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  1. LLv24_Zami

    Tactical Air War

    Agreed! 👍
  2. LLv24_Zami

    Audio settings is minimalist - advance needed

    Yes they are. But this is a game, people need to hear other sounds too without braking their ears. Anyone who has this problem, I recommend to take my advice.
  3. LLv24_Zami

    Audio settings is minimalist - advance needed

    If you have 5.1 surround selected for Windows sound configuration, change it to stereo from the control panel. This should help with too loud engine sound.
  4. LLv24_Zami

    Tactical Air War

    See? When the whining was at the peak point in last campaign, and normal yelling about the Ju-52 raged, it was shown that in that map running there were no para drops at all. If you have been here, I'm sure you remember. It did not stop the whining though.
  5. LLv24_Zami

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, previous campaign was won by the blues because there was much better co-operation. Now the reds are winning because of the same thing. Not that hard to understand exactly. But I'm sure someone will find screenshot to show that it's wrong
  6. LLv24_Zami

    Tactical Air War

    It's business as usual. Don't worry, you underestimate peoples imagination to complain.
  7. Excellent article as usual ShamrockOneFive👍 I check your page on regular basis. I have flown all previous BlackSix campaigns and going to have this one too. He knows his stuff
  8. LLv24_Zami

    This is becoming a very well polished sim- and fast

    Absolutely agree with you guys👍
  9. In my opinion, this tuned and more accurate DM is a big step forward 👍
  10. LLv24_Zami

    You really need to do something about extraterrestrial gunners

    Yes, the most important thing is the AI level set in mission. Mission designers should never ever use the ace level imo, it`s responsible for the impossible shots. Leave gunner AI to normal, and it`s all fine.
  11. LLv24_Zami

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    In general wings detach a bit too often imo in game, not just P-47.