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  1. Why do you need to tell them apart? Shooting people down the moment their wheels leave the ground isn't much fun for the victims regardless of their experience level. Veterans are just as likely to quit in frustration as newbies if they're getting fed up. So perhaps it's in everybody's interest for people not to stalk each others airfields and give all pilots a chance, regardless of how long they've been playing? Such a rule would make me far more likely to get involved in online play.
  2. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    I didn't think it necessary given that it took me all of five minutes to work out which files do what and make the changes I was after. Objects.dds contains the icons for planes and ground units. The two icons in the upper-left corner are what you want to edit... planes on the left, ground units on the right. Points.dds contains the icons for various types of waypoint, the ones that appear in the sky. From left to right... enemy target marker, patrol marker, friendly target marker, complete objective marker, airfield marker, navpoint marker, unknown... neutral target marker maybe? Literally all you need to do is open the file (without mipmaps), change whatever icon you want, and export (with mipmaps). For example, I've attached my tweaked points.dds which makes all points.dds markers a tad smaller, removes the outer boxes, and makes the navpoint marker a solid circle. Note: For modifying points.dds it's probably worth downloading one of the mods in this thread that do not change them, so that you get full-sized originals to work with. This is because I don't know how big of an area the game uses for each icon, so sticking to the original size or smaller is a good idea. points.dds.zip
  3. I'm not sure they should be exploding after strafing, to be honest. Unlike WWII birds these things don't have cannons. Those were the real damage dealers, the guns that could penetrate various outer layers to get to the vital bits like the fuel tanks. That's a lot harder with little machine guns.
  4. I think they're mission markers rather than travel waypoints. In other words, they mark your main mission area and stay active until your mission is complete/failed. For me they're a red box with crossed swords inside, but I've messed with the icons and can't remember what the default icon looks like.
  5. Same here. The other downloads work fine, but not the 8.0 beta. Also, I notice it says missions added for FC and BoS, but there's no FC version on your site yet. Is it part of the BoS version now?
  6. Remember that there are no cannons on these crates, just machine guns. A relatively small bullet going straight thought one of these planes does minimal damage unless it hits something vital. It's certainly not an AI-only advantage since I've taken numerous hits myself on various occasions without serious damage. I think the best bet is to try and go for the pilot... that's the most vulnerable part of the machine.
  7. JSGME works fine for pretty much all IL-2 mods if you make sure the folder structure is correct. In the case of this mod, unpacking the archive directly into the MODS folder is enough, followed by activating it in JSGME. MODS\clouds.V9.1\data is what it should look like.
  8. I wondered what was going on. I've just formatted my PC, logged in here, and now everything looks different. I was thinking, "What, why didn't I have access to these board before?!"
  9. Pretty sure @rowdyb00t has mentioned that his clouds are based on the "high" setting, so don't use extreme.
  10. Yep. I was flying for the RFC, 24 Squadron, SE5a, based at Mont St Eloi. I don't know the exact date, but I think it was Nov/Dec 1917... I'd only flown 6-7 missions, but had spent ~4 months total recovering from various wounds.
  11. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    For those wanting to customise these icons further, just download the latest version of GIMP. It can open these DDS files which means you can then do whatever you want to them... change the colours, the size, the entire icon, or delete the ones you don't want to see. It's very easy, it takes just minutes to tweak things.
  12. Is this definitely not modelled? I forget what Russian plane it was, but in BoX I hit the wing and it started pouring white mist. Shortly after I hit the same spot again (fluke) and the wing burst into flames, the white mist becoming black smoke instead. Granted it was BoX not FC, but I would think the features of one carry over to the other?
  13. I think Pat has mentioned that there is an issue with AI simulated flying speeds (ie, when you can't see them) at the moment, which results in them flying their route and being on the way home long before the player can reach the mission area. Pretty sure he said he was looking into it. In the meantime, try reducing the mission distances and also the size of the mission box. This puts more aircraft into a smaller area, making it more likely that you'll run into something. The moment I did this I started running into multiple flights of enemies, often pitting my flight of 3-4 against 6-12. These do tend to be Halberstadts though, presumably because they're slower than the fighters and on ground attack rather than patrols. (Damn their rear gunners!) That said, you could also try starting in the air which puts you over the ingress waypoint and therefore closer to the action. Doing this in combination with the above, I've flown two missions so far in which I've ended up in a furball with both Halberstadts and Albatroses. (Make sure you delete the takeoff waypoint in every mission so that the ingress waypoint is the first!)
  14. Switch browsers. Chrome is well known for being a resource hog. It may be the world's most-used browser and may have been a breath of fresh air when it was released, but there are plenty of alternatives out there these days. Take MS Edge for example... looks like Chrome, works like Chrome (it's based on the same engine), has more privacy options, less resource usage, and generally runs faster. I made the switch recently and haven't looked back.
  15. I've had debris I haven't been able to see destroy my prop a few times, in both BoX and FC. So either we're missing it or perhaps it isn't all being visibly drawn.
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