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  1. В 07.04.2019 в 18:47, LUZITANO сказал:

    Mr. Larik... We have a rotation of one map at a time, is that it?
    Moscow, Stalingrad, Velikie Luki and Kuban right? I realize that the rotation is like this, but now we have the new map of Prokhorovka and the Bodenplatte will come ... I have some questions. Will Bodenplatte get a fixed place in the rotation as the 5th map in sequence? Will Prokhorovka be in the rotation sequence or will it just be occasional?

    Prokhorovka 1 map. Until.

    В 06.04.2019 в 23:31, MeoW.Scharfi сказал:

    Is VitebskOperation44msum taken out of the rotation? I am waiting for the map and it doesn't show up IN THE PAST 120 maps!

    excuse me, my mistake, fix it

    В 08.04.2019 в 19:33, E69_Qpassa_VR сказал:
    BattleCaucasus42ksum La5 and P39 vs F4. Pretty absurd

    I will check it

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  2. В 25.03.2019 в 02:03, MeoW.Scharfi сказал:


    And how about adding just the P47 and increase quantity of Bf109G14 and Fw190A8 in VitebskOperation44msum map?

    Because Soviets had also P47s and there is a soviet P47 skin. That would make it fair, both teams with two 1944 planes.

    Map Vitebsk.

    + 21 Р47

    + 21 G14

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  3. 20 часов назад, StaB/Tomio_VR*** сказал:

    Do you expect to make western front maps as well when Bodenplatte map will be released


    19 часов назад, MeoW.Scharfi сказал:

    Any information when we will get P47D, Fw190D9 and Bf 109K4 on the server maps 

    After well when Bodenplatte map will be released.

    19 часов назад, MeoW.Scharfi сказал:

    we get the chance to dogfight on the new prokhorovka map?

    Yes. Map in work.

    But, there too closely.

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  4. 19 часов назад, JonRedcorn сказал:

    Hey denlarik do yoh still have late war scenarios in the play list? I'm always catching early war missions

    We tried to make everything balanced.

    I mean the map, in time and type.

    However, we tried to make a historical set and composition of armament.


       Edelweiss42 - Kuban
       SpingRoad43 - Stalingrad 
       Height200_42 - Moscow 
       Novosokolniki43 - Great Luki
       BalanceSprint42 - Stalingrad 
       LastAssault41 - Moscow 
       VelikieLukiPart2_42 - Great Luki 
       VolgaInFire42 - Stalingrad 
       SavingPrivate43 - Moscow 
       VelikieLukiPart1_42 - Great Luki
       Order227_42 - Stalingrad 
       OperationKoltso43 - Stalingrad 
       MoscowAutumn41 - Moscow 
       DefenseOfCaucasus42 - Kuban 
       Vjazma43 - Moscow 
       EltigenOperation43 - Kuban 
       MamaevKurgan42 - Stalingrad 
       OtstoimMoskvu41mw - Moscow 
       MalayaZemlya43 - Kuban 
       VolgaRiverSide42 - Stalingrad 
       TrenchWarfare43 - Moscow 
       Moscow41 - Moscow 
       Taman43 - Kuban
       Blau42 - Stalingrad 
       MoscowKlin41 - Moscow 
       KubanAirBattles43 - Kuban
       North42 - Stalingrad
       DefenseOfMoscow41 - Moscow 
       LiberationOfCrimea44 - Kuban
       OldtTainStation42 - Stalingrad
       Penetration41 - Moscow 
       BattleCaucasus42 - Kuban
       South42 - Stalingrad
       VitebskOperation44 - Moscow 


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  5. Title: Server "Wings of Liberty" 
    Short name: Wings, Liberty, WoL

    Server statistics: link

    Server rules:

    In short, fly at your pleasure, but with respect for the principles of fair play and those around you.
    if detailed ...



    1. Personal insults, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, inciting ethnic hatred are not allowed and will result in a ban. 
    2. No friendly fire. It is prohibited to destroy friendly units. Systemic violations will result in a ban. 
    3. No cheating. It is prohibited to use any software which gives a player an unfair advantage. 
    4. Ramming ground attack planes is prohibited. 
    5. Deliberate systematic disconnects are prohibited. 
    Violations of this rule will result in the following: first offense – kick from the server or a ban, second offense – ban on entry for 7 or more day.





    Team speak: ts.aviaskins.com

    Discord: link

    Forum of server: link

    Admin of server: =E95=DenLarik
    Online admins: Kirill, Vachik 
    Mission designers: Kirill, Komissar, Vachik 
    Sponsors: =BR=Sexton, =RED-FOX=Klen

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