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  1. Hello everyone, first let me say that i very much enjoyed playing TAW for the last week and want to say thank you to the community who participate and the creators of this beautiful server :), now let me share some thoughts. I have been playing flight sim for a couple of years now, i started by playing War thunder, first arcade, then some realistic, and once i tired sim i was hooked. But one of the reasons why WT sim is dying that the devs balance things too much. They had amazing events and enduring confrotnations with historic plane sets, and it was great, you fought in battles with and against planes that were accurate to that particulate time period or battle. And it was never balanced, because history wasn't balanced, but it was fun, you could immerse yourself in the world, actually try to roleplay as a pilot of the era, trying to fight against numerical and technological ods. But now all the matchups are battle rating based, they give every plane a rank based on statistical performance, sometimes nonsensical, and you end up fighting La 5FN with BF 109 E3, or AM5 zero vs P47. This isn't a game about balance. It's inherently imbalanced, and that's what makes it fun. Anyway, this mode, game, or any realistic WW2 game that's not hit point based will never be balanced, because all machines have their advantages and disadvantages, and playing with/against those is part of the fun. I only have the BoS pack and was flying only Ju87 or supply missions, but i felt like i am contributing to the campaign, i found my niche and tried to do the best i could to secure objectives or assist the team. To me capturing that feeling is way more important than having perfect balance. Besides what is the fun in playing for the winning team ? Also, how do night maps work ? i haven't seen a single one, but i assume they are present in the campaign? 😕 I would really like to do some night stealth ops.
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