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  1. i tried this, but the issue is still there. new hardware should arrive soon, if it still don't work, well then i will kill something
  2. yes, the Profile is the same. i have no more ideas maybe i can Change something in the track ir Folder? any advice guys?
  3. i tested in Rise of Flight and it is working properly. hmm...
  4. well i tried now with installing previous Versions (5.0, 5.1, 5.2), failed. tried to Switch off all lights, covered all metal material behind my back with Sheets, it is dark outside, no sun interference. i ve tried the trick in the Startup.cfg file (changed from old_trackir = 0 to old_trackir = 1) but no, hope is Fading i am already cursing the woman who cleans our house, maybe she broke the Thing ) (several times my track ir lay beside the Screen after she finished cleaning) could be...should i fire her? some more description of the issue: i cant turn the head (on the Screen) more than 90 degrees most of the time. from 90 to 180 degrees is impossible most of the time. by 90 degrees it gets stuck, freezes and when i move my head swiftly to the other side the head on the Screen is set free and promptly moves all around the Cockpit. Also the head in the Cockpit doesnt want to stay still and centered anymore, as if the Pilot was drunk and unable to stay fix on the crosshairs. should i consider buying new trackir 5 Hardware? could a full game reinstall do something good?
  5. i have had that Problem before when the sun was shining through the window. that is definitely not the Problem now
  6. never did that before. i ve made the Video, but how can i extract it from the game? can i find it in the Folders somewhere?
  7. i did an nvidia graphics Card Driver update lately. Could this be a Problem?
  8. hi everybody, Lately, my track ir stopped working properly. never had a Problem before. When looking around in the Cockpit, it keeps getting stuck which makes it impossible to fly. i tried a reinstall but to no good, the Problem is still there. "Games update" is enabled. in the trackir-window, head movement is shown very smoothly and correct, but ingame it gets stuck after 1 or 2 movements and it also doesnt center anymore. what can i do? Can anybody help me?
  9. I recommend to go watch Requiem's aircraft familiarization tutorials on youtube. Type: The Air Combat Tutorial Library Also have a look at Chuck's Manuals. Anybody got the link to those?
  10. +1 never imagined that ugly beast would be so much funTata, next time why fly together we should try to survive at least 5 min
  11. I've always wanted a DED Expert server. It would enable you to have quick action AND do tactical flying AND practice spotting. Aircraft's strenghts (especially of LW aircraft) can only be used without labels. +1
  12. allright, we are saying the same thing lol
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