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  1. Since the patch which changed spotting and added an option to make it easier, I think the main complaint is actually aircraft identification rather than spotting itself. Even in VR I can spot planes fairly easily from a good distance, but telling friend from foe is near impossible until you get very close indeed. It's not a huge deal for me because I play exclusively offline so most planes I spot at distance are enemies, but in multiplayer it can be a real problem.
  2. Not everybody has the same priorities. What of it? Why should your wish list be a higher priority than anyone else's? From what I've seen around here, what actually needs a reset is people's sense of entitlement and self-importance. But that goes for society in general these days, not just these forums.
  3. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    I play in VR so reshade isn't possible. I'm not sure I see the relevance to this mod though? You can use both, neither should affect the other. No, he's not. Modifying the folder name will have zero affect on what the mod does. All of the files in the OP are individual mods, you pick the one that suits your needs and use it. A few can be mixed and matched, but if you try using two which modify the same icons then only one will take affect, depending on order installed. Most people are I imagine, since JSGME has been the easiest way to enable/disable mods in many games for more years than I can remember. It works fine, regardless of patch version. If you're using JSGME and your mods do not appear to be working then there are two likely causes. First, the folder structure of your mods is wrong so the files are being installed by JSGME in the wrong place. Second, you do not have mods enabled from within the game.
  4. Goffik

    [MOD] Icons

    I'm not entirely sure what you're doing wrong, but I can confirm that this mod works fine with the latest patch. Check the folder structure again, though from your screens it does look correct.
  5. I appreciate what you're saying, but not everybody wants to play "hardcore" mode. It is more challenging and for some (including me) more immersive and more fun, but we should cater for other play styles and preferences too. This is especially true in VR since spotting anything at all, especially ground targets, is very difficult without icons enabled. I'm glad that they finally added the blocking of icons by objects and the fuselage, but I'm certainly not opposed to it being a toggled option so that both styles can be used. More options are a good thing.
  6. Uninstall method is right there in the mod thread. Basically, just remove the files you installed when you installed the mod. In future, maybe look into using JSGME for installing mods since it makes removal so, so much quicker and easier.
  7. Have you seen the German profile photos in BoX career mode? *shudders* Seriously though, I'm curious myself. Seems such a cheap, easy mod for everyone not to have used on every fighter.
  8. See, this is yet another one of those "discussions" I really don't see the point in. You have people fighting for and against the idea put forward by the OP, but why? BoX already has a built-in HUD which certainly didn't exist in any form in the 1940's. It already includes certain information that the real pilots wouldn't have had direct access to. Those of us that don't like these unrealistic aids, including myself, can switch it off so that it has no affect on our gameplay. Those that want a helping hand are free to use it. So to those arguing against a new G indicator, what's the big deal? If we can turn it on and off then who cares if it exists or not? Let those that want it have it, and the rest of us can ignore it altogether. Everyone's happy, job done.
  9. No, I think he means in what order does JSGME load the mods, top mod first or bottom mod first. This can be important because if two mods edit the same files, the one loaded first will be overwritten by the one loading later. Sometimes this doesn't matter, other times it can totally break one or both mods. I've always assumed that JSGME loads the list in order, from the top down. I don't know that for certain though.
  10. Goffik

    [MOD] Damage decals

    I didn't notice any change after the update. As you say, some holes could never been seen through anyway, the rest seem to be working for me.
  11. It sounds to me like this is probably the best option in your situation, combined with Fenris's tips. I have similar neck limitations due to an old injury, so to look behind I twist my chair 45 degrees and then turn my head 90 degrees. Works quite well. Adjusting your headset movement ratio (if it's even possible) would indeed result in almost instant VR sickness, and the migoto3D mod's 30 degrees was not enough. Plus it meant using the keyboard, which I can't reliably do with a VR headset on. (No buttons left on HOTAS.)
  12. I fly fighters exclusively because I find bombing and strafing boring. Spotting and ID'ing is a bit of a challenge sometimes but not an insurmountable one, and you do get used to it. As for orientation in a dogfight, I find that far and away easier in VR than I ever did in 2D because if feels so natural.
  13. I'd like to have a single view for the game window too. I wasn't playing BoX when it was a single view before, but have no idea why that would be changed? It serves no purpose. You may as well display a blank black screen since the game window is useless for spectators and useless for video capture. To those wanting to get game footage, can't you use OBS? It allows you to specifically choose the window to capture footage from, even if the window is in the background or minimised. You should be able to choose the Oculus/SteamVR mirror as the video input, shouldn't you? Also, with a downloaded addon, you also have the option of capturing the video directly from your VR headset, on either eye. I use OBS for streaming my racing sims in VR.
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