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  1. we have been long beset with localization when recruiting new members, good news for chinese IL-2 players! don't worry, I think all of our group will be willing to help with localization into chinese.
  2. IL-2 supports VR beautifully, but the native 2x VR zoom is far from practical for identification. yes we have 3dmigoto now, but honestly speaking, it's not convienet or comfortable, . also some monitor players complaint that the 10x zoom 3dmigoto provided make this game unfair, bringing VR player advantage in SA. DCS supports VR telescope perfectly, I think it might be easy for developers to add this feature we long for
  3. quite a funny joke of this placement huh
  4. I can see no photo in cockpit of any models of fw190, why?I think there is still a little space for photo in bottom of dashboard
  5. yes, projection area of propeller from rear view is considerable, making it a easy target, if the propellers could be hit by bullets and then infulence the performance of aircraft, it will be much benefit to noob pilots like me
  6. When graphic settings are set 'low', I found the windshield of Fw 190A-8 become very dark and untransparent, not only from the cockpit view, it looks the same from the outside view, too. It seems this issue only ocurrs on Fw 190A-8.Hope it will be fixed soon and love you.
  7. thank you for response, I do appreciate Samsung MR very much. So according to the topic you posted, I should expect a native fps locked to 45 for my hardware is not capable of handling the native 90 fps of HMD, then the actual fps will be doubled to 90 by frame interpolation tech of HMD itself?
  8. I just runned the game at 1080P, balanced setting, no shadow or mirror, and no HUD on, which is already saitsfying for me. It achieved a steady fps between 125-144, in a quick mission of 4v4 dogfight on Moscow at 500m. Is this result a bit valuable?
  9. sorry I was searching for peformance test of my laptop just now. the exact laptop model is lenovo Y7000P , at least it is so called in China, I don't know what is its name overseas.the extrem thermal test shows that GTX 1060 can run at 1468-1518.5Mhz, full loaded, and CPU steadly run at 4-cores, 3.3GHz. I am quite unfamiliar with computer terms, I hope it will not be too hard for you to understand my descriptions.
  10. Hello every one, I run BOS on my lenovo laptop, it has a hardware of GTX1060 6G, i5-8300H and 2x8G RAM, many guys said that GTX1060 3G is enough for medium setting, but laptops always have weaker performance than desktops, so I wonder if my laptop is good enough for VR in low graphic settings. thank you for responses.
  11. Though the bulged canopy is typically fitted on F-8 and D-9, there're also many examples of A-8 equipped with it, a flat-canopy only A-8 is not historic and most importantly, not so cool, I think given this option A-8 will be more charming.
  12. so where did the author get the exact ammo capacity of tempest, did he metioned it ? 200 rounds is a very common value among books and web but i had never seen the original source. i once desired this book very much but it's too hard for me to get one
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