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  1. Yak-7b - In case you didn't notice

    Very pleasant plane to fly but ugly as hell . I just can't get used to that strange looking fuselage. Fortunately I can't see it when flying
  2. La-5FN - impressions?

    Well, it goes in both ways. Not once or twice I've seen a red fighter run blinking their lights when fight goes badly. And I'm not even a very active MP player . What comes to the FN, it's a great plane. I still think the speed is a bit on the positive side but it's pretty much what can be expected.
  3. 3.001 aircrafts parameters available

    Who is arguing that? I see some good questions here and getting answers also. As for rest of your post, I`ll just leave it to it`s own value
  4. 3.001 aircrafts parameters available

    I like the La-5, it's a very nice plane. Especially FN. But I think the speed is modelled a bit on the positive side with the FN. Maybe a notch less would be more accurate based on stuff I've seen about the plane over the years. Just a feeling
  5. Yeah, just made sure that I`m not trying to ruin the fun part of the current VR, majority seems to be happy with it and I`m glad you guys enjoy it. No worries I`ll be joining you when next gen arrives
  6. My system is quite capable to run BoX in VR with the settings you give here. No amount of AA or SS can fix the basic flaws of the current VR headsets, the horrible resolution and narrow fov. I just found out that I can`t take it, especially low resolution just too disturbing. I tested many settings and games so I didn`t give up easily. I like clear image and my 3440x1440 flat monitor is just too much ahead in that respect atm. I realized that Oculus is gathering dust so I sold it. When things improve, I`ll be back in VR. For my part the reason for responding to these threads is just to show that current VR might not be good enough for everybody, as many of you seem to think. Just giving another perspective and maybe something to think for those who are considering to order VR headset. My advice is to try before you buy if it`s possible
  7. Well, I just have to say this... After less than three months of using Oculus, I sold my unit and returned to the flat monitor
  8. AI Updated in 3.001?

    Of course Pe-2 gunner AI is the same as in other bombers. Pe-2 just get`s the best advantage with it`s heavy weapons from the current situation, that`s why it get`s the attention. Imo all gunners should be set at average skill level at the most if you are looking for the most realistic approach.
  9. Tactical Air War

    More than half of the Soviet 61-k guns was replaced with the 72-k, it probably has certain impact to the deadliness of the red AA.
  10. Why so nitpicky?

    WoL is not aiming for a very strict historical accuracy. Armor plate of 109 is a one thing, other quite obvious is the large number of VYa 23mm armed LaGGs flying around. So...
  11. Tactical Air War

    Right.. seems kind of pointless to say anything else. Who thinks the gunners are ok, continue to do so. I disagree politely
  12. Tactical Air War

    Because it`s most obvious with the hmg in the Pe-2s tail. I think the Pe-2 is benefiting mostly for the current situation. I`ve shot down plenty of Stukas offline, can`t remember when my engine died from it. And I still think that gunners with hmgs should get hits a bit less than guys with lmgs. But as I said, it would be best to put all gunners to the normal level, at the most. First of all, AA should not be on deadliest level. And bombers should be escorted
  13. Tactical Air War

    Ub 800-1050, mg15 1000-1050, mg81 1400-1600. I see a little difference? In my military service, I was trained for the russian NSV hmg. It`s rate of fire is iirc 800 or so. I was standing on the ground with the gun, I think Pe-2 gunners are quite superhuman shooting from jinking and janking plane with the level of accuracy they are doing now
  14. Tactical Air War

    I know what their rate of fire are. And I`m talking about rear gunners, not front pointing weapons. I still think that it`s just impossible to shoot with hmg like rear gunners do in this sim. Least what can be done is to restrict the all gunner skill levels to normal or was it average, I don`t remember which it was. Anything above is very unrealistic imo.
  15. Tactical Air War

    Fact 3: gunners with heavy machine guns and low rate of fire should not get same hit rate as the gunners lighter guns and high rate of fire. No matter what plane or nationality. Especially when firing from bomber making evasive maneuvers.