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  1. I fear this is because EUExpert server is down for the last few evenings
  2. I came from WT full real battles. BoS is just so much realistic, it makes WT unplayable. It is felt from the start, on the runway. You just feel the weight of your plane, as it sways on shock absorbers.. From this point you realize that WT was an arcade for children.
  3. Actually impact effects can be offset due to network lag.. Did you see this offline?
  4. Very nice video, I'd love to see part2 Actually, the elevator bounced up quite abruptly. I think its ok, buy may be it seemed unnatural to this guy.
  5. ...was expecting Pe-2, but wasn't expecting it in MP!! What a pleasant surprise, thanks!
  6. Flying IL-2 as a pilot I noticed how often I'm getting wounded when hit by bf109.. Like there is no armor at all. In LaGG i'm getting wounded less often..
  7. Of course this doesn't pretend to some sort of a record. The author himself says that in multiplayer with real pilots everything would be different. It's just a demonstration of how important initial advantage in height is. Markers are enabled for the purpose of the lesson. Oh, and for those newbies like me it's still very impressive! I can't reproduce it even with three bots. Trying to repeat the steps shown in the video, I am failing. After a couple of minutes of vertical maneuvering bots reverse the situation. I think I lose too much energy when climbing,. And with both radiators almost fully open my engine is much hotter then shown in the video. Need to use propeller pitch/rpm more effectively when climbing and diving.
  8. Very interesting topic. Experienced pilots on Russian forum also state that energy advantage is the key factor. To illustrate this, [i.B.]Virus recorded a video lesson, where he is fighting eight 109's at the same time, starting 500m higher. Despite the fact that in the beginning he made a mistake, he won. Of course bots don't play as team, but still I was very impressed. skip to 01:00
  9. Very nice cinematic, amazing! A small clarification: actually, the nickname of the LaGG was "Lakirovanny Garantirovanny Grob" which literally translates "Lackered Guaranteed Coffin".
  10. Yep, I also read it differently on Russian forum and here. I asked Loft to clarify whether they will open access? And unfortunately he said no. The phrase actually refers to the IL-2, access to the aircraft. http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/1167-obsuzhdenie-52-j-chasti-dnevnikov-razrabotchika/?p=130280
  11. No, but I had to? I just updated the game via laucher, as usual.. It still doesn't work, even after recovery.
  12. The game doesn't start after update. Is it only me?
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