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  1. Wulfen

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    Excellent work, and very appreciated.
  2. It`s just a case of waiting I think, 2019 will give us a better idea of how the market is. Vive have a new eye tracking headset and we`ll see what becomes of that. I`d be happy with the quality of the rift, wired, 4k res, and a better FOV for ~450/500 euro mark. Cheaper if we could use the existing outside tracking and our current sensors/touch. Eye tracking and foveated rendering would be a big bonus and worth extra. Vive pro is way overpriced for what it is imo.
  3. Wulfen

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    I can imagine the T-34 crew losses on the Eastern Front were terrible. It was a meat grinder where tens of millions of people and machines were relentlessly fed. It was total war on a scale that far exceeded that in the west.
  4. Again as a rift user, no complaints here. OK one of the earphone packed in, but I use wireless headphones, so it`s a non issue. I`m going to wait for the CV2, at least for this year. Pimax I feel, are not worth the money, lots of stories of shoddy and poor/broken headsets. Those lads will only be a flash in the pan and will disappear once the big boys bring on the next gen hmd`s.
  5. The RTX 2060 seems to give a lot of bang for the buck, and it`s future proof with DLSS etc. I`m running a 2080 myself, but for 1080/1140 gaming go for the 2060.
  6. Wulfen

    Who lives in London, England???

    You can also include the submarine and the guided torpedo et al. My personal favourite is Tayto crisps.😉 https://www.thinkbusiness.ie/articles/10-world-changing-irish-inventions/
  7. Wulfen

    Who lives in London, England???

    Distillation was likely picked up by Irish monks that traveled to the region around the Mediterranean, and Egypt. There it was used to produce perfume, the Irish likely put it to a much better use. There were many connections with early Irish Celtic Christianity and the Coptic church in Egypt. The Irish Monks followed the teachings of the Desert Father`s, but unlike the Coptic`s who exiled themselves in the desert, the Irish had only the desert of the sea and exiled themselves to places like Skellig Michael for a life of quiet compilation. Evidence of that connection can be seen in an eight century vellum manuscript that was found almost intact in a bog in Tipperary. Now known as the Faddan More Psalter, it`s on display in the National Museum of Ireland. Papyrus originating from Egypt was found in the binding of the book. The Atlantic fringe was a highway in the past for goods, commerce, culture etc., well known and well used by the Irish who traveled around it and into the Mediterranean. Ireland has a long history with the Mediterranean, and the connection to northern Spain being quiet strong. The Milesians, the Irish Gael`s in the Leabhar Gabhála (Irish Book of Invasions) originate from Galicia, which is still a celtic part of Spain today with it`s own language, similar music etc. Genetically the Irish are closest to the Basques and Galicians of the northern Iberian peninsula. Ireland was likely settled as the last glaciation retreated, from part of that remnant population that survived in a pocket in or around the northern part of Spain during that glacial period. Genetic markers from Irish fauna are Spanish in origin, the Irish Badger has a Spanish origin while the British variety does not, This Spanish connection is replicated widely in many other species. http://www.seandalaiocht.com/blog1/papyrus-fragments-found-with-ancient-irish-bog-book There are Irish peat whiskey`s as well, as we have no shortage of it in Ireland http://www.kilbeggandistillingcompany.com/our-brands/connemara. But Irish whiskey is generally more refined by being triple distilled, developing a smoother whiskey. Irish whiskey was the biggest selling whiskey in the world by far pre 1920. The War of Independence and the following economic war with Britain saw a lot of the distilleries close and opened the door to the Scottish variety. I`ve no doubt that Irish Whiskey will have a good run at knocking the Scots of their perch. It`s already growing leaps and bounds with a a lot of new distilleries going into operation.
  8. Wulfen

    DCS news

    If you have the full fidelity modules already, then I see no reason to buy it. So the point is a bit moot.
  9. Wulfen

    DCS news

    I agree, the full fidelity models are more straight forward to navigate due to the clickability of their cockpits. Once you know your aircraft's layout, then it`s a non issue. Saying that, MAC is for new entrants to the franchise and is welcome, giving people the option to choose what suits them best.
  10. Wulfen

    Who lives in London, England???

    Of course the Irish were the first to produce whiskey (with an e), one of our best creations. Whiskey is the anglicised mangling of the original name in Irish, or as we say here "'as gaeilge", Uisce beatha. ''Uisce'' (pronounced as ishka) in Irish means water, and ''beatha'' means life. So the word for whiskey in Irish means the water of life, I think that tells you all you need to know. Redbreast is a premium Irish whiskey, but pricey. Sláinte https://www.redbreastwhiskey.com/en-en/meet-the-family Of course if you want the real hard stuff here, you can get poitín, which is the granddaddy of them all. Distilled illegally for centuries, you can still get it on the quiet. There have been a number of Irish distillers who have obtained a licence to produce it in the last few years, but there is still old lads doing it on the side. As well as it`s renowned potency for drinking, it`s also used as a muscle rub by people, both for themselves and often given to race horses and coursing/greyhounds. Serious stuff and up to 90% proof, if doesn`t kill you, it`ll cure you.
  11. A "Rift S'', possibly with better resolution. Not a major upgrade but who knows. There is a lot of speculation atm, and oculus are tight lipped on the issue. It all depends on the price and what`s on offer. I can`t fault the rift, even though the right earphone packed in after 18 months. I use wireless headphones, and the rift itself is still going strong. If it was 4k I`d be quiet happy, an increased FOV would be icing on the cake. I think there is more longevity in the i7`s. I have my 4790k OCèd to 4.6ghz and now it`s going into it`s fifth year. I`ll get another few years yet out of it. If needs be I`ll increase the voltage and push for 5ghz went it becomes disposable and I have a good replacement in the wings.
  12. Wulfen

    Sturmovic wont start

    Is it a steam install, and you don`t want to play in VR but on a monitor, correct?
  13. Wulfen

    DCS news

    Are they missions/campaign? I have all the campaigns, just haven`t done the MI-8 ones yet. Too busy messing with the mission creator myself.
  14. Wulfen

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    True, but what a machine for the time.
  15. Wulfen

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    Actually I had previously watched (I am a subscriber to his channel) that from my fellow Irishman and had forgotten about it. Still my vote goes to the Tiger.