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  1. shit* excuse me. Ok how about this, if i buy premium now, (also having standard Key activated to my name BigPickle) can i give my standard key to my brother to use instead? Or would I have to make a new account to fly with etc.
  2. anyone? anyone mods help me with this please.
  3. Hi all, This morning I requested an upgrade from Standard to Premium as per this quote on the FAQ thread. I've not heard anything back, was there something else I had to do?
  4. I'm silver so I have to wait a while, I havent seen any posts about it or videos on you tube so I'm dying to know what its like
  5. A hot Christmas would feel odd to us poms. Its not Christmas here unless the rain is driving sideways
  6. As happy as I am for you guys being so close to your alpha, my misunderstanding of winters start leaves me gutted at being so far from my alpha
  7. Ok its still Autumn, winter solstice marks the start in the northen hemisphere according after some reading Silver founder is unlocked in Dec then right? Not next week
  8. but its November, its not winter?! Anyhow so my silver dont allow me to play for another month and a half?
  9. Hi Osprey I joined a while back in CLOD but just couldnt stand the game, I see that the guys will be flying this one too, I hope there's still space for me, just pre-ordered!
  10. So this is the winter early access, i thought i saw autumn early access too. Did that not happen?
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