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  1. I've tested MP on few servers in the last couple of nights. And it seems, that the 4.004 patch does the trick reducing stutters to practically none in my case. So far so good, job well done!
  2. No problem, we have been taught the same things as a child. And we are humble people, imo even too humble in some cases πŸ˜ƒ. Hopefully TAW gets new donators. Looking forward to fly with you again
  3. Not all donated because not everyone have played TAW. 20€ is average I think. If you take that post as bragging, it`s your problem. That was not the purpose of it. I drive Honda Accord around with price tag in the windshield. It feels great.
  4. Yes, tacky it is. But it gets attention apparently. And people have to understand it`s from the entire squadron. So, if they read this thread, no problem. Donate people if you can πŸ˜‰
  5. Entire squad yes. I think it`s just good to show there`s a donation possibility to support the TAW. I imagine it`s not totally free to run server like that and they work very hard to make it. If anyone has enjoyed TAW, they could make donation if it`s possible.
  6. What Deferred Shading do exactly, is it performance improvement?
  7. When I have time, I'll give a Tacview a go. Sounds useful.
  8. Looks nice. Any performance difference?
  9. Try out the WoL. It gives me the stuttering almost every time.
  10. No, you just like to give up and lose. You know how people like that are called
  11. Aah, there we go again.. That bitterness makes this victory taste so good. It was 3-2 before the last map with two draws. You just couldn`t take it and gave up like p***y. Don`t blame us, I would be embarrassed if I were you.
  12. It`s great when people have something positive to look forward to Although looking at Combat Box stats for example, it looks pretty much even. Which is good.
  13. I had fun, thanks to all participants! My goal is to fly with my squad and we had some very nice missions. Winning is secondary to me. Or maybe third most important priority. This time the side that did not give up, won and deserved it.
  14. IMO that would be cool, maybe we`ll see those at some point. Would make a pretty long campaign though.
  15. Reasonable writing Tumu πŸ‘ One thing I have to say about the pilot kills what I`ve said before. It`s clear that there are too much pilot kills in this version of the game caused by exploding HE cannon shells. I don`t think anyone disagrees. It`s clearly a bug in my opinion. So, it won`t stay that way for ever and I would not take it as basis for balancing the next TAW. I welcome plane set balancing what has been proposed here, 23mm for Laggs, La-5 with M82F engine and Yak-7b available earlier maps for example. Those make sense, IIRC Norz made some good suggestions on those. Same goes for maps, but I think TAW admins are trying their best and taking account reasonable suggestions. Hats off to the admins, I`m sure it`s not an easy task to make this work for everyone Yes, I think this is worth looking for.
  16. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/?do=findComment&comment=878988
  17. You're rage makes me this even funnier πŸ˜‚. Seems like I hit the nerve, this is hilarious Okay boys, I have to work now and I can't laugh all the time. See you! πŸ˜‚
  18. On the contrary, whining is the hardest part for me. I'm really struggling with it but I won't give up yet. I have good teachers here πŸ˜‰
  19. Sorry, can't do that. I'm training to be a good VVS pilot, whining on TAW forum seems to be mandatory.
  20. On the contrary, it's very healthy. So please accept my gratitude
  21. You've given me so much amusement lately with your bitterness that I should pay you. Thanks man, I really appreciate good laugh πŸ˜‚ What? Of course there are icons
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