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  1. Catching me on my morning forum reading... @Bremspropeller Dunno why the link in my signature wouldn't work. *Edit* Looks like I wasn't using an unlimited link, fixed...thanks for pointing it out https://discord.gg/rPQCjch
  2. I try and show things as they were done historically where possible but for this technique I never found out if they used flaps. Without using the flaps though you just don't have the right pitch angle during the dive that lets you fire effectively at a target (in my opinion), so using that initial stage of flaps just made sense because the approaches were so much more stable and consistent when using them. I wouldn't necessarily recommend using flaps during attack runs with other aircraft though.
  3. USA and Russian Navigation video. Works slightly differently between the two systems which is kind of weird from the Russian side honestly.
  4. What @Plurp said. I believe I mention in that video that I'm using flaps which allows that lower nose attitude during a pass.
  5. Am I nuts in thinking that those annoying scratches all over the canopies are now gone?
  6. RAF 16 Squadron Pink Armed Reconnaissance Spitfire Mk.IX Can be downloaded here if anyone wants it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwo2lsvz0146los/Recon Spitfire.zip?dl=0
  7. It's all good, my snark detector is being quiet Spotting in RL is so much easier and more natural than what we have to do in the sims. I've spotted light GA airplanes doing pattern work when I've flown near airports while over 30,000ft high which is about 9km...good luck doing that here. 50km is definitely a long way to see airplanes and I do think that is excessive, but at 50km away you're not exactly in a position to do anything about it and if we had a better system of spotting anyway it's kind of made redundant because everyone would have a much better chance of detecting people coming towards them. The last few sessions of MP for me I've done several "bogey gathering turns" looking directly where the guy should be (either at 7 or 5 o'clock) but I barely see them until they're inside of 1km about to start shooting at me which is ridiculous at the regular field of view. We must be able to spot aircraft without needing to zoom everywhere. The zoom is compensating for lack of pixel density compared to what our eyes see, so we need a decent scaling system and more contrast on the airplanes in general so we don't need to reduce the field of view by zooming at all when scanning for targets. Right now this mod may be a problem, but long term if we get visibility addressed I don't see it as a problem. I don't believe it's worth throwing dev resources at this right now when the system could change to negate it anyway. From another thread I wrote this about visibility: "Assuming high environmental visibility, which is what we have in the sim, we should be seeing fighter sized targets easily to 5nm (9km), but out to a max of around 7nm (13km). When I was learning to fly and while flight instructing I would not only see small general aviation airplanes at 5nm routinely, but regain the tally quickly after looking away. In the airliner I fly now I have no problems seeing planes like the CRJ, E175, B737, A320, etc at rear aspect etc out to 15-17nm (27-37km). A little further if they're turning and showing greater planform. C17, A380, etc can be seen even further still. Yes, of course they're bigger but I'm seeing them much further and wouldn't expect to see fighters out that far personally" This is not directed at you Kestrel, but keeping the status quo of how visibility works now in the name of "realism" is an invalid argument in my opinion.
  8. Maybe one day we can get selectable beacons. I couldn't care less about adjusting frequencies manually but having the ability to select different beacons if they were labeled on your map would be nice.
  9. If non-VR users could spot aircraft at realistic ranges then I don't think this would even be an issue. It's more indicative of our frustrations with not being able to see targets we really should be able to see.
  10. That is true. But none of them are a Hurricane
  11. New video out today covering Il-2 Navigation using the Luftwaffe stuff.
  12. Requiem

    Very Poor ...

    As much as I hate this problem I don't think there is much point fixing it until we see the effects of the devs implementing deferred shading. No point fixing something based on the graphics we have now only having to do it again when things get switched up due to the deferred shading.
  13. Hey there, I stopped using the G940 a long time ago so I got rid of the profile and don't have it anymore. I can't remember much about it anymore, sorry.
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