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  1. I tried v15 with Medium cloud quality and 96 samples. It looked great and ran smoothly. Sixteen plane furball on Rhineland in overcast weather and the FPS held rock steady at 40, which is perfect. Thanks for the tip! 😎 (Intel Core i7 10850, RTX 2060, 32GB RAM, Rift S)
  2. There's no rush, take as long as you need. I was just curious given your previous comments, that's all. Good to know it's in the works, and in the meantime I'll give v15 a try just to see how it performs. 👍
  3. @rowdyb00t, is the VR version of your latest work still coming? I notice earlier you mentioned that VR users should try v15 as you thought performance was improved, but others seem to have disproved that. I'd still like a "dumbed-down" VR version in the interests of performance, if possible. No worries if you're not doing that anymore though... I can continue with CloudsVR2.
  4. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    Try reading the thread. Not only is there a version that does that, the files that need to be edited to make your own version are also mentioned multiple times.
  5. You could just try the mod and use your eyes? 🤔 It works fine.
  6. Nope. I've been playing IL-2 perfectly fine for a number of years now, including just a month ago and it worked fine then. I just removed all traces of IL-2 from my PC, reinstalled the whole sim, no mods or other tweaks... same shit. No connection to authorisation server. What the hell is going on and why am I apparently the only one having this issue right now? Getting pretty fed up with this and also the total lack of official help.
  7. Disabled mods, validated files through Steam, and still can't start the damn sim. Same messages every single time. And now this thread is buried in a board which barely anyone reads. Good stuff. 🤬
  8. Yes but that doesn't explain my issue. I cannot log in at all due to "No connection with authorisation server" in the screenshot above. I only get the update error if I try to log in using offline mode, no regular online mode. (And how does it know my game it out of date if it can't talk to the server in the first place?) I've checked Steam and it did indeed download the hotfix so my game is up to date.
  9. Hi all, Is anyone else having problems starting the sim? It hangs on the loading screen before displaying a message about being unable to connect to the login servers. Retrying just repeats the message. The really odd thing is that when I try to login offline instead, I get an error message telling me a game update is available! The sim is fully up to date since I installed the patch on release day. 🤨 Neither option will let me into the sim... I can't even reach the main menu, let alone fly anything. Obviously there is nothing wrong with my internet connec
  10. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    The downloads work fine for me.
  11. Doesn't make any difference which "version" you have. There are two ways of installing OpenComposite. One is that you place a DLL file into the game folder where the exe is located, usually overwriting a file with the same name. The other is that you install the OpenComposite app and activate it, meaning it will apply itself to every game that would normally use SteamVR without any further input from you. I've found that some games prefer one method over the other. For me, replacing the DLL does NOT work for my Rift S. It results in exactly what you say... the
  12. That's strange. DCS has a dedicated Oculus mode, so perhaps the issue is with SteamVR itself? How did you install OpenComposite? Did you use the single dll file, or did you do a system-wide install?
  13. How are you connecting the Quest to your laptop? A little research shows that this problem can occur depending on what cable you are using. There have also been reports that you should connect it via USB Type-C rather than the HDMI 2.0 port. The specs of your laptop show that it does have one of these ports, though you might need to buy a cable if you don't already have one.
  14. To eliminate potential causes, I would just try running the sim without OpenComposite for now, through SteamVR. Get things running first, then worry about squeezing every last frame of performance out of it afterwards.
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