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  1. I know it's common that players edit and save ammo loadouts only to find them gone next time they play. That's the 'Steam Cloud' checked option overwriting the user.ini file. It causes plenty of frustration for those who don't know. Otherwise I've changed fuel or bombloads in the Options-Plane menu before choosing an offline mission then selecting that plane. But it's not as easy as it could or should be. Daz
  2. So far as 'auto stabilizer' there's no system in Cliffs that's historically correct outside setting elevator/rudder trim to maintain flight attitude. However without aileron trim there is a tendency to roll. The Blenheim has an autopilot type system based off the compass than can be set to maintain a given heading or heading plus altitude. On long trips I've made tea, microwave heated food or made bathroom trips. Others go and smoke. I assume Axis bomber types have this function. Definitely useful for sore bums and not just level bombing. I'm talking of multiplayer but in singleplayer one can always let the AI take control for a while. Daz
  3. There definitely are players using W7 and W8.1 with Cliffs Blitz if you look in the forums. I haven't seen anything stating W10 is a must, other than W10 being 'officially supported' because it's current. I'm sure much smarter people than me can answer you better. Daz
  4. I can certainly understand the disappointment for those who choose the VR experience. I can only relate in that I'd not want to revert to hat-switch views after years with TrackIr. The added VR immersion must be brilliant and I've little doubt we'd all honestly prefer it given the choice. What I can't understand is pages of complaints, defiance and moaning. The lack of VR support should be no surprise to anyone after months, no years, of development with TF stating all along VR would NOT be initially included, giving definitive, valid reasons why not. Choose to buy it or don't buy it. That's the ultimate personal expression. Arguing in circles over a moot subject must be exhausting. Go flying and have fun. This is just a recreational game after all. Dazza
  5. You are correct that Cliffs was a huge let-down when we bought it in 2011. In fact I later threw mine away after not using it. Wasted money. I have no interest in the Russian Front so I chose not to buy all those other 1C titles you did. I kept my money. Years later I read about Team Fusion and I bought Cliffs again on Steam and added each update until finally the release of Blitz. I play it regularly online. Now you're going to get exactly what you're originally asking for. Everyone who has Cliff Blitz will get the 5.0 FREE patch with all the fixes, upgrades and new effects etc. This will be the Cliffs of Dover we all wanted years ago, only probably better. Finally fixed and updated, for free. However 'IF' you want the new content - N Africa map, over 40 new flyable aircraft, new ships / vehicles etc then you have to buy it. This is no different to any other game add-on. Team Fusion have kept Cliffs alive and deserve to be paid for their work. And being an official 1C release we will all have a better product to enjoy, and the prospects of a better future. Daz
  6. With threads as long as these it's easy to miss all the content. There are 2 parts to this release, so concerning the 1st part you are correct : 5.0 is a free patch to Cliffs Blitz owners that adds new effects, fixes and upgrades to various aspects of the game. 5.0 Tobruk requires purchase. It has all new content. North Africa map with over 40 new flyable aircraft types. New ships and vehicles etc. Players who only have Blitz, and those who have Blitz + Tobruk will all receive future updates, including a new weather engine and possible VR implementation. Hope this helps clear things up. Cheers Daz
  7. So every time Star Wars got released in a new format or boxed set it should be for free to anyone who bought any prior Star Wars movies ? Led Zeppelin CD's for free if you had the vinyl album ? It sounds like a great idea for the movie or music fan, but business just does not work that way. No-one is forced to buy anything. We all make our own choices. You've spent a lot of money on the IL2 series by choice, and I hope you've enjoyed it all as much as you will Tobruk - if you choose to buy it. Daz
  8. Considering that Cliffs was oficially incomplete and abandoned since release, and everything up to now has been done by Team Fusion volunteers for free it's a bargain. I hear you. but we've had a totally free ride for a long time and it's only fair. I'm out of work due to Covid, but I'll go without other things if needed to enjoy and support this. Daz
  9. Same here in Niagara. Waking up to this news and then getting a Lancaster flyby courtesy of Vera and the CWHM is as good, if not better than any other Canada Day for me. Daz
  10. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63127-tfs-50-tobruk-produkt/?do=findComment&comment=966053
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