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  1. This. I did same since day one and updating is flawless thru steam. I wish DCS was the same.
  2. Yes, steam will auto update, you should see it in downloads.
  3. With the very high resolution of the reverb within that sweet spot, is the resolution in the area of the drop off still relatively good due to that initial very hi-res starting point. Coming from the CV1, I have always used head movement to look around due to the resolution/fov limitations. It's second nature at this stage.
  4. Just had an email reply from de rekenwinkle stating my order is on the way and that they are only selling the new revised unit. Thanks Chilly for the info.
  5. Thanks, just MRTV got me thinking with his mid September date for the new batch. I'll likely follow through with the order when they get back to me with their return policy etc.
  6. Yeah, but was that just an interim fix, and were there other component issues as mentioned. I've dropped the store an email to check what batch they have, and what's their return policy just in case. Just before I finally complete the order as they are looking for the VAT payment on the order, which was not initially charged.
  7. Chili, how would you compare the Index fov\visuals\optics\sweet spot to the Reverb. If you had to keep one hmd, which would you pick. Also can you say that the Reverb you received from https://www.derekenwinkel.nl is from the new batch from HP. MRTV has a video saying HP will have the new fixed batch in Europe from mid September. I just waiting to complete my order with the above store and thinking I may be best to wait to make sure I get a revised unit.
  8. Bit the bullet and just purchased the reverb from derekenwinkel.nl, likely have it early next week. I'll just have to try it for myself.
  9. You say smaller display, do you mean fov. I thought the reverb's fov was larger. Also how does it compare to the rift s for the sweet spot. Also is your IPD in the optimum range.
  10. In fairness the rift s is at a price where you can argue from the point of the need of compromise in design and quality. The Index is advertised as a premium product with a very premium price to match. Let's not lose objectivity and critical thought in our rush to hand over our hard earned cash for the quick fix of a new expensive toy. As for those that have taken the plunge and given feedback on the products in question. I, and am sure many more, are thankful for your and their efforts to relay the pros and cons of same. In the end as buyers we reserve the right to be sceptical and cautious in relation such big purchases. Due diligence is always a wise approach. Act in haste, repent at leisure, etc,etc.
  11. Has anyone experience of this outlet, https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/. They currently have the reverb for sale and ship across the EU.
  12. No, I haven't. But I'm going on the numerous user reviews, and to be honest, for 1100 euro you should not have to be dealing with flaws in the controllers, vertical lines in the panels, and god rays as bad or worse than the rift. Now I'm open to correction on such matters as I would really like to buy a high quality hmd and have no issue in paying top price. It's just I expect a flaw free device for my hard earned euros.
  13. Yes, the Cosmos. Again not much over the rift s, but a big jump in price. The Index seems a bit of a shambles with god rays and other issues at nearly 1100 euro. Have Valve lost the plot to not check such things during the dev process, when such having came to light previously in gen 1 hmd's. The hi res of the Reverb has me very tempted, but I really do not want to buy 2 hmd's.
  14. Sometimes I sway to the rift s as the least risky option, price and optics wise, and a possible stopgap. Plus I have some games from the oculus store, but again it's another compromise and a bit overpriced. Will Samsung release a new hi res hmd before the end of the year, if anyone could produce the goods they could with their panel expertise. It's a bit of a quagmire to make a decision in, only to have to make another purchase in 6 months time again.
  15. I'm in the same boat, I would have gladly paid a premium for the Index with 2160x2160 res. Instead it's a bloody compromise. Add to that problems with the Index controllers and vertical lines on the panels, it really can't justify the premium price. The lack of an IPD on the Reverb gives me pause as mine is ~68, and I'm reticent about the size of the sweet spot. In the meantime, I'm becoming increasingly underwhelmed with my CV1's poor resolution and spotting. I'm running a 2080 and need to upgrade the hmd and I'm getting a tad peeved at the thought of paying a good price for a compromise. Decisions, decisions, money is not the issue, just a hmd that delivers.
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