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  1. I don't know when this video was made but that was not me. I always fly IL2 #21 and i do not ram. I do lawn dart but not to intentionally ram. But I do agree, ramming intentionally is for the weak
  2. You guys are totally insane and I thank you for that! Just when I thought this game could not get better BAM! It just got better!
  3. Not a complaint really, but somehow I have been snagged for teamkill and ejected from game. I try very hard to ID planes( going as far as flying under plane to ID) before I pull trigger resulting sometimes in losing a good shot and or losing fight. But this time I was booted from game for being a rear gunner? I realize that i hit the tail in pursuit of charging foe on our 6 but... Realize how hard it is to program this awesome game but is there a reset?
  4. Will the Shermans have the hedgerow cutters as an option?
  5. why do I show died on my tank stats when I never was even hit? it has happened a few times. Just letting you know.
  6. Was on mission last evening in a T34 with some buddies. Was a LONG mission to a Train Station. Destroyed Station racked up 320 points . My stat's this morning said I was killed and tank destroyed. I turned tank off and finished mission at end of mission, what did I do wrong?
  7. Thanks for your hard work guys really.
  8. Anything out there as far as 3rd party software etc....
  9. Mine starts shaking violently sometimes when flying, have to keep going back to settings do small adjustment here and their. any ideas? I realize shaking is part of it but not to this degree. who is the FFB2 Guru for IL2?
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