found around the net, nothing worked. Finally I read a post where someone said that unplugging the joystick opentrack starts to work correctly. So I started to think that the problem could be a command conflict and it was! I had assigned horizontal and vertical head movement ( turn head and bow head) to tm twcs throttle hat axis and this assignment prevented, IMHO, the correct execution of opentrack input. I simply disabled this assignments and opentrack starts working like a charm. Hope this helps Good flights
  5. Hello everyone many thanks BlackHellHound1๐Ÿ‘ after 2 days trying to make Facetracknoir + my homemade clip working with no success I see the light!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰ really appreciated good flights
  6. I'll try also your suggestions...thanks kiwiflieger
  7. Hello Buzzsaw No epilepsy filter at all.....resolution 1920x1200 60hz....at last test I've tried graphic settings are all on low, Aa on 2, no vsync...a little bit more fluid but far from performance I have with Bos and Bom with almost at max settings.(60/80 fps)...strange thing is that I was able to run clod(4.312) at very decent frame rate with a lot of fun on a old machine with a amd phenom 955x2 8 gb ram ddr3 and an old Nvidia gts 450...I did'nt delete cache yet...I'll give it a try.Maybesomething went wrong developing 4.5 version?๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Hello to everyone Having trouble with Clod blitz I'm wondering for solution...any help will be appreciated.. The issue is that the game start regularly but, even at low grafic settings, the game freezes 1/2 seconds every 10/15 seconds and it's definitely unplayable. Often after 10 minutes the game crashs. No overlay ,I've checked files integrity and other posts on the same argument for solutions...no way๐Ÿ˜ซ My specs : AMD Ryzen 7 2700 - 16 Gb ram corsair - MSI x 370 gaming mobo - Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb GPU - hdd samsung evo 500 gb. IL-2 great battles are running great on this pc at max grafic settings. my last log file ------------ BEGIN log session ------------- [18:02:26] Loading mission ... [18:02:27] Load landscape... [18:02:31] Load bridges [18:02:31] LongBridge: wrong width. (BRIDGE_RAIL_SMALL) [18:02:32] Load static objects... [18:02:34] Spawn.get( Vehicle.custom_chief56 ) NOT FOUND [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found [18:02:34] Server: gerriraz volerร  per le forze Rosso. [18:02:36] Mission loaded. time = 9,233 [18:02:37] Battle starting...[18:02:37] Server: Inizia la battaglia! [18:02:37] ok [18:03:59] ERROR: HierMesh: Can't find chunk 'UC0' [18:03:59] [18:03:59] ================================================= [18:03:59] System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): Eccezione lanciata da un componente esterno. [18:03:59] in corelib.CoreERROR(SByte* ) [18:03:59] in corelib.HierMeshObj.GetChunkIdxByName(HierMeshObj* , SByte* name) [18:03:59] in maddox.core.WHMesh.chunkFind(String name) [18:03:59] in UXgwGfogaxBo60Rbgj421G1IPoK.IJdckd7FDe9pD2jvDHd3wAydXAYA(String , Boolean ) [18:03:59] in Z60bFr8lxMKYzbH7KWw1b44jBH9.pgbQsnbdaPykq7GzPf6KERsRLsz(B7ArO92amTCig0vTecuE3jFJs6Z , LimbNames , Boolean , Boolean ) [18:03:59] in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.osnvPtkujegnM4rtxE2Mqiwmt7b.aHph7lkOOvLZ2wHFtW6m1eA0PcB() [18:03:59] in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.osnvPtkujegnM4rtxE2Mqiwmt7b.fLHgsl9an0O23NCZJDc3t1a4GGe() [18:03:59] in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.AQydc7B3ydYKrmIOCwy1eDor0gM.lHdvIjN56jm95d88hE95orchDph() [18:03:59] in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.sgZqt0MYTfew9OsGEeXBZQziA3j(Boolean ) [18:03:59] in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.rSPpLaTaV0RoGlnEjZiPFDqM2It(Double ) [18:03:59] in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.rSPpLaTaV0RoGlnEjZiPFDqM2It(Double ) [18:03:59] in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.BepKRIhbl1JfZ0DtXSxYI8nuW8c(Double ) [18:03:59] in MTT9lNj8lJ6ra4FmsFhzzuJiDOI.cPHeNovcRt5ujAEN4ZbGqs2ZgAj(Double ) [18:03:59] in UXgwGfogaxBo60Rbgj421G1IPoK.PODTAVNe5lbSWCn9EMF9icNRRnb.uopOGmgfMmIOj7rdkW6Z5YFgT8e() [18:03:59] in JqpDkScSWxwXQEnTA3ax9psJGkk.uopOGmgfMmIOj7rdkW6Z5YFgT8e() [18:03:59] in vI69CsV6CetDh1umDvXtWBZbJNu.mloHigBaOVnKzAupCC3fFBR2JS1() [18:03:59] ================================================= [18:03:59] Server: gerriraz Hurricane I (DH 5-20) (G-AAAA) Pilota is dead. [18:03:59] Server: Hurricane I (DH 5-20) (G-AAAA) pilotato da gerriraz si รจ schiantato a terra. [18:04:27] Server: La battaglia termina. [27/10/2018 18:04:31] -------------- END log session ------------- If anyone have suggestions ... thank you in advance good flights to all
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