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  1. It is too much, I know. But world is not perfect, at least before we get further tuning to the spotting. Everyone has to make a choice and mine is not to fly blind. Agreed 100%
  2. That`s not what I`m after as some seem to put it. Limits of the current technology, on the other hand is blindness as seen in the pics there. Quid pro quo There we agree. Some sort of scaling depending on the resolution is needed.
  3. There it is, this is why I`ve been favoring alternate. Nothing more complicated idea behind it to make it super easy for me or seeing planes(bombers especially) easier and getting in the furballs as quickly as possible. But as long as there is no better solution to these two options, that`s how it is. No need to make it anything else because it is not. I respect the fact that not everyone share my view. That`s fine and good. It seems to be more or less fifty-fifty situation so I`m not the only one. Let`s just hope we get more adjustment to the visibility at some point. In the mean time, let`s try to enjoy the game with the options we have and respect each other.
  4. I would like to know, why do I have to explain myself and the limited time I have to fly, here to you? Just because my spotting preference is different from yours? Please PM me, I'll give you explanations if necessary
  5. Clearly I`m breathing so with that logic I´m an excellent level bomber 🤣 This forum is great, I don`t need to know what I can do and what not, people tell me that 🤣
  6. Wow, I`m sorry that I`ve told my opinion. I did not know it`s entitled to bomber pilots only. I bow to your expertise. Or maybe you should just accept that not all share your view instead of trying to discredit them. And your reseach sucks if you don`t find jabo missions for me. I don`t do level bombing because I suck in it.
  7. Nice! Good luck with the server 👍 I hope we get icon at some point to show which spotting is used. But in the meantime it would be nice if server admins would put it clearly to their server name.
  8. Looks like the vote is pretty much even. I think it was expected. Tough one for server admins.
  9. Now that Kota has changed to normal, Finnish VP seems to be the only server suited for us losers who can't cope the 'realism' of seeing nothing.
  10. Or you can fly on server that is using alternative spotting setting. Although it seems that the Finnish VP is pretty much only option atm. Others are testing normal settings.
  11. No, I could not. Think what ever you like 😂 People...
  12. WTF, do you understand that I`ve tested it myself before releasing? I KNOW WHAT HAS BEEN NOTICED BEFORE RELEASE.
  13. Okay, I´m done. I`m not going to repeat myself. Same as talking to a wall 😂
  14. Same reason why alternative came back. I`m a tester and people seem to think we are blind.
  15. You`re wrong. How on earth do you think that "plane amplification effect" could be missed in testing? It`s so obvious
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