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  1. Hello-- I downloaded Wine and Winebottler and successfully setup a prefix for BOS but when trying to run it says Invalid string UUID then program error and stops. BOS is not in the Wine Application data base. All of us Mac folks could use any special instructions that would help us get Wine to run BOS since a few people have been able to do it successfully. I don't see any help on the Wine websites other then were to download the apps. Thanks
  2. I'm a newbee to BOS and am trying to map axis and buttons of my G940. Can't seem to map G940 throttle to game. I push the throttle back and forth and control mapping doesn't recognize the movement. Pitch, roll and rudder all work OK from the joystick and rudder pedal modules. Windows 10 seems to recognize the 940 OK, just nothing from the Throttle module in BOS. Anyone that can help that uses the Logitech G940 will be greatly appreichiated. I have tried plugging and unplugging the throttle module several times but no help. The P1-P8 lights come on when the game starts indicating the throttle unit is connected.
  3. Hello-- Have downloaded BOS but can't get it to do anything after hitting PLAY. The launcher quits to a black screen without any specific reason given. I run as administrater and have unchecked the read only properties in the app folders. Not sure what the reference is to having ports 80 and 443 open or how to check. Any help is great, would really like to start flying. Thanks, Ken
  4. I purchased Battle of Stalingrad when development was announced about a year ago at $48, $10 less then when final general sales would be announced. I have not gotten an EMail or instruction of how or were I can download the game from 1C, 777 studios. Steam simple allows purchase at $59. Any ideas how I download the game or contact someone who can tell me? Thanks, Ken Todack
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