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  1. What I am talking about is that I notice that at certain times i.e. combat and landings I see the use of pitch trim. I know about when in flight , slow climb of level out. just trying to learn for better experience. Thank you so much.
  2. Can someone direct me to where I can get help on shimmering. I have a 1660 Ti card. I am still using ReShade, but at less settings. If I am correct the new patch installs a new engine? When I watch U Tube Vids i.e. I fly and Sheriff I do not see any shimmering. Thank you
  3. when I hear the rear gunner start shooting I kick the rudder to left and right to get the tail out of gunners way, works pretty well
  4. I am confused, I do bombing missions by myself. I don't shoot friendlies, I don't you foul language why then? also I bomb dugouts and don't score? what is up?
  5. OMG! Now you know how bad I am! But you have explained it perfectly! I just need to get better! And I did Donate, will that help?LOL!
  6. Confused: Why every time I get in a Mark V it says I can't? Even when I first started TAW?
  7. Well I bit the bullet (not from a 109 thank heavens) and bought a LG 34" curved screen. It is a 1080P and overclocks 166. My FPS went from 60 with my TV to as high as 146 on this screen. I want to cry! I still need to get used to smaller cockpit but the beauty is well worth it. Spotting is better too! I watch a video on this monitor and the guy assumed it was 1440 and was heartbroken it was not.But at the end came to the conclusion that 1080 is better for gaming. His opinion, but if he has McDonalds advertising on his site I will believe him.https://youtu.be/1cKX9S7o5tg. Hope this is okay putting this link up. Again Thank you all for your replies it is much appreciated, really!
  8. Does IL 2 support 21 9 if this is the right question?
  9. Need your help: I have a 1660ti card, can I buy any curved screen? What specs would I have to watch for? Thanks Duke
  10. Thanks to all of you guys for your input. I believe I am going curved with your recommendations! The TV isn't doing it for me any more. OMG! I believe you about VR! But my wife thinks I am goofy enough with headphones and Trac IR. If I sit there and look like DEVO she will divorce me! Hmmm, on 2nd thought....
  11. My Father along with other Poles made their way to help the French, this is a French Air Force ID card. When the French gave up they handed over the Poles and they ended up as POWS in Syria. When the British came through they liberated the Poles and my father joined the RAF. He recovered electrical wiring and components from down air craft. He came to America in1953.
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