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  1. LLv24_Zami

    Game running so smooth now

    I use v-sync to eliminate screen tearing and it does the job very well. Btw, in Nvidia control panel I have set Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1. It`s working much better on my setup than default setting. It might be worth to try anyone using Nvidia card.
  2. LLv24_Zami

    Game running so smooth now

    Why don't you use v-sync?
  3. LLv24_Zami

    Did the audio change?

    Check the Windows sound configuration. For earphones it should be stereo, otherwise sound balance is not right.
  4. LLv24_Zami

    Game running so smooth now

    Yes, if it works for you, thats good. But many people have resolved their problems with a simple reinstall, me included. So I strongly recommend it.
  5. LLv24_Zami

    Game running so smooth now

    Anyone with stutters, try to reinstall the game. It might help.
  6. LLv24_Zami

    3.10 stutters

    It is necessary from time to time. And not a big deal, it's only 10 gigabytes download.
  7. LLv24_Zami

    3.10 stutters

    Have you guys tried the basic stutter removal procedure, reinstall? Helped a lot of people. Edit: And if someone tries this, take copy of your input folder to save your control settings
  8. LLv24_Zami

    Some thoughts on 3.010 and career

    Nicely put, pretty much what I think of it at the moment. Campaign and AI has been steadily improving, I`ve had fun in the career mode many times.
  9. I disagree that it should always cut a plane half. Like the case in german 30mm. But they do that sometimes. See, that`s the subjective thing.
  10. Sometimes they die at one hit, it all depends. There are a million different situations. People just shoot few planes down and draw they`re conclusions.
  11. They are not surviving when I shoot them. It`s just unbelievable, you shoot couple of planes down and if they do not explode in nuclear detonation like it should in your mind, that`s it then. I just can laugh 🤣
  12. You guys are unbelievable. I don`t think the whining ever stops, no matter what is done 😂
  13. No, they are not. It depends where you hit. The visuals are not necessarily precise reference to the damage done.
  14. I agree. I shot down literally hundreds of planes during testing DM in this beta and got a pretty good perspective imo. I would not use the word balance, but believable. Weapons and damage they make to the different targets is pretty much what I would expect. Of course these planes and weapons flew over 70 years ago, so it`s a subjective matter. Hard to be absolutely sure about anything. I`m sure someone will find something strange happen at some point in some situation, which doesn`t fit his view of things. It happens, no matter how the DM is built, no big deal. But overall, things look pretty good to me in this department.
  15. What`s your hardware and how is the performance?