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  1. Video out covering in-flight restarts and extinguishing engine fires from bad restarts in the Me 262
  2. Hey Spartan, I only did some stuff with the 262 today for it's next video, but I'll look at the other airplanes tomorrow and see what I can come up with. The RoF airplanes are basically the same as FC in terms of starting them up yes.
  3. It's a gameplay advantage against someone on your own team (and you're not competing against team members), which is not the same thing as a gameplay advantage against someone on the enemy team who you are competing against. That is why I like a server being able to enforce options that affect aids/helpers for flight. As you would know during the engine start, taxi, and initial takeoff process you're a sitting duck so you should expect to die before getting airborne most of the time if there is a raid on your airfield. It's probably not a good idea to spawn in during an airfield raid, but in this scenario the guy who knows how to do the manual startup doesn't need to go through it because the automatic option is available to him, so he could choose to do the automatic start this time and be on his way as fast as possible along with the other guy who did an automatic startup. Two fighters can possibly get airborne and maybe do something about the raid. Meanwhile, if the server was enforced for manual starts only the guy who is unfamiliar and only does auto starts either doesn't exist on the server (since he won't play on it) or possibly won't get airborne to help out because of it.
  4. Thanks Pete, I always love hearing of a success story! 🙂 If you have any other questions just let me know!
  5. No way...LOL I'll probably have to just do a generic startup procedure video. Those levers will go to the cutoff position (fuel selector valves) if you cause a flameout in flight with fast throttle movement to the rear. My understanding is that it's the emergency shutdown of an engine in flight procedure. The only way to prevent it is to be gentle with the power. When I was testing the 262 I caused flameouts as I was pulling back the power in a flare to land multiple times!
  6. My reasoning is that doing startups manually is an item that has no bearing on the "combat" part in a combat simulator so why should it matter exactly how people start the plane if everything is the same after the engine is started. It's irrelevant to my experience on a server if someone chooses to startup an airplane manually or with a single keypress. Allowing the player to do either start on any server gives the player a choice, if a server enforces a setting then the player's choice is removed and you possibly lose another pilot to shoot at in the air who is put off by having to deal with starting things manually. If you essentially say "good riddance" to a player who doesn't want to deal with that then I don't know what to say. Complex engine management being a server option while flying makes sense because it directly affects the combat/competitive side of things, but startups are just a mundane process honestly. Whether you click the switches, press a few keys, or press one key, the result is the same but it's just perceived that doing so makes one more expert than another. Making something more difficult does not necessarily make something more realistic. Full on startup processes in sims are more difficult than in real life, because in real life you can easily utilise a flow and kinesthetic memory to reach out and do the process. This is in effect how some people learn best (by touching) and this adversely affects their learning ability in a sim where everything is on a screen or written down. There's also all the fiddling around with the mouse to get it in the right spot, making sure keys are assigned correctly, maneuvering trackIR, etc. to add to frustration. We need to understand that people learn differently which affects how they get their enjoyment out of whatever sim they choose to fly. Basically, things that may provide an advantage in the air I understand as having a server option for, but on the ground before an engine even starts...who cares? If I shoot someone down or was shot down by someone the last thing I would wonder is "hmmm did they start their engine manually or automatically" It doesn't affect my multiplayer experience at all knowing how someone got their engine started either way. I just welcome the fact that there was another multiplayer pilot to create that experience with me.
  7. I believe that the basic engine starts we used to have should be a client-side option and not server-side. Otherwise it's just another mechanism to fracture the playerbase. If your engine start choice was client-side anyone can choose to do whatever procedure they want, whether it's "E" to start or all the extra stuff instead. DCS has an auto-start feature to keep things simple for those who just want to get going, so I don't know why Il-2 can't do it the same way. Feel free to PM your thoughts to me if you like, you won't hurt my feelings. I'm always interested in hearing critiques on how I could do things. If I don't know what people like or don't like I can't make what people want.
  8. Well the wife and I made it back from the expo and Florida today. It was really great meeting and talking with a few of the fellow Il-2 fans out there! Looking forward to doing it again next year for sure. Hope you guys enjoyed the couple of videos I took of the show. I was pressed for time and had to make do with what I had. Anyways, the latest videos out are for the familiarisations of the Me 262, Albatros D.Va and S.E.5a. Cheers
  9. Glad you're enjoying those new vids guys. Had a little time and was able to do something you would like a bit more. The 262 tutorial will be out when the 262 goes live.
  10. Yeah this build being used at the Expo is a previous beta build so what you see isn't the release candidate. Trust me, you would all much rather be flying a release build than any beta build just for the sake of flying it. The law of primacy (first thing you learn creates the strongest impression) would cause issues because of how things change every build by virtue of the testing process.
  11. I'll try and get a better video to upload tomorrow
  12. Made it into Orlando as well. Flying standby is like a game of chess to get where you need to go sometimes. Had to fly into Fort Meyers then drive up to Orlando because of all the oversold flights lol Looking forward to catching up! Going to check out the fantasy of flight museum tomorrow 😁
  13. Thanks CountZero, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here and on the channel. It's some great input! Latest debrief is out:
  14. Here is a link to my air gunnery supplement that contains Angle Off rings for the Macchi sight: Angle Off Charts Here is the manual for the sight: S.Giorgio_tipoAmanuale.pdf.zip
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