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  1. Why not? There are quite some examples. The italiand had fighter flying boats, but I doubt we will see them. However there are still some fighter floatplanes example
  2. Hello, if I remember correctly there were going to be more FC games, as the one we have one is Volume 1. So, could the upcoming ones get a seaplane or 2? They are very interesting planes! But if the map doesn't have any water at all it'd be a problem. I'm wondering if the team would be interested on them.
  3. Hi Requiem! I certainly liked your tutorials, quality content like no other! I'd like to get Bodenplatte. Good luck, and good hunting!
  4. Hi guys, I saw in the War Thunder forums (I know, "War Thunder") some complex graphics that show the turning performance of a certain plane at a certain speed, with different Gs. Those got me interested on looking for some graphics like those for the planes we have in BOS. Do you know about any of them?
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