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  1. Wulfen

    DCS news

    F-14 demo now,
  2. Wulfen

    DCS news

    As you say all modules are not made equal, but as a package the WW2 side of DCS needs more development. Consequentially the WW2 modules are a stretch I feel at full value. Further development may change that. In truth, the urge to purchase of a lot of the DCS modules is best tempered till there is a sale. I paid full price for the F-18 and I feel as a module it will deliver on that price due to it`s capabilities. I also pre-purchased the F-14 on the experience of the quality of the Viggen and the promised capabilities of the package. But in the end it`s up to people`s own mind to judge it on it`s merits and their ability to wait for a sale.
  3. Wulfen

    oxygen masks and goggles on and off - How?

    The automatic aspect is fine by me, but I`d at least like to see the animation of the pilot removing or putting on the mask. As is, it`s just on his mouth one second than gone the next, I hope they rectify that when they get the chance. The models themselves are excellent.
  4. Wulfen

    Tank Controls Request

    This, which kind of defeats the purpose. Map you tank keys only to interfere with your planes key bindings, that`s a tad poor implementation and I hope the dev`s address it soon. Again, implement what has proved to be best practice. This needs to be done and surely cannot be that difficult a task, we are not reinventing the wheel here.
  5. Purchased, thanks. The order went through quickly and without issue via PayPal.
  6. Wulfen

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    Didn`t know about the F10 key trick. I was always moving around to get the best spot in the German birds, thanks.
  7. Great additions, I`m very interested in these "huge" new features to the engine. I wonder is ASW 2.0 in the wings for us rift users, always chasing the fps or ways of improving the experience.
  8. Wulfen

    DCS news

    I have the Vaicom Pro software, bought it the other day but I haven`t looked at it to figure it out yet. I have VoiceAttack for years as I used to use it in Elite. I have to look at some youtube tutorials on the setting up of Vaicom. I bought it with the chatter bundle for 9 euro`s, so it`s harmless enough spend. I just went ahead and pre-ordered the F-14 tonight (due to Heatblur`s excellent previous work) which was a decent outlay, but that will end my DCS spending for quiet awhile. I hope it`s here before Christmas. I agree on IL2, it really delivers a lot for the price, and the dev`s are excellent. They constantly deliver high quality work to a rigorous schedule. I think DCS could learn a lot from IL2. Both are good in VR and at times I find it hard to say which one is better, I think IL2 seems to have the edge. Agreed, the WW2 modules are never worth their full price. The thing is DCS has a lot of potential, but they lack focus on what should be the basics such as career mode. Spend some dev time and get the basics right then build upon that. For those that use VR for DCS, this link provides a great little mod that causes the dot labels to fade out completely as you close the distance to your target, so no more annoying obstructions on aerial and ground attacks. It work very well, https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=224708.
  9. Wulfen

    DCS news

    Landing in the Spitfire, not yet. I`d have to make it back to the airfield first, but I`ve only had a few runs. Taking off is a bit tricky as she`s inclined to be skittish. Yes, DCS for me is mostly for the modern jets and the interaction with the tech wizardly of same. I have to say the MiG-15 and Sabre are really nice aircraft when you want something just to rip around in w/o all the buttons and wizardly. I`d buy a Korea BoX if IL2 developed it, maybe with the Me 262 and jet flight physics been added to the game, it may become a reality after a pacific campaign. IL2 is still that bit better on the WW2 front, aircraft are a bit more polished and pleasing to to eye, although the more recent DCS spitfire is close. The damage model in DCS is nowhere near the quality of IL2, DCS have to get the finger out there, and of course DCS need a career mode. Again optimization is what is badly needed for both, for VR nuts such as myself. I have no problem with DCS and IL2 swimming in the same pool, and it`s a good thing to have two very good flight sim games to support while quality content is been delivered.
  10. Wulfen

