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  1. As opposed to offering some kind of explanation as to why, or offering an alternative method of achieving the same aim. Or offering anything remotely constructive whatsoever, rather than a useless, negative, one-line comment. The fact is that while you seem like a talented person who knows their stuff, your attitude when responding in other people's mod threads is very often just negative, unconstructive and ultimately useless. Sometimes even condescending, as if everyone should understand exactly what you mean without any explanation, as if we should all be "experts" like you. It's just plain lame, quite frankly. If you actually bothered to spend a little extra time educating people with polite and informative posts then it would help the entire modding scene. I know a great deal about modding numerous games, but what of it? My level of ability has nothing to do with my comment or this issue, and your level of ability does not excuse your generally piss-poor attitude.
  2. Another valuable contribution. ๐Ÿ™„
  3. I do yes, the only way to fly in my opinion! ๐Ÿ˜‰ With v9.1 I hover at around 40fps which means ASW is active on my Rift S. That's fine by me as it's smooth, and continues running fine with other planes in the air. With the latest v11 it varies between 20-25fps when I'm alone in heavy cloud, which means lots of stuttering and jitter. No good in a dog fight and I have no chance of enjoying those new weather fronts! So it looks like v9.1 is the pinnacle of cloud modification for mid-rangers like me. For reference, I'm on a GTX 1060 6GB. Fantastic, thanks a lot Rowdy! It's very good of you to support "dumbed down" versions of your mods so that more people can enjoy them. Most modders don't, so it is very much appreciated. Downloading now! ๐Ÿ‘ Can't you change which side gets the blue and red icons? I thought I saw that option somewhere, though perhaps I'm thinking of something else.
  4. Unfortunately the latest version is totally unplayable for me. I get framerates of just 20-25, and that's flying totally alone with no ground units and only heavy cloud. I didn't bother trying overcast. I suppose most graphics mods eventually leave us mid-rangers behind in favour of the high-enders, which is a shame as this one has been a staple for me since release. Since the later versions have lighting improvements that don't kill framerates, is it possible to drop these improvements into v9.1 by transferring files or not?
  5. Pretty sure VR controls and interactive cockpits are not part of the plan. Even as a VR user myself, I can't say I blame them to be honest. VR is still niche in a genre that is itself niche, so it would be a lot of work which few would end up using. Also, while holding virtual sticks in VR is kind of cool, it's nowhere near as versatile and precise as a physical HOTAS. In a dogfight it isn't long before your real hand is miles away from the virtual hand holding the cockpit controls, and having to look down for orientation isn't very practical.
  6. They should probably change the technochat to display degrees really, to prevent this kind of confusion. Most flight guides I've read express flap position in degrees too so % is not very helpful for beginners either.
  7. In all honesty, I think the OP should be free to ask the question without having to explain him/her self, and get an simple answer without people trying to tell him/her how to play their game.
  8. Given that only a vocal minority ever post on game forums, a poll would not be in any way representative of what the player base as a whole actually feels. This is particularly true given that the same vocal minority rarely know what they're talking about from a "realism" point of view, since none of us were around during WWI or have ever flown one of these planes from this era. What needs to happen is for people to let the dust settle, and then for the devs to take another look at how things are and how it compares to their own research, rather than to the hysterical complaints of a few individuals.
  9. I realise it will be more work, but it would be excellent if you can do this. As you know I'm not keen on the grey skies, and my poor 1060 is already pretty much maxed out running the game in VR as it is. (I literally can't play the BP map.) As much as I would like those weather fronts you're working on, if they hit performance even more then it'd render the sim unflyable for me.
  10. Goffik

    No fog mod

    You misinterpreted what I said. When I said "I'm sure there is", I meant that I'm sure there is demand for an option to turn haze on/off within the game... not that the option already exists.
  11. Goffik

    No fog mod

    I'm sure there is, but the problem there is that haze can affect visibility. It could give those turning it off an advantage, which means making it a server option, which means further dividing the online community into even smaller groups. I don't play online myself (yet), but I can see how such an option could generate complaints.
  12. Very generous of you mate, and congratulations! All the best!
  13. Goffik

    No fog mod

    Because haze is a real atmospheric effect.
  14. I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of the grey skies. To me personally, if felt like flying in a stylised black & white world, like Sin City or something, where my plane was the only coloured object. Also, on one occasion in overcast weather I got huge, plain grey clouds sitting just below the main layer. They had vary little variation in colour, looking like solid medium grey blobs in the sky. The main cloud banks themselves looked amazing, especially when on top of an overcast layer. But due to the grey skies and blob clouds, I think I'll stick with v9.1.
  15. Dropping the horizon distance definitely helps with the cloud aliasing in VR, but I've kept mine at 150km anyway. It just didn't look/feel right to me set at 70km. Looking forward to giving v10.1 a try today. You're working wonders with this mod mate. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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