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  1. I`ll start. Everything is wrong, could you please fix everything. Otherwise I can`t be part of this.
  2. Yak-9 is my choice, it`s overall most balanced in my opinion.
  3. Would you all cut the s**t and concentrate to the TAW? Use english please because this is an english forum. War is a history and that`s the way it should be. We`re all virtual flying brothers in the end. Peace.
  4. I think you should try a much lower W10 sound mixer settings. I have it at 2%, for some reason I have to lower it to the minimum if I wan`t to have in game sounds at 100%. And of course, there`s a difference in the headsets.
  5. Just yesterday I was thinking about this when I blasted LaGG from six o`clock at very close range with long burst intentionally aiming and hitting it`s tail to end the fight quickly. Tail stayed with the rest of the plane and I prefer it that way. I don`t think it was very common to cut the whole tail of the airplane in WW2 with normal weapons. I`m not saying there`s no room for improvement, there always is. If you hit something with a rocket like in the videos, it should do serious damage. But it´s not a very common weapon used in the game against airplanes.
  6. Sure, but no Yak-9 or Hurricane. Theres a lot of Yaks flying and mostly who got hit was to the wing. I`ll see the rest of it. 6.30 and 7.20 theres a direct hit to to La-5 which has no effect at all. I think you`re right, something is off with the rocket modeling. I`ll pass it forward. Thanks!
  7. Before we estimate the DM of the rockects, I think we need more planes. How about shooting them lets say to the Yak-9 for example. Which is my favorite red plane, it`s great. Hurricane might be a good target also. I haven`t done it, I`m curious to see how it goes.
  8. Okay, thanks. Maybe the tank column formula has been mentioned sometimes but I don`t recall it.
  9. Where did you get this? Devs? Are the tank columns always built in the same way?
  10. What do you see? Do you know the ratio which is used to build tank columns, I mean light/medium/heavy? I`d like to hear it
  11. So, you`re basically saying that red tank columns are made of Bt-7s and other light tanks and blue are made of Tigers. What are the KVs and T-34s that I`ve seen? They must be undercover blue tanks.
  12. Must be great to be so awesome. I can`t even imagine
  13. Score is not so important for me either, I`ll enjoy flying with my mates. I just like to have a nice chat sometimes with the fine gentlemen here. I have accepted the fact that there is periodicity in the server like this. And no conspiracies. I`m glad that we all have accepted something.
  14. But you can`t do anything to stop the 40 players changing the map situation, I think that`s the point here. Btw, I agree with those plane suggestions you made above to the red side. Would be reasonable.
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