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  1. On the latest 384.76 drivers I am able to play consistently with 35+ minute flights without a problem... Both online and offline. If that changes I'll amend this post. In the meantime, it seems like the problem has been solved with this latest drivers and/or patch. How is everyone else experiencing this D3D Error going?
  2. I tried these drivers and didn't have any luck... 1) they looked terrible and killed my FPS - even on lower settings. 2) they were unstable and basically incompatible with my system. going to try the latest 384.76 NVidia drivers but don't expect much success.
  3. I also have this problem. I am running a GTX780 as well. Have owned the game since the very beginning but didn't play the game for about the last 6 months. Never had a problem before but now I have this issue as well since updating the game and my NVidia drivers. Ill try the 350.12 drivers and see what happens. For me the issue can come after 3 minutes or after 40 minutes and anywhere in between. Quite frankly - this is crap, and given this is a small community and so many are affected, I'd like to see a little more input from the mods/developers or certainly, I shall not be wasting anymore of my time with this. Can anyone confirm that this ONLY affects 700 series NVidia cards??
  4. No, the new forums are at: http://jg27.discussioncommunity.com/ And the Teamspeak 3 Address is: jg27.typefrag.com:4040 I'd encourage any old members or old and new friends alike to register and post a hello. Feel free to hop on TS anytime and we can see who is around. Slowly rebuilding.
  5. Just wanted to say how much of a great time I had on this server. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. First off the TS server had plenty of people on it from all around the globe. US, Canada, Russia, South America and Oceania. The mission design is second to none from what I've seen. A real "campaign" feel to an online server - which caters for just about everyone I assume. By that I mean dogfighters, ground-pounders and even special interest groups with the Recon and also Resupply missions. And finally can I thank the members of The Wet Bandits themselves. 3 or 4 different people took time out of their day to help get me set up and working better. Great advice on graphics card, in-game terrain settings, sound settings and general aircraft handling. This server should serve as a beacon and example to others for what an immersive, interactive and friendly game server can do for the whole community. IF YOU HAVENT TRIED THIS SERVER - YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON. Thanks once again for all that you have done.
  6. Targ, Hopefully gonna see you online in TS in a few hours... And we can start the rebuilding process.
  7. Hey Simmo, Its been years mate. The old JG27 (mostly US/Canada) crew from Il-2 FB are gonna attempt to mount a comeback. But its gonna take some doing. Like you say - a lot of disappointment from Il-2 CLoD initial release and the death of 1946 has really scattered people. At the moment the closest to a flight sim community I can find is the group that frequents ATAG in CLoD TF 4.312. I'm not sure of the best approach moving forward yet either. Out website is even gone and no more forums etc, lol. Anyways, best of luck for the future mate and I really took some heart in knowing that you'd had a similar experience with your crew. As for the community you are right - the game needs to offer a little more (but not much and the early signs are good) and then we'll see numbers grow. Build it and they will come.
  8. Thanks Jackdaw and thanks to the support team. Problem solved with a full, fresh reinstall. Onwards and upwards! Thanks to All
  9. Hey can anyone please help me? After a series of bluescreen CTD's/Lock-ups I was asked to re-enter my login details after rebooting when I launched the game. I keep receiving the following message " Error #4: Wrong Email or Password ".... I've double-triple checked that its the right password/email and can't understand what's happening. Is this a known issue? Do I need a complete reinstall? Has anyone else heard of this problem? All suggestions appreciated - feeling very frustrated with the game as it was running well before this issue. Regards Stacko
  10. Still alive... Had IL-BoS since the very start but haven't played much... There are still some JV44 members around too that are active. Gonna get back into it.... JG27 might of taken some licks but WE are still the original squadron.
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