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  1. Meine Gesichtszüge stehen eh schon auf dem Abstellgleis.
  2. Ich. Momentan mein meist-erwartetes Flugzeug.
  3. One of my favourite U2 songs. Sung by Edge, who has a great voice.
  4. It has. They have issued a second batch. The book apparently is selling like hot-cakes.
  5. Die Mirage F1 schreitet voran... https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/aerges/7150429-mirage-f1-project-update
  6. Meanwhile... https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/aerges/7150429-mirage-f1-project-update
  7. Yes, because it's the only gauge to tell airspeed. Speed-perception is about angular speed, so it only really makes a difference approaching other than usually-shaped/ aspect ratio runways. Again, not sure about your technique, but the last time I'm checking the ASI is usually above/ just before crossing the fence. After that, it's power-off, fly her down to the runway and flare. All eyes outside. The ASI could be reading Mach 3 and I wouldn't notice.
  8. From what I get, the Tempest was rather scary to unused pilots around the pattern, due to it's speed. When landing, I'm not hawking the ASI, looking for position-errors to creep in, but down the runway.
  9. There's going to be the complete written memoirs of Dortenmann to be released in december - in German only, though. Title: "Dortenmanns "Fliegers""
  10. Great stuff, CcrashH! I'm quite sure that @ROCKET_KNUT will enjoy these, too 😁🤘
  11. Position-errors can be huge. IIRC during my C210 checkout (two people, low fuel, fully configured) I saw below 50mph on the ASI and we weren't even into the stall-horn yet! That was at below approach power (we were delaying as ther ewas a Challenger blocking the RWY) and in a slow glide.
  12. That's correct. I came up with Jug Norris first, though. I figured he needed a wingman, so MacDyver kind of was the obvious choice 😜
  13. Another point worth asking is at which power-settings the turn-performance is measured. I haven't ever read a test-report that specificly mentions this. I'd suggest they're testing at either fast cruise or MCP.
  14. Yeah, but does that include speeds above the rather academic power-on stall? The delta v between free air flow and the propwash is reduced at corner-speed, compared to the power-on stall condition. I'd expect a noticeable decrease in thrust-induced Cl_max increse at corner.
  15. The boost-setting doesn't account for instantaneous turn-rates, which are lift-limited. Boost-settings and RPM-limits will make a difference in sustained turn-performance.
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