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    I love airplanes, reenacting, living history, history and cars, in addition to a lot of other things. I'm here at home: https://vwings.net/sturmovik.php

    In my opinion, the skins I have created are sources from literature, photographs and other materials. Please let me know if you can prove photographically that I have something wrong with an already published skin. I will be happy to repair the skin according to the photo you published. Some of the skins are an expression of my opinion on the black and white photo of the aircraft.

    As terrible as my English is, it is still 100% better than your Czech.
    Mostly ;)

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  1. Soviet aces on LaGG-3 White54_145IAP_Zajcev_Karelie_8_41 LaGG-3 p.1 white 54 Aircraft from the 145th IAP, pilot Alexander Zajcev, Karelia, August 1941 White78_609IAP_Mironov_Karelia_summer_42 LaGG-3 p.11 white 78 Machine from the 609th IAP, pilot Viktor Mironov, Karelia, summer 1942 Yellow6_178IAP_Grigorijev_autumn_42 LaGG-3 p.35 yellow 6 Aircraft from the 178th IAP, pilot Gerasim Grigoriev, Moscow, autumn 1942 Download LaGG-3 Part I
  2. Stalingrad Romanian Bf 109 III Yellow9_E57_G7V_11_42 Bf-109E-3, yellow 9, 57th Squadron Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Ioan Di Cesare, Stalingrad, November 1942 Yellow47_E58_G7V_11_42 [/url] Bf-109E-3, yellow 47, 58th Squadron Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Ion Galea, Stalingrad, November 1942 Yellow64_E57_G7V_11_42 Bf-109E-3, yellow 64, 56th Squadron Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Tiberiu Vinca Stalingrad, October 1942 Download Romanian Stalingrad
  3. Barbarossa Romanian Bf 109 Part II Yellow2_CO_G7V_summer_42 Bf-109E-3, yellow 2, command machine Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Alexandru Popisteanu, Ukraine, summer 1942 Yellow23_E57_G7V_summer_42 Bf-109E-3, yellow 23, 57th Squadron Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Stefan Greceanu, Ukraine, summer 1942 Yellow63_E56_G7V_summer_42 Bf-109E-7, yellow 63, 56th Squadron Grupul 7 Vanatoare, Ukraine, summer 1942 Download Romanian Barbarossa
  4. No, the Romanian Air Force used a cockade from its inception until the late spring of 1941. From the summer of 1941 to 1944, then the Michal's Cross. After the change of party in 1944, he only returned to the cockades. Fokker VII PZL.11 PZL.37
  5. Moments before the Storm Romanian Bf 109 Part I Romania ordered 50 Bf 109E in December 1939, of which 11 aircraft were dlivered in 1940 and the remaining 39 a year later. They equipped the newly-formed Grupul 7 Vanatoare and took part in operation Barbarossa from the very first missions. 3x Bf 109E-3 Grupul 7 Vanatoare, spring 1941, Bucharest Yellow8_G7V_Bucharest_spring_41 Yellow24_G7V_Bucharest_spring_41 Yellow48_G7V_Bucharest_spring_41 Download Romanian Mules Part I And any literature or photo materials? If it was, then maybe. I have nothing on the Irish Air Force.
  6. Mustang Mk.IV ETO II KH7865_154SQN_BigginHill_2_45 Mustang Mk.IVa, P-51K from the state of the 154th Squadron of the RAF, February 1945, Biggin Hill Airport. The squadron was rearmed to the Mustangs in early 1945, intended for long-range escorts of bombers, but was disbanded in March. KH653_19SQN_Peterhead_spring_45 P-51K, Mustang Mk.IVa, series KH653 from the state of the 19th Squadron of the RAF, Peterhead Airport, Great Britain, Spring 1945 KH7 --_ 93SQN_Tissano_46 P-51K, Mustang Mk.IVa from the state of the 93rd Squadron of the RAF, Tissano Airport, Italy 1946. Download Mustang IV ETO II
  7. Mustang Mk.IV ETO KH716_3SQN_RAAF_Lavarino_45 Mustang Mk.IV, ie P-51D, series KH716, 3rd Squadron RAAF, Lavarino Airport, Italy 1945. The aircraft carries on the rudder image of the constellation of the Southern Cross. KH727_93SQN_Italy_46 Mustang Mk.IVa, ie P-51K, series KH727, 93rd Squadron RAF, Italy 1946 KM272_19SQN_Peterhead_5_45 Mustang Mk.IVa, KM272, 19th Squadron RAF, Peterhead Airport, Great Britain, May 1945 Download Mustang IV ETO
