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  1. Looking forward to try Hurricane with all those weapon mods. Nice 👍
  2. First of all, cut the Nvidia CP stuff to minimum. Don`t use any antialiasing in there as SuperEtendard said above. Just adjust latency and if you must, leave the Negative LOD bias to the Clamp and Texture Quality to the max. If you don`t still see anything better than before, that`s strange.
  3. I`m not a real pilot but I would imagine that spotting planes vary in different conditions. It means the map and weather. It can`t be exactly the same all the time. It seems that for the most of the players it`s working pretty good. Enhanced setting is for 10km+ spotting. Below that it`s the same afaik. Edit: What`s your HW and settings?
  4. There are several testers who use VR.
  5. Probably because of the VR. I have 1080 GPU and I did not notice performance drop on 3440x1440 resolution.
  6. Current model is fine and I voted for it. But as others mentioned, negative G effects and change between positive and negative could use some improvement.
  7. Same here but the edited lines in startup.cfg remains. So I think it`s working. After a few test flights I will keep these settings for now. It seems to improve my spotting at a first glance. Thanks guys!
  8. Personally I don't have problems questimating radiator positions etc without technochat. I don't feel it's very hard to use planes properly without seeing exact percentages all the time after getting used to it. There are few minor issues, like engine selection in multiengine planes and hopefully those will be addressed by devs at some time. But fun addition overall and gives nice immersion boost.
  9. Were going for the Allies too. How about that 😄
  10. Cool new pilot model! Other stuff too, especially AI work is appreciated. And Hurricane, nice
  11. Generally I didn`t notice spotting difference between 4.006 and 4.007 on my system during beta testing. But I`m going to fly more the public version and see how it goes.
  12. Yes, but it`s not modeled currently in the game.
  13. Little clarification, when I said all pilots have the same tolerance expect the ones using planes with G-suit, I meant that the G-suit is the only one that gives the difference. There`s no German tech advantage in the game in my knowledge. And in my observation the only thing giving the difference is G-suit and German planes are not equipped with it. But feelings can differ and that`s fine
  14. Hi Tumu! All pilots have same G tolerance, expect for a few American planes. They have +1G for their G-suits. That is the information we have
  15. I've got no idea what on earth you are mumbling about... I've never said people shouldn't get VR. Or use it. And I've used it myself. I stated the fact that atm it's niche. Period. [edited] Same to you as above
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