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  1. WOW Thank you so much Major_Hero BONP best wishes
  2. I have really enjoyed James Holland's work immensely. I just wanted to mention, whilst I have not yet read "Big Week" his "Fortress Malta" has been one of my favourite reads from this writer. An excellent composition. Just sharing
  3. I'd be in a hurri to buy..... I think.....
  4. How Good is that A5 to fly huh? There's just an annoying bar in the way, but it's so much fun! 8-P
  5. Congratulations winners And thank you Secret Santa. Very generous Merry Christmas all
  6. Yes please Fiiiiiiiiiivvvee goooooollldeeennnn riiiiinnnnnggggggggssss! Thank you Busdriver. Very generous
  7. New Guinea please......... And a B17 to take us to the Western theatre please
  8. I don't use target but I have no axes either. They are responsive in the key binds, but in and external to the aircraft, they do not move the control surfaces. ummmmm
  9. Getting the jug, and perhaps even a fortress or B24 could then push us into late Western Europe. Crossover. But I'd like to tour Italy first
  10. Come on People. Support this thread. Release 2020 This would be an excellent theatre, complimenting Midway and Okinawa, and a unique opportunity for all players. The turning of the tide for the Japanese in the Pacific. A20's Kittyhawk Beaufighter (PLEASE) C47 or Catalina P39 B25 P38 Boomerang (Collector) Ki61 Ki43 Ki45 Zero Betty
  11. These are indeed excellent excellent pedals. Had mine since late last year also. Best Buy for flying!
  12. Is there any chance we could chuck some floats on that Ju-52 as a modification in the options menu to the aircraft?
  13. Cool And all the special founder skins that were reserved for those that put faith in the initial launch and preordered right from the very beginning, as they were the first backers of the project.......then yes, yes we will all be equal, and we will have all contributed, and then we can eventually just do away with the tags because they won't mean anything anymore
  14. Pre-ordered both to support the ongoing push Let's all pull together
  15. Aichi Sclotum Best by far. That would be a supplies aircraft
  16. Now I understand why my ass was handed to me on a platter every time I joined multiplayer. I love an even playing field, as we all do. Fly with your own skills, abilities, and aircraft. It was the case IRL wasn't it Great news for all
  17. Great reiteration of the engagement. This sim gives you a great feeling whilst flying a mission
  18. I think this means up your butt cheeks (_*_)
  19. I fly the pe2 quite a bit myself and have noticed that when I'm attacked by fighters and many an occasion, I have found them to disconnect shortly after they have received damage. After a short time they are back in the air in a new aircraft. When I'm damaged, I fight to the bitter end. It's the state of play for some. I can't imagine the immersion experience is good for them, which gives Me satisfaction
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