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  1. Good job guys! Jason pls Can we please get another collector's plane P47(?) with bubbletop 1944/1945 Version which has better performance for fight ?
  2. Art + BoN Thank you for your generosity!
  3. Hello Jason. Thank you for your work. Why did not you change plane set for BoN like are 109 G6 late and A6? We don't need these planes G6 late is G14 .. it would be better to invest your time in other aircraft :)And Why is not Flying Circus - Volume I separate game?! I think this is big problém because you need Bos and this game and prise is rly high.
  4. Your post does not confirm anything too. Why? 1. Becaouse many pilots in 1944 has bad skills. 2. There where so many Fw 190 variants that they could not fight like Fw 190 A or D. For example Fw 190 sturmbock. This 190 was so heavy that it was better to jump out of the plane then fight. 3. Many pilots from Ju 87 were trained on the Fw 190 and they had no combat experience. Etc.
  5. This is purely a questionnaire intended to outline your opinion on BoN. It can help to modify or maintain existing decisions. Since we already have a lot of "useless 109" such as F2 or G4 and now G6 (late) which is like G14 .. I would prefer to spend valuable time on other aircraft that will be in the power of developers. I'd like to support developers in BoN but im not happy about plane set. With the help of this questionnaire we can more easily outline the situation. If the questionnaire is successful I will do more about what we would see next. For me it's still West / East 1945 😎 It is only about a non-binding questionnaire that is not intended to question development work, but is likely to help them to make better decisions or to confirm. First question There is nothing to address about the first question. Second question. For the second question i am ok with Spitfer and Ju 88 C should be like modification but let's see what the biggest opinion is .. Third question. I tried to choose an adequate replacement not just for BoN. I know about B17, B24, or Avro Lancaster but this is what the developers know and have not been intentionally added. Thank you for your time. S Edit: I changed the first question because it was a little confused. I have added an important point "none" to the second question. Thanks for message it is my first "dead" pool.
  6. If you have Bon you will have BoBp ... so we dont need another same model G6 .. mybe they can do modification for G6 but it will be better for us another plane which we dont have like Uhu 219 😄 (wet dream) and this same i feel about A6 .. better for us A9. I much doubt that there will be someone who will own only BoN
  7. If I understand it well D22 was the best D version about speed and D25 was first D version with bubbletop ? It was same like D22 but with bubbletop and was better then our D-28? Can we get best bubbletop version too? 😍 Like M verison or better D verison O:)
  8. Hello Jason how i every time say we appreciate your efforts and work and may thanks for that! Can you pls tell us where is problem? Do you miss a programmer? ok this is problem. But if you need send some data about planes or need some photos which the community can get there is no problem and we can help you for creater more quality aircraft. Just pls tell us where is problem to creater another planes like Ju 188 the community can resources some data if you need. German archives are accessible to everyone. Or what am i missing?
  9. G6 late is very very similar with G14 ...so for me we dont need this plane.
  10. We dont need now PTO. We need finish wester front 1945 about Battle of Berlin and then we can go on pacific. Is a problem to get data on Japanese aircraft.
  11. Hello Jason, first of all I would like to thank you for your work. But I have question. Do we need another G6 ? It will be better G14 becouse late G6 was like G14. It is same plane but with modifications and this i feel same about A6 better will be A9 for us. And same V1 rly we need V1? unnecessary work .. Better for us AI B17 or another axis AI plane... I understand how difficult your work is. But please don't be afraid to ask the community for help. We will be happy to help you because we want this simulator to flourished.
  12. Hello Han thank you guys for your great work and I am glad you are still working on the old planes. Can I ask for something? Do you plan better visibility or rendering in the future? I mean rendering of an airplane against the ground? I have 3440x1440 and 2080 TI and on full settings with sharpen are aircraft poorly rendered i mean recognizable. Thank you for you answer
  13. Oh, please no Pacific :( just finish year 1945 is my wishful thinking. I would like to see Ta 152 H1 vs P47 M, B17, He 219 vs Mosquito and more 🙏
  14. Yes I agree with you guys. Maybe I make a mistake. I mean engine thrust. I have feel when you lost speed you have big problem and long time to get new one. Our D28 has Hamilton Standard propeller, right? Maybe is about octane fuel i dont know but i am rly disappoint about this plane and his engine power to get speed. This disagree about what i read or i have bad information :D
  15. It is just my person opinion but its look like we have in game P 47 B or C...This plane is soooo lazy and has problem to get speed but should not be because better propeller. Our P47 D has same problem like Fw 190 had before. I think this plane need more love. Yeah i know about do not take full fuel etc... so what do you think guys? and just look on youtube where P 47D fly in real live.
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