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  1. New video is out covering a dive bombing technique used in the Spitfire Mk.IX. It's made using DCS for something different but the technique still applies to Il-2.
  2. @Floppy_Sock and I worked together to make them. When I first started this process I created an excel spreadsheet which via some math generates the EM template (Turn rate vs airspeed vs G-force vs turn radius), but when testing the airplanes you collect the data to input into the spreadsheet where it will then generate the full diagram you see in the video. Initially I was relying on timed turns to calculate/extrapolate the data I needed (which brings its own inaccuracies). Thankfully Floppysock programmed an application which takes the telemetry output from Il-2 and converts it into the data
  3. I would ride a jumpseat out to Seattle for it but I'm sure the missus would kill me haha Hopefully you can find an Il-2 flyer to join you!
  4. I know I and many of us appreciate the early look to see what's coming, so thanks for that. The relative movement was definitely easier to catch while watching. I'm interested to see this in motion myself to check it out without the video compression but it's looking promising in the close range
  5. I'm happy with the G modeling for the most part. It's been one if the best improvements to Il-2 in my opinion. The only tweak I would make is to improve the pilot's resistance when you apply a rapid G force onset and increase the time you can hold maximum sustained G rather than increase the max sustained G too much. This would result in the greying/blacking out to be less rapid than what it is currently, but allow you to make a mistake with enough time to back off. If you increase the pilot's performance to the point where every pilot is considered a Blue Angel you ma
  6. None taken as this is a thread to throw things out for discussion. Focusing the field of view like that was just an idea that popped into my head as I was writing my post when evaluating how I spot contacts in RL and how that affects what is, or isn't, seen around me while focusing on a single airplane. I'm just glad to finally see an official avenue recognisng the issue so hopefully we get a good result from this discussion.
  7. @Han Realistic vs fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. A big reason pilots wouldn't see someone shooting at them while maintaining formation is that their formation spacing is too close. Being so close to a wingman makes it necessary for you to focus all your attention on him, therefore reducing your situational awareness by not being able to look around. In Il-2 the same thing happens if you fly close formation in a combat area as there are many instances of killing two airplanes in one pass as a result, but with the visibility how it is currently you can't always fly a regular combat sp
  8. No, sorry Royal I'm not familiar with Delanclip. Nadelbaum has you covered though for how to fix your centered view if it's messed up (same process as in RoF)
  9. This is merely a guess...but if you look outside of the cockpit and down a little on the right side there is a placard for 24V so I would assume there's a plugin for external power in that square spot.
  10. Once I see tracers I know the general area someone is and if I spot them I'll usually have to remain "padlocked" on them. If I look away to check six or a wingman it is weirdly difficult to get tally back. I'm not doubting the effectiveness of camoflage and I know people conceal themselves in snow or other terrain incredibly well. Those people hiding in a field are not moving though. An airplane is a moving object and it's movement which attracts our eyes when scanning, so with that mind it will be more difficult to spot an airplane whose movement relative to you is small (think di
  11. I haven't been on there for a while but I do remember the alt vis being on so maybe it switched back since then
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