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  1. Stefan und sein jester auf CAT1. Admiral ist ein Naturbursche.
  2. Ich mache beim Kater auch gerne mal vor dem Aufsetzen den Arm lang. Meistens, weil ich mich vorher ver-DLC'ed habe. Die Hornet ist da weniger verzeihend - schiebst du zu viel Power nach, bolterst du. Ich finde die Schwierigkeit der Hornet zu hoch - anhand der Boarding-rates sollte die Hornet deutlich einfacher sein. Heatblur hat aber auch schon gesagt, dass bei der Tomcat evtl. noch das Pitch-Power coupling verstärkt werden soll.
  3. We're not discussing the same point here: I'm not debating the amount of time under which the assembly-change could possibly be performed with all kinds of preparation (which kind of defeats the logic behind the "12 minute engine change") and under clinical conditions. The point is that you can't change the engine in 12/15/30 minutes and have a safe airplane. You might get away with it a few times, but sooner or later, some doofus is going to drop the ball and you'll have an airplane crash because of omitted worksteps - despite seemingly "idiot-proof" quick fittings - o
  4. Those kinds of exchanges maybe could be performed as a part of a well-orchestrated ballet under optimum conditions. However: Keep in mind that a lot of stuff was written to make Germany (and the Luftwaffe) look much more like the giant it never was. Changing an engine isn't just slapping on another power-egg. It also requires careful attention if all the quick-fittings actually are connected and tightly in place. Then there's engine-tweaking and trimming. Leak-checks, etc. A few seconds of inattention can easily trash your engine mounts. Do all that in 30 minute
  5. I wouldn't fly an airplane that had it's engine changed in 12 minutes. I guess they just slipped a 0 under the rug - 120 minutes seems much closer to an actual figure to me. And that's also reletively quick. It might also be two ther things: - propaganda / intentional BSing - a mess-up in translation
  6. Dank DLC habe ich das in der Tomcat so gut wie nie. In der Hornet dafür regelmäßig... Seitdem ich vor ein paar Tagen ne halbe Stunde mit der A-4 um den Träger getuckert bin, hat sich das Ball-Flying in der Tomcat drastisch verbessert. Wenn's mit der OK-Pass Konsistenz klappt, wird der Groove als nächstes dann von den jetzt um die 36s sukzessive auf die echten 15-18s verringert.
  7. It's pretty good and it's free, so no second thoughts there. I think it's still a little rough around some edges*, but nothing that is detrimental to the fun it brings. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that ED isn't pushing for a SEA-theme with a map and a couple of fitting aircraft and assets. _____ * The approach seems to be too hard to me and might need some tweaking.
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