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  1. Mission time 1942.08.30 First Focke-Wulf Fw 190 appeared near Leningrad in September 1942 La-5 - August 1942. P-39 - December 1941
  2. Prokhorovka 1 map. Until. excuse me, my mistake, fix it I will check it
  3. Yes. After well when Bodenplatte map will be released. Yes. Map in work. But, there too closely.
  4. In rules not prohibited, but.... à la guerre comme à la guerre
  5. We tried to make everything balanced. I mean the map, in time and type. However, we tried to make a historical set and composition of armament.
  6. Title: Server "Wings of Liberty" Short name: Wings, Liberty, WoL Server statistics: link Server rules: In short, fly at your pleasure, but with respect for the principles of fair play and those around you. if detailed ... Team speak: ts.aviaskins.com Discord: link Forum of server: link Admin of server: =E95=DenLarik Online admins: Kirill, Vachik Mission designers: Kirill, Komissar, Vachik Sponsors: =BR=Sexton, =RED-FOX=Klen
  7. Thanks but i'm a traditional sexual orientation. P.s. read footer my messages
  8. For squad TBAS: Guys, don't come to my server to call all to play on this server. Firstly it is not beautiful,. Secondly I will ban you permanently. Best regards.
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