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  1. Can confirm this. Wife surprised me with an early Christmas gift of a EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra this past weekend. Runs fantastic with my i7 8700k (OCd to 5.1ghz), 32gb RAM, and Rift S with most games and programs, but it seem like there's a "wall" in IL2 VR where the program stops using more of the GPU. After cranking up graphics settings, I think my highest GPU utilization was only 65% and only getting 45 fps with 18 AI taxiing and taking off on an airfield. Of course there could be a CPU bottleneck but I wasn't seeing obvious signs. However, when I turned my settings back down to where I had th
  2. Hi Oscar, been looking for the same thing myself today. Apparently that's not an option and one of the most griped about issues, especially for VR users. Looking through some threads, it looks like some folks got joystick control to work using a third party program:
  3. Thanks Andre! Just started using Simshaker a couple weeks ago with a new buttkicker, for both IL2 and DCS, so I can definitely appreciate both your work and 1C's work to make this happen!
  4. This may help you as it's what I used to get started. For the simshaker wings software, you'll have to buy a license, and then download the beta version of the software. Hope it helps!
  5. My experience is only with using a Bass shaker (Buttkicker Gamer 2, specifically) with Simshaker. I just started using it within the last couple week. When doing research, I came across this link that explains most of the details and helped me set everything up: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?5893-Setting-up-a-Buttkicker-(or-other-transducers) NOTE: that post is for a DCS set. With this type of setup for Il-2, you'll need: 1) Buttkicker or other transducer 2) A USB soundcard 3) SimShaker-Wings* 4) Voicemeeter Banana (optional and free)
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