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  1. The TS server is ts.aviaskins.com http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/info/
  2. Is Yak-1 ser. 69 on map #7 CM or CM+1? Could you clarify the disco change please? Will it affect the team or just the personal stats? E.g. a pilot destroys a tank column and then disconnects undamaged. Will the algorithm count the column as destroyed when process the mission results?
  3. See you this weekend. Go test your theory. Start with pixels.
  4. If you swap the current 2nd and 3rd class images, that would do the job: - Order of Glory 3rd class (5AK or 25GK) should be light silver. - Order of Glory 2nd class (20AK or 40GK) should be dark silver with gold inside. Thanks.
  5. I didn't insult you but if that's the way you roll - fair enough.
  6. The Axis side lost all fields. Nothing to do with tanks. The server and the stats are stable, excellent job =LG=.
  7. Define "no opposition" please. Or you're just demonstrating bad sportsmanship and finding excuses? What's the next step, shooting at parachutes or joining twb?
  8. Hello =LG=Kathon, Can you explain how the re-supply mechanics work? What happens if an 80% damaged field is re-supplied first and then hit by the enemy? For example: The field damage is 80% A transport lands on the field(-4%) The field is hit with a bomb(+5%) What is the total damage - 81% or 85%(if the supply mission doesn't count)?
  9. Hello =LG=Kathon, Thanks for your work and the interesting server. I’ve noticed that some awards are not 100% historically accurate. Please check the attached images (the left one is the server stats screenshot).
  10. Grab notepad and excel, go to il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008 and bob is your uncle.
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