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  1. Bremspropeller

    How to be a good escort?

    I think the issue here is even more important than as seen at first glance: It's a difference in leadership styles. On one side you have the german Nazi-buddy system that promotes loyality over intelligence or ability. That way you'll have all the opportunists, yes-men and sycophants gather around the highest leadership-positions. Ideas are not followed on whether they're good or not (or if they're working out), but based on who spoke them out. On the amrican side (and the Brits), there was a battle of ideas and while not always perfect, this system made sure that ideas could be tested and trialled. If they didn't work, another approach was taken. The emergence of the escorting scheme is one very good example for that.
  2. Bremspropeller

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Just had "A separate little War" arrive this morning. Did anybody mention we need a FB Mosquito yet? :D
  3. Bremspropeller

    Books - What are you reading?

    Working on my 8th Air Force Fighter Groups collection. Looks like there won't be anything about 20th FG :(
  4. Bremspropeller

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    Which isn't a big deal, as PR ist mostly a peekaboo game, flying ABOVE a specified area. You don't need to have an airbase in the area to have played a significant role in the area. That's like saying you can't put a Lancaster in "Battle of the Ruhr" because no Lancasters were based at Dortmund airfield.
  5. Bremspropeller

    Endlich IV

    Aus Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass das Kartenhaus schon angefangen hat einzustürzen - bin nicht wahnsinnig optimistisch. Näheres allerdings nur per PM.
  6. Bremspropeller

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    The guy with the MG34 in the first pic is like "Oh eff, not this shti again!"
  7. Bremspropeller

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    That is why a "lightened up" FM for AI-only airplanes makes so much sense. It's not great, but it certainly is better than not having the aircraft at all. Worked pretty well in the original IL-2 franchise.
  8. Bremspropeller

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    Most time is spent building the cockpit and player-stations. One could easily fill gaps of many theatres by adding 3-4 AI airplanes (e.g. much sought-after twin bombers and sub-variants). Heck, the B-25 and A-20 alone could fill 10 airplane release slots. Imagine: Two B-25 versions Two B-26s Another A-20 (hard-nose) Three Mosquitos (a PR, a Fighter-Bomber and a Bomber) A Typhoon IB An Ar 234 B I'd trade a Mossie (I know! *sniff*) for an Allison-powered P-51. And that's just Bodenplatte.
  9. Bremspropeller

    DD today?

    For the pony-nerds: How many differend canopy-shapes for the P-51D/K are there? The answer is five: http://www.gaetanmarie.com/p-51dk-mustang-canopy-variations/
  10. Bremspropeller

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    Why not sell a 10-airplane asset-pack, that covers gaps here and there? One could make some of those flyable later, too.
  11. Bremspropeller

    Endlich IV

  12. Bremspropeller

    Endlich IV

    Danke dir :) Ja, die Katze ist noch nicht aus dem Sack, aber Gehalt ist diesen Monat nicht gezahlt worden. Ich sag mal: Wer jetzt 1+1 addiert...
  13. Bremspropeller

    Is there a sound bug in Great Battles?

    I regularily have sound-issues when lots of objects are rendered (online and offline; mostly online, though) Sound will first cut out (and only shell-sounds are left), followed by a total loss of sound.
  14. Bremspropeller

    Endlich IV