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  1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience Riksen, appreciate it! Thanks for the kind words, I figure these videos probably won't be too popular as there's no "bang bang shooting" kind of stuff in them...but squadrons or pilots who pair up regularly can at least get some use out of them.
  2. Hey @Melonfish you're very welcome! I never get tired of hearing about the success stories, it makes everything worth it 😁 For the shooting I have several deflection shooting videos but you've probably seen them lol It will just take some practice and plenty of throwing yourself into different situations so you can get used to the different sight pictures you encounter. **** New vid: continuing some of the two ship formation stuff showing how to rejoin a formation and how to overshoot the rejoin if you screw it up.
  3. Yeah sure, I'll boot it up. I'll be on the official BoS TS in a couple mins.
  4. SYN_Requiem

    Replay Multiplayer tracks on other PC

    I've never seen that message before @I./ZG15_Falke All you should need are two files with the same name, but one is a folder and the other is .trk file. The folder is what contains the mission stuff, so when you copy your track over make sure you copy the .trk file AND the folder together
  5. The ISP is Spectrum. I can't remember when those patches/hotfixes came through but the last time we flew together on my local server was the 5th Feb (if that helps). It definitely seems like an odd problem.
  6. Busdriver and I often fly around on a server I host on my own machine, so we'll find out today if it's still working on our end.
  7. Oh I get it now, thanks! From my understanding there is a difference between being a flight lead and the positions in a formation, so you can swap roles of positions 1,2,3,4 etc but flight lead still remains the same pilot retaining overall control. Kind of like a mother in law at that dance! 😁
  8. I'm afraid you've lost me with that term...
  9. Undoubtedly...the good lead makes it all happen!
  10. Good read, look forward to the others!
  11. New video out. Just covering some formation flying basics initially then moving on to tactical stuff. Enjoy!
  12. SYN_Requiem

    Tips for formation flying...

    Funny to read this post as the next videos I'll be releasing are about formation flight! 😁 Like you said a lot of players either fly too close together or the wingman is too far back (ie-sucked) which means there is no true mutual support even though they're flying together. There is nothing wrong flying around in fingertip, but once you start getting near a combat area you should switch it up to a more tactical formation. Most of the time in formations you see pilots flying sucked behind the lead likely because they want to keep sight of them and fly looking straight ahead.
  13. SYN_Requiem

    Strong cannons now weak?

    I've flown the Lagg a bit more often recently and I feel like the 23mm in the Lagg is just as good as it always was. Planes just don't fall apart as easily anymore, but you still can set them on fire or cause critical damage in a short burst.
  14. SYN_Requiem

    ME-110 taxiin

    Try using manual propeller pitch and set it to the 12 o'clock position before taxiing. I always taxi in automatic with no issues though...so double check that you have your wheel brakes assigned correctly as well since the 109 uses toe brakes and not a lever
  15. SYN_Requiem

    1CGS Attending Flight-Sim Expo 2019!

    Great news! I was unable to go last time due to unforseen circumstances, but I’ll plan on ensuring these dates are free again so the missus and I can attend. Wow Meigs field, haven’t heard that name in a while! It’s quite an amazing story of how that field was shut down.