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  1. Thank you for your time . that is not the problem. Duke Thank you for your time, that did the trick! You DA man.
  2. Somehow My keyboard fell and I caught it but pushed some keys. I was flying the Hurricane . Now It will not center, it's like i am sitting on the wing and can't get back in cockpit. It is just the Hurricane.HELP
  3. Enjoy this so much! Thanks! making many new friends on comms!
  4. Maybe the parachutists the use of the 45 or Lugar maybe they will think twice? Lucky shot maybe?
  5. When I first started this game I started with WoL with the direction icon. I would not go on CB because of no icon. I finally tried it and now I love to Navagate for myself. I am sure TAW will do the same for me with no techno chat. Thanks TAW for stepping the game up a notch!! I just lost an A20 because I wasn't watching my RPMs after takeoff DUH! Lesson learned!
  6. I notice when I hit a German Panzar camp when I pull away the lighter objects disappear but dark objects remain. I bought a new grafics card my old one was a GTX 1660ti and my new card is a RTX2070 super so I am still trying to figure out things. Thank you for any help. THERION has always been a help to me .
  7. Me also plus what to do with disappearing ground objects. Sorry to slide in on your post Therion, forgive me.
  8. Can't wait to use it. Thank you! Really Thanks for all you guys do!
  9. Talking I guess about first shooter? Just wondering. WaW
  10. Compared to other games like Call of Duty, where does IL2 compare on taxing your system? Just a thought.
  11. Not having issues with frame rate, depending on server. I go as high as 170FPS on some servers. Problem is jagged edges and what not. getting ready to retire so looking for in the future also.
  12. Looking into getting RTX 2060 Super is it worth it. I only play IL2 my monitor is 1080p also.
  13. Thanks, was that added in last update? I didn't have trouble till yesterday.
  14. When I try to sign on it says I have 3rd party mod? I do not have any mods. everything I buy is from IL2. What is the deal?
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