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  1. Maybe for air battles that's not much of an issue? After all when you see a heavy cruiser and you're gonna dive bomb it, the differences between an Atago, a Furutaka and a Mogami are merely academical as all of them use the 25mm gun 😜
  2. There's people in a certain other sim that says you can find enough documentation if you look for it hard enough and know the language... They plan on making the Zero, maybe that's the exception to the rule and finding stuff for other planes is more difficult. But in any case, throwing money at the problem tends to be a good way of making it go away. Well keeping in mind that some ships were vastly different from each other, even within the same class, having a "global" class for ships would be a bit difficult if you want to make it fully reallistic.
  3. Hello, IL-2 team! How much money do we have to throw your way to get a PTO game? I'm aching for some Carrier Vs. Carrier action! Let's also especulate a bit, what scenario could be done for an eventual Battle of PTO game? I think the Salomon Islands have seen plenty of action and would make for a great place. It'd have many islands so that it's not just water, there were both surface to surface and carrier action. And there're also some ground airfields (Henderson field for example, at Guadalcanal. But I think there're some more) for ground-based planes to use. It'd be quite an
  4. Okay I switched AA off, and it didn't go away. It was somewhat improved, being just a solid black like that wouldn't project into the ground or the sky (limited to the plane itself). Still not ideal. I've lowered the resolution and now it's gone, so problem solved. Btw MSAA made it worse, with bigger artifacts appearing all over the plane
  5. Hello, I recently moved to my laptop to play IL-2, and while it's not a great system it'll have to suffice. However I've been having issues with the graphical display. I don't expect the game to look as beautiful as with a powerful computer, of course. But there's this weird vertical black bar running vertically on the middle of the screen that is pretty damn annoying. Attached the artifact and my graphic settings. I'm running a Radeon R7 M340 and an i5 6200U. Do you guys have any ideas as to what could solve this?
  6. Happy Birthday, Bullets! Thank you for your generosity! Have a good one!
  7. Why not? There are quite some examples. The italiand had fighter flying boats, but I doubt we will see them. However there are still some fighter floatplanes example
  8. Hello, if I remember correctly there were going to be more FC games, as the one we have one is Volume 1. So, could the upcoming ones get a seaplane or 2? They are very interesting planes! But if the map doesn't have any water at all it'd be a problem. I'm wondering if the team would be interested on them.
  9. Hi Requiem! I certainly liked your tutorials, quality content like no other! I'd like to get Bodenplatte. Good luck, and good hunting!
  10. Hi guys, I saw in the War Thunder forums (I know, "War Thunder") some complex graphics that show the turning performance of a certain plane at a certain speed, with different Gs. Those got me interested on looking for some graphics like those for the planes we have in BOS. Do you know about any of them?
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