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  1. I sometimes also converge with other players' simulations without delay
  2. The 400l figure is fine, but as badatflyski pointed out, it would be a little more realistic to compare all aircraft at a comparable mission fuel-state. That would be roughly 50% fuel for all of them - with the P-51 having a longer commute. And hence in order not to penalize the P-51, run the same equation again for a P-51 at comparable fuel remaining to the Fw 190 and Bf 109 at 50% fuel - let's say 190kg. Unfortunately, I don't think I can quite compare with Tony Scott...
  3. So, the UPS-man brounght this today:
  4. Must have been a cal 50. Does it require a new charger every other season? You may want to check this thread on some photos made during production. https://www.vintageleatherjackets.org/threads/masters-of-air-shoots-this-spring-for-apple-tv.25234/page-5
  5. [Puts on salesman attire] Ladies and gentlemen, meet the best turning fighter of the three: The Fw 190D-9!* ___ *Instantaneous turn between 475 and 575kph - mileage may vary. ====================================================================================================================== Holtzauge, would you mind doing the chart for a slightly more realistic setting? Say 400l for the P-51 and 50% fuel for the german fighters. And then again for the analgoue amount of fuel (50% in german fighters) in the P-51?
  6. Now if that Thud came with an actual cockpit (like the A-4 does), that would be awsome! Just had my MiG-21 at Mach 2.2 yesterday. Then the engine died. Probably because the shock-cone wouldn't go any farther out.... Great airplane - I wish we had more, earlier MiG-21s (F-13, PF or PFM and a twin-seater) or at least the chinese copy/ development. Like an F-7PG with double-delta wings, leading-edge devices and four pylons. Some of the latest F-7G derivatives do even have a fire-control radar (range about 30km) in that tiny original MiG-21F nose-cone.
  7. Mariannas map is close to release in Open Beta says ED's Facebook site. Probablyy next wednesday?
  8. @JtD Did you spot a difference in terms of sustainable g concerning the g-suit in the Mustang and the 109 onlce slowed down to that speed-range? I feel my pilot is turning into a vegetable a little too easily when spending some time in the 2-3g realm. I'm wondering if the g-suit is making a diiference there as well, or if it will only help at higher g-levels. Also wondering how they made the g-suit work, but that's a different topic altogether.
  9. Ich denke mit dem FM der F-14 kann kein Modul mithalten und somit auch die Mods natürlich nicht. Aber ich würde die A-4 schon als recht gut beschreiben, wenn auch hier und da vielleicht in paar Ecken ud Kanten sind. Für ein Freeware Flugzeug ist der Bang/Buck Quotient unschlagbar. Mach wirklich Spaß! Systemtiefe ist ausreichend vorhanden und die Bewaffnungspalette wird auch um ein, zwei interessante Loadouts erweitert. Trägerlandungen sind eine echte Herausforderung - wobei ich glaube, dass hier das Triebwerk (wie auch bei der Hornet) zu lahm reagiert.
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