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  1. That was kind of a joke ๐Ÿ˜‰ Better weapons on Yak-7b is the main difference as said above. And worse visibility compared to the 1b.
  2. It looks horrible compared to the Yak-1b, that's why ๐Ÿ˜€. But the flying qualities are excellent.
  3. This is a simulation after all, so the goal is realism, not balance. As it should be in this case. Testers test all planes
  4. If that`s so common, I`m sure you`ll have a track of that, just post it here:
  5. You guys realize that the gunners are controlled by the mission maker. There are several levels. If it`s ace, it`ll shoot you down. Like in WoL
  6. Weapon malfunctions are not modeled AFAIK, I think lots of WW2 weapons did that sometimes. Ricocheting is also universal, I think every round would do that when the circumstances are right.
  7. I just can`t see the point of this kind of attitude. If you read the DD, the goal is to create more accurate simulation of the damage model and weapons. Not to nerf or buff anything. You said yourself the devs are putting very detailed effort to improve it. That`s good, right?
  8. It`s probably a bug. You should write a report to here so devs can fix it:
  9. For some reason, this is basically the only server these days which is stuttering for me. All others run quite well, for example the Combat Box which is in North America. WoL ping is good.
  10. I agree with the op that the success in MP is mostly about SA. As it was in real life. But there the comparison to the real life ends, this is the one topic where the 100% realism can`t be expected or achieved. Because of the huge variety of the peoples hardware, it`s impossible to make absolutely realistic spotting in any game. I think the main goal should be to get it more or less even for everybody regardless of their display and settings. It means that it can`t be too `realistic`, because in that case people who happens to have hardware that is well suited (for some reason) for it, gets the advantage. Rest just can`t adjust their settings in any reasonable way to achieve same level of spotting and are in disadvantage. It sure is not easy to find the right balance to the spotting regardless of players hardware and settings. But in this case the even playground is much better than the ultimate realism. That`s why I liked the alternative spotting more even with it`s flaws.
  11. As a fellow pilot Iยดd say they are improving the product as best they can with the resources and sources available. Not any simulation is perfect but they`re really working hard for us. I have an easy job comparing to them ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. Same for me. But I doubt the damage model has anything to do with it ๐Ÿ˜€
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