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  1. There are several testers who use VR.
  2. Probably because of the VR. I have 1080 GPU and I did not notice performance drop on 3440x1440 resolution.
  3. Current model is fine and I voted for it. But as others mentioned, negative G effects and change between positive and negative could use some improvement.
  4. Same here but the edited lines in startup.cfg remains. So I think it`s working. After a few test flights I will keep these settings for now. It seems to improve my spotting at a first glance. Thanks guys!
  5. Personally I don't have problems questimating radiator positions etc without technochat. I don't feel it's very hard to use planes properly without seeing exact percentages all the time after getting used to it. There are few minor issues, like engine selection in multiengine planes and hopefully those will be addressed by devs at some time. But fun addition overall and gives nice immersion boost.
  6. Were going for the Allies too. How about that 😄
  7. Cool new pilot model! Other stuff too, especially AI work is appreciated. And Hurricane, nice
  8. Generally I didn`t notice spotting difference between 4.006 and 4.007 on my system during beta testing. But I`m going to fly more the public version and see how it goes.
  9. Yes, but it`s not modeled currently in the game.
  10. Little clarification, when I said all pilots have the same tolerance expect the ones using planes with G-suit, I meant that the G-suit is the only one that gives the difference. There`s no German tech advantage in the game in my knowledge. And in my observation the only thing giving the difference is G-suit and German planes are not equipped with it. But feelings can differ and that`s fine
  11. Hi Tumu! All pilots have same G tolerance, expect for a few American planes. They have +1G for their G-suits. That is the information we have
  12. I've got no idea what on earth you are mumbling about... I've never said people shouldn't get VR. Or use it. And I've used it myself. I stated the fact that atm it's niche. Period. [edited] Same to you as above
  13. You are wrong. I just said my opinion about Reject Injectors and it's usage. Some took [edited] about it and sees it like trolling. It's on them, that was not my purpose. Generally, think what you wan't. VR is a niche in any category. Vast majority is flying with flat screen. But believe what you wan't.
  14. Spotting is one of the greatest sides of the two latest versions btw. It's working very well for me, I'm happy with it. No need for extra work with the settings, just 4xmsaa with ultra is fine.
  15. Yeah, it`s sad that the Pimax owners arent`t the only ones entitled to post on this forum. Devs have used much resources to please VR users considering how niche it still is. Nothing seems to be enough when dealing with all canted displays and stuff. Rift was designed the way that it is plug and play. There`s something to learn to others as well. About my opinion, I was referring to your decision not to use reject injector option based on few unworkable Pimax headsets. And they really are a few even among the VR users who are happily flying. Just expressed my opinion about not taking every measure available to make as even gameplay as possible when it is given. It seems to butthurt a few Pimax flyers. Well, that`s how it is and it`s fine. Carry on with your besserwissering.
  16. It`s me! It clearly pisses you off that you do not represent not even nearly the majority of the MP flyers when using VR and especially Pimax. It`s understandable, people are so tender these days. I`ve had Rift and Rift S and it worked fine. As does every other headset at the moment apart from Pimax. It is a fact. As I said above, I know I have a choice. But I am entitled to my opinion even if it`s not same as yours. If you have something personal against me, hit me with a PM.
  17. Sure I`m incompetent but the great leader of the VR field doesn`t work. Is this not true or what are you complaining about? Get a gear that works. I`ve done it many times, not just in the computers. Btw, how I`m rude when saying the truth? Pimax is minority in a MP VR players which in turn are a minority among MP crowd?
  18. It`s not best possible. It doesn`t work. As I said above, there`s also responsibility on Pimax to make their gear work in different games. I know. But it doesn`t stop me for saying my opinion about it. It`s just pity that good things are unused because few people have some garbage headsets.
  19. It`s harmful to a very very few MP flyers. I don`t think it`s even possible to do it more accurate to prevent some specific injector. Pimax should make their headsets so that they work in games normally. All other does that.
  20. With that attitude they will. There is a minority in a minority among MP players who has few headsets that don`t work perfectly atm and they decide what to do on most servers. But of course it`s your choice.
  21. It's an server option to reject injectors in the new update.
  22. Nice to see the zoom issues solved and all other improvements. Great work ICDP with the skins. I hope the Restrict Injectors option will be used by server admins. Makes sence in my opinion to give more even playground.
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