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  1. Agreed, politics is not allowed in this forum afaik. This is a game.
  2. Maybe that first 110 had the invisible plane bug because his gunner didn`t respond.
  3. Fancy setup? I have over ten years old X52 throttle and Vkb Gladiator MkII joystick, I`d say it`s pretty far from fancy. If someone is trying to fly Taw with mouse and keyboard only, I think he`s in the wrong place.
  4. I know what your point is, this has been discussed here many times before. In fact I think the U-2 shouldn`t even have the bomb drop mode options. As I have understood, the gunner pulls the bomb release knobs manually and it has no bomb mode selector: Btw, you plan to bomb a lot with U-2? Personally it`s more about immersion, you need to operate the planes much more like they were meant to. But what comes to Taw and why tecnochat is off there, of course it`s much more realistic than seeing exact percentages of every function on your screen.
  5. Why do you need to know their exact position? You look at the temperatures, if they rise too high, open radiators. If temps are still too high, open rads more. I think thats what the real pilots did. Simple, you people just make it too complicated. And if you really have urgent need to see what position they are, look out of the window:
  6. That`s exactly the constructive attitude which I`m sure will get things flowing, thanks 👍
  7. Reasonable post. Personally I am at the side of getting the DM as realistic as possible within the limits of the technology we have. Is it perfect in every aspect, including the .50 cals imo? No, but it will evolve as every other thing in the sim. Bit by bit. Will we ever see absolutely perfect imitation of the real WW2 air combat on our computers? No, I don`t think it`s possible. Is it possible to make sim that pleases everybodys expectations of WW2 air combat based on their own research on the subject? No, absolutely not.
  8. Just took it to the level that you guys used in the last page trashing the devs and testers. You don`t know what I think about this issue because I haven`t told you. And I see the answer from the devs in the last page of that thread. When the time and resources are available they will take a look at it. Nothing unclear to me.
  9. It`s easy to see why the thread was locked when I looked the last page. But it`s great to see that there`s so many perfect programmers, fighter pilots and weapon experts in the community. I look forward to buy the sim you create, it`s clear that it will be perfect for everyone.
  10. Nice, imo that`s the best looking Spit of all 👍
  11. +1 And about technochat... I like it off and imo it`s easy to learn and use with a bit of effort. But if turning it on brings more players it`s fine, it does`t ruin my day.
  12. Don`t know what those videos are supposed to proof? Those are different weapons, only 37mm caliber is common. IIRC those German cannons use tungsten core rounds so I would imagine they have better penetration power.
  13. Likely that the draw announcement is a bug or something, congrats to Allies! But I hope they don't fix it for a few hours, love the drama 😀
  14. Usually mission which have lasted longer time but I can`t see any special pattern. Normally I fly in the evening european time so there`s a lot of other flyers in the server. Usually screen freeze for a moment and game crash to desktop. Could be a RAM thing like you said. 16GB.
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