  8. High Duel Galitzine_HAF_BS342_Northold_12_9_42 Spitfire Mk.IX specially adapted for high-altitude flights, from the state of Special Service / High Altlitude / Flight at Northolt Airport. Six specially modified aircraft of this unit were available to pilots selected according to resistance to altitude sickness. Among them was an immigrant from Russia, Prince Emanuel Galitzin, a British citizen who took part in the Finnish Air Force's winter war. On September 12, 192, he took off in pairs with another pilot to try to capture the German high-altitude bomber Ju 86R-2. Around ten o'clock in the morning, Galitzin found Junkers above Portsmouth at an altitude of 12,800 meters, and during the ensuing chase, the two planes ascended to 13,100 meters in height, waging the highest battle of World War II. During the fight, Galicin damaged the wing of the enemy machine and had to end the pursuit due to a defect in armament. Horst Gotz's Junkers crew was able to return to their base in France. Subsequently, the high-altitude flights of these machines over Britain were terminated. Galitzine_MH763_72SQN_France_autumn_44 Spitfire F.Mk.IX MH763 Prince Emanuel Galitzin, 72nd Squadron RAF, Southern France, Ramatuelle Airport, Autumn 1944. Foskett_MA766_54SQN_Egypt_6_44 Spitfire HF.Mk.IX MA766 pilot R. Foskett commander of the 94th Squadron RAF, June 1944, Bu Amud Airport, Egypt Download High Duel
  9. P-40E over CBI 23FG_R_Scott_Burma_September_42 The machine of the commander of the 23rd FG, Robert Scott, author of the books "God is my Co-pilot". The 23rd FG was a unit created by the USAAF based on all AVG Squadrons. Burma, September 1942. 41-36402_16FS_Clinger_China_1_43 A machine from the 16th FS, originally one of the Squadrons of the Flying Tigers, AVG, piloted in January 1943 by Dallas Clinger, China. 41-36391_Bishop_26FS_Dinjan_autumn_42 Machine from the 26th FS, pilot Earl Bishop, Dinjan Airport India, autumn 1942. Download P-40E CBI
  10. 348 FG New Guinea American pilots of the 5th Air Force USAAF, fighting during the Second World War against the Japanese air force over large areas of the Pacific, recorded a total of 511 kills on Republic P-47D Thunderbolt fighters. The 348th Fighter Group achieved its greatest success, with its pilots firing 326 kills on Thunderbolts. The group grew a total of 20 aces, including the most successful pilot of the Republic P-47D Pacific battlefield Lt.Col. Neel Kearby. This man shot down 22 enemies on a massive fighter 42-76041_D-16_Fisher_340FS_43 43-25643_D-21_Carter_342FS_43 42-28058_D-23_Blend_341FS_43 Download Jug´s over New Guinea
  11. Lubomír Úlehla P-47D-26 3. CPC FAFL Download P-47D Úlehla
  12. Spitfire Mk.Vb of Czechoslovakian pilots Hruby_111SQN_W3310_12_41 Spitfire Mk.Vb W3310 from the state of the 111th Squadron of the RAF, in the form when Otakar Hrubý flew on it, in the winter of 1941/42, the squadron was deployed at Debden Airport as a night fighter. Kotiba_124SQN_AA920_5_42 Spitfire Mk.Vb, AA920 from the 124th Squadron, where František Kotiba often flew on it. The aircraft is shown in the form from May 1942 when the squadron operated from Biggin Hill Airport. Kresta_313SQN_AD384_4_42 Spitfire MkVb, AD384, Parker Pen Spitfire, No 313 czechoslovak fighter squadron. Shot down April 12 1942, during the raid on Hazebrouck. Pilot Sgt. Otakar Kresta became POW Download Czechoslovakian Spitfire Mk.Vb
  13. The one who exchanged the honor for flying Ernst Udet (26 April 1896 – 17 November 1941) was a German pilot during World War I and a Luftwaffe Colonel-General (Generaloberst) during World War II. Udet joined the Imperial German Air Service at the age of 19, and eventually became a notable flying ace of World War I, scoring 62 confirmed victories by the end of his life. The highest scoring German fighter pilot to survive that war, and the second-highest scoring after Manfred von Richthofen, his commander in the Flying Circus, Udet rose to become a squadron commander under Richthofen, and later under Hermann Göring. Udet spent the 1920s and early 1930s as a stunt pilot, international barnstormer, light aircraft manufacturer, and playboy. Download Udet
  14. Errata for P-38J-25 Download errata for My Little Pig
  15. Night Fighters II - Malta edition BG737_IIbTrop_MaltaNFU_7_41 & Z2627_IIaTrop_MaltaNFU_7_41 Hurricane Mk.II subversions A and B equipped with a Vokes sand filter from the Night Fighting Unit. Both are a bit off-schedule. The Z2627 has desert camouflage fields sprayed over black on the upper surfaces. The reconstructions show several possibilities, I decided on one of them. BG737 bears black on all surfaces, but is provided with type B marks on six positions and s / n is made in white. Z2961_IIb_185SQN_Horicks_Malta_3_42 Z2961, Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb of the 185th Squadron in the form in which it was a personal machine G.E. Horicks, Ta´Qali Airport, Malta, March 1942 Download Night Fighters II
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