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  1. Hi There, I don't know if it is possible, but if you could have the "Enable VR" option in the launcher it would be really nice. The reason : I play VR. But i watch replays and record screenshots/videos on flatscreen. At the moment... I need to launch IL2, disactivate VR and setup Ultra GFX in IL2, relaunch the game, do my recordings. Then if i fly, i need to do the same, inverted. I believe these settings are just recorded somewhere. So i believe it could make it users friendly for VR users to be able to swap the settings from launcher, like.... ahem... Warthunder (yeah yeah i admit i play that too). If that is not possible / too much work, could you point me toward the file where these settings are saved to I can do a good old modding script ? Thank you !!
  2. A name can be changed Although i'd love to play tanks in TAW setup.....to be honest it looks like server is always full so it would be hard fitting tanks without impacting slots for players. I guess one can dream about a second server for ground battle, linked to the same campaign? Side note - looking for a bomber squadron for next TAW
  3. So many accusations of chute killing.... It would be easy to just pop a replay video with the shooters name, instead of collectively calling a side "chute killing". I've see some people trying to chute kill from both side. that does not mean everyone does it. If you have a problem with it, just post the screens with the name and they'll live in infamy. Or just carry on and enjoy the game.
  4. What does it takes to close an airfield ? I'm unsure how to proceed. Any tips ?
  5. Hi there, I have something really annoying happening. Not a showstopper but nearly ! When i launch IL2, most of the time, loading freeze and i can't reach the main menu. The games load 400 to 402Mo exactly, and just freeze there. Today, it happened 6 time before i could launch the game. Is that a known issue ? Thanks !
  6. Maybe a bug with victory. Someone won a mission alone. http://72ag-ded.ru/en/mission/1866/
  7. Today in multiplayer, i had my right wing leaking fuel after receiving a 7.7 bullet. My left wing did not looked impacted with no visible impact or leak effect. After a few minute later, i noticed, both fuel tanks started to bleed fuel at the same ratio (and fast !). Both tanks ended depleted at the same very time. Obviously lost the plane because of that. Was that a bug, plane design, or fuel is managed ingame by a single value ? Greetings from France, Wolf/
  8. Not fan of this, but that was part of the war. Find the name so shame will taint his name.
  9. Klaus, actually it isn't a bad idea. ! Do fake reports near the objective you want to attack I'm sure some will fall for it and if you get asked questions, you can still say the enemy moved away Actually, lot of Russians and lot of Frenchs in the server. Unsure about russian, but being French, i can tell you not a lot of our population speak English !!
  10. We were busy killing someone else :D You don't want enemy to defend their objective, then you don't want them to intercept you ? What are supposed the fighter doing then ? :D More easy. Let's remove fighters from server.
  11. Must be a problem on german side. I'm not seeing the same thing in russian side. Top 10 live pilots features 8 bombers, including 6 Pe-2 and one IL2 pilots. I haven't been shotdown for my last 20ish Pe-2 combat missions - and I have very little experience and flight time in IL2. Not flying straight from airfield to target at 2/3K altitude helps a lot. Also, i'm wondering where the complain is coming from. According to your stat, you haven't been killed or captured for the whole campaign, and only lost a few of P-40 and i-16 Regarding fighters escort doing points... it will probably boils down to how to script that ! Maybe giving X points / minute spent over enemy territory would give them an incentive to escort bombers away from the father/motherland's safety. (and give more point to bomber going for more deep warehouses/HQ).
  12. Dang..... Server just crashed 15min before round's end and we had victory. :/
  13. Server and Website are down. Probably linked to new patch released a few minutes ago. Will it restart automatically ? I hope you'll add the new sturmovik into the campaign as the campaign progress forward in time. ***EDIT : Server is up thanks. site still down
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