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  1. I could have a look at it again, but it's just that whenever I used it it felt like my in game position was moving in the wrong direction when looking behind me, so maybe it's just my technique when I look around that screws up how it's intended to work. When I check my 5 o'clock for example I lean my body to the right and turn my head at the same time as I would in the real airplane. I wouldn't turn my head, wait, then move my body. The last time I remember trying True view, whenever I tried leaning into the canopy while checking behind me the view would move the wrong way. If Trueview works for you then that's great! I'll give it another try today and see how it goes. Like I said, my recollection of why I didn't like it may be wrong and it could just have been my technique. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Thanks FS, yeah I wanted to get one done even though it's a compilation of older footage. I've got to delete like 70Gb of dogfight footage I was planning on using for debriefs now due to the new G model LOL
  2. Got a couple of videos done as I'm starting to get back in the swing of things again. Cheers
  3. Just remember though, you must take anything I say with a grain of salt as a 1GCCFP myself
  4. It will just take time. When you're dogfighting your primary reference is the enemy fighter and not the horizon anymore. If you're worried about the horizon you likely aren't maneuvering how you need to against the fighter. You may need to glance down at your airspeed or altitude occassionally, but that's about it really. If you're able to fly with someone then practicing formation flight will help a lot with this aspect since BFM is like trying to get in formation with someone so you can be in a position to shoot them down! πŸ™‚
  5. Thanks mate, I've enjoyed the left seat a lot so far for sure. It's great being able to set the tone instead of adapting to it with some Captains. Things aren't looking too great for the months ahead. I'm going to be home all of April (I've chosen to take unpaid leave as it was offered) so there's going to be plenty of time for flight sims / video work at least. I'm planning on being available for reserve again in May so hopefully there will be some kind of schedule to go back to. We should catch up online soon (we can do something in RL once all this passes!)
  6. Holy necro thread Batman! If you have a printer and some scissors you can cut up the printed "Angle Off" PDF document and make your own
  7. If you have fighter cover to help and they're not up at FL250 the Duck has a ton of ammo so you can really damage a lot of stuff if you're protected. If you're without protection just go with a 110. The Duck is definitely no slouch either if you need to defend yourself. I've caught quite a few fighters by surprise when flying it. One of the most satisfying things in Il-2 is getting air to air kills in a duck πŸ˜†
  8. I've completed the Bristol video, but it will be subject to a review (like all my videos are) so expect the Bristol video in a day or two. Now that I finished my upgrade training I'm back to working on stuff for the channel. The max RPM should be around 2200 or so for no longer than 5 minutes. Approach speed will be about 70mph. Along with the technical specs page of course, the important stuff for engine limits and using the bombsight is essentially on the placards in the center of the instrument panel. It's easy to gloss over if you're not looking for it, but the info is right there in the plane
  9. Set the contact altimeter to zero height. That way if it goes off you'll only hear it for a fraction of a second before you explode upon hitting the ground.
  10. I'm accustomed to the middle finger from @busdriverso that's fine lol Just doing what I was trained to do so the line checks just felt like a regular flight, which is a good mentality to have to prevent getting caught up in the fact you're having a reportable evaluation. Looking forward to the moment of realisation when that door closes for the first time when I have an actual FO next to me.
  11. Yeah, just keep the throttle and turbo linked until you climb high enough where you may need to manage the turbo separately to prevent overspeed. I don't have the manual on my phone but that's pretty much what it recommends. Micromanaging the turbo when you don't nees to just makes your job harder.
  12. I'll be doing my best to get the time off, we have to go flying after all 😁
  13. The 109F4 video I think is the only one without this info. It was the first video (I think) I did for BoS when it first came out and I didn't have all the documentation then that I have now.
  14. Cheers 😁 I'm so glad to have been able to make it this far in this short of a timeframe. This milestone is the biggest step forward I've had to make with a ton more responsibility. When you're the First Officer you can look left and see the Captain for guidance...as the Captain if you look left you see a reflection in the window LOL
  15. Right now the intercoolers are always automatic with no option to manually control them. The P-38J documents I have say that if the intercooler flaps are installed, they should be set to open. I included that in the checklist to future proof the video as I was expecting it to have manual controls added in the future (and I try to base my videos off RL documentation wherever possible).
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