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  1. By all means, give LaGG the 23mm. Or that I-185 for that matter if it calms you down ๐Ÿ˜‰ But every time reds aren`t on top of every category, the same thing happens here on the forums. I`ll grab my popcorn
  2. I love the smell of whining in the morning I have found out that there is a world wide conspiracy by devs and TAW admins among others to deny any chance of success for the brave brave( did I mention brave?) VVS pilots. And it will continue.. Just wait for the next patch, VVS planes will fall apart when Luftwaffe comes within 10 kilometers range.
  3. Quit acting like a baby and take a look:
  4. I don't know. Iirc there's ace, veteran, normal and rookie AI levels. WoL for example uses ace level, which is insane. I don't think TAW uses ace though. Normal level gunner is most realistic imo.
  5. I remember a lot more injustice mentioned (in general, not referring to you). But it's great if we are past that stage now and we can enjoy this as it is. A fun game and server, not to be taken too seriously though. Well played for the first maps.
  6. Red hasn't won first maps because they haven't been flying them. They've been focusing complaining how unfair the setup is. I just said what impression that TAW gave us in all simplicity about the useful tactics. People are flying the machines, true. In that case, maybe it's about people also when the blues win. Not the usual server bias ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. My squadron flew on the red side couple of TAWs ago. Not surprisingly, they won. When discussing about it with them, couple of things came up clearly. Here it is, winning recipe for the red side: 1. You have to actually fly instead of complaining about the server bias and stuff on the forums. 2. Fly the Pe-2 a lot. And a little more. You take it, bomb, shoot some planes down and come home. There you go
  8. Great, especially looking forward for disappearing planes fix and AI improvements ๐Ÿ‘
  9. Yeah, all that the Pokryskins have to do is their usual stick to the nuts turning on the deck and the Axis will dive themselves to death. Victory by pilot attrition
  10. On the others side the SS squad so it`s even But imo new G effects has been working great, it`s a great addition
  11. It has changed everything if you`ve visited the servers Btw, fatigue also affects people pulling Gs in low alt ๐Ÿ˜‰
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