    DCS news

    I really like the Harrier and it`s now a firm favourite. Extremely versatile, easy enough to get a good handle on it`s abilities but I think would be a good challenge to master. Lasing targets and dropping multiple GBU 16`s from >20,000 ft, followed by a satisfying splash is always a treat. Definitely a steal at 50% off and I believe there is more to come from Razbam in relation to the development of the module. I now must put some time into the Mirage to get a handle on it`s systems, it`s a beautiful aircraft and extremely stable. On the WW2 birds. I did a few missions in the Spitfire, not too successfully I must say, but enjoyable. I found the flight model a good deal more skittish than the IL2 version, which is rock solid. On the flight mechanics and clickable cockpit experience, I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of it. A case in point being while travelling at speed with my three fellow wingmen to try and catch the main wing of approximately 12 or more spitfires heading for the French coastline. I, in my eagerness to maximise my closing speed hit the supercharger, but of course I was at too low an altitude. Within about 30 seconds the engine started to splutter and rapidly lose power. I suddenly had an image of a watery end and frantically looked around the cockpit clicking switches, adjusting mixture, engine rpm etc., all the time losing speed and altitude. In the right corner of my eye I then saw the low fuel pressure light beaming ominously. Then it flashed into my brain about the startup sequence and the need to build up fuel pressure by the pumping of the black lever at my right shoulder. At this stage the engine had died, so I began furious rapid movement on said level after which the light went out, I then hit the starter again while flapping about with the mixture and throttle whereupon the engine fired back into life. Immediately it was put to full power to recover from the dive with about a 1,000 ft to spare. This aspect of split second problem solving, technical and situational awareness was not something I was expecting as part of my endeavors, but it made the experience all the more realistic and thoroughly enjoyable, with a great sense of accomplishment that a crap rookie such as myself, managed to pull his head out of the vice in which, I had so neatly placed it. It also gave the aircraft a life on it`s own, with a warning that if you fluted about, mistreated, or made the wrong decision in it`s operation it would ask for your life in return. Of course when I did catch up to main bunch and entered the fray, all my previous heroics went down in flames in short order, as our group merged with about 16 Dora`s high above the estuary. The episode has left me with a new found appreciation of the system depth of the aircraft and the pilot interactions that flow from that. In another very positive note, I have found that having at least 20 or more aircraft dicing with death high above the French coastline has little to no effect on the fps, which was hitting the 90fps for me on high settings, 1.4 PD, 4x MSAA and the shaders mod (RTX 2080). In an earlier run against eight B17`s in my K-4 and later MiG-15, high above the channel I had a near steady 90fps. There was little to no impact on fps. Such AI aircraft numbers in IL2 would cause a massive drop in fps, something to think about. My view is, well worth the sale price.
  11. Wulfen

    DCS news

    Well I relented before the sale ended and bought the four WW2 warbirds and the available campaigns. At just over 20 euro a piece and less for the mustang, they represent good bang for buck. At a quick look the Dora and the Spitfire`s cockpits look very nice, the K-4`s looks a bit more drab, but I really like the 109`s in IL2. The Mustang is receiving an update in the near future which it sorely needs, so we can look forward to that. It will be interesting comparing the flight characteristics between their twin in IL2. Accordingly it will be beans on toast till the new year, and likely a big chicken instead of the turkey for Christmas
  12. Wulfen

    DCS news

    I have the MiG-15 and the Sabre and they are a great experience to fly, I`ll be doing a bit of time paradox and blowing B-17`s etc. into small pieces. I have IL2 for the WW2 warbirds, maybe the next sale. I`ve already nearly cleaned the DCS store out in the last week or so. The only modules I don`t have now are the WW2 birds, Hawk (now discontinued) the L-39, C-101, Yak, combined arms and the navigation addon. My fist purchase was the Viggen a few months back in a flash sale (66% off), then the F-18 & PG terrain and heli bundle shortly after.
  13. Wulfen

    DCS news

    I picked it up last night with the assets bundle, it will give more options for missions etc. I`ll leave the WW2 birds alone for the moment, I have IL2 for that itch. Performance wise it`s taxing on high setting even with the 2080, but`s that VR, always chasing the dragon with the need of more fps and optimization. No it seems fine for me.
  14. I can`t answer that, but all I can say it`s a hell of a lot smoother and more streamlined that what I had before with fluting between oculus and steam vr. It just seems to be quicker in the game starting and less hassle, consequently I would be surprised to find it not better on resources. Try it out and see, it`s a quick install and easy to remove. Also the oculus hack is a lot less taxing on the system/gpu as well, it`s like getting rid of bloatware. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/8uf1sm/oculushomeless_use_dash_without_home_20/
  15. I have been using it the last few days, it definitely streamlines the process reducing overheads, so it`s a plus on that front. There is also a fix on the oculus reddit to reduce home 2.0 to bare minimum and black screen, reduces my GPU load to less to ~10% when oculus is fired up.