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  1. I don't pretend to understand the limitations; I only ask. BUT....If you allow the Aldis, and then (if it is your preference) de-select it....does it not go back to the DEFAULT configuration? Considering if you had your home view set up for that....would it not be easy to simply de-select the Aldis and then be at default? If you disallow the Aldis, it's IMPOSSIBLE to use it. But if you make it an option, is it not possible to use it, OR....deselct it and then end up with the default config? I stand to be corrected. I think it is important to define what is accepted as the "standard" gun sight. IMHO, that would have to mean whatever sight that you can see if you have NO modifications selected; and in many (if not most) cases, that is actually the best gun sight (or at least the basis) for each plane. So, in my own humble assumptions, I would assume you could see either the the Aldis....or if deselected, the "standard" home view gun sight. In any case, it would not be the optional mod of the "iron" sight, which is just another mod option. Please accept my apologies for my own ignorance. If this is really that big of a limitation, I blame the devs, not you. S!
  2. Hear him. I am actually very surprised that the ratio was one in 5,000 rounds; that seems pretty optimistic. From reading it seems that being actually shot down by flak was almost unheard of; although having bursts near you was very common. In most cases, you might come back with holes in your wings, or even be wounded; and of course, there are the actual shoot-downs recorded. But those would have to be the proverbial "golden BB" hits that just can't be accepted on any repetitive basis in normal events. This is an argument that probably goes back for a LONG way. But the basic concept of flak batteries being concentrated in specific areas, can't really be argued with. Let us stick to reality, an not use such things as tools to obtain any specific goals. In that respect, I thank the makers of B.S. It has provided me with a feeling for realism (flak included) that seems quite like what the reality was, based on statistics and accounts. Keep up the good work! S!
  3. The thing to know about the S.E.5a and Aldis, is that if you use the Aldis, your default home view is centered on that (I assume). Therefore, if the Aldis is disallowed, your default home view will be centered on the ring that the Aldis is mounted in. This is still workable....for those not wanting to alter their original home view. Is that that big of deal? Not on that plane. But if it's on a plane like the SPAD XIII, where the standard gun sight view is different than the Aldis view, then yeah, if any of your Ins/Home/Del/End/Pg Up/Pg Dn keys is mapped to some other function, like TIR, and maybe your view change speeds are too fast for accurate setting without altering them temporarily, it becomes a big deal. I request that the Aldis be available as a modification on the Entente planes, whatever that takes. It can always be de-selected, if not wanted. But it can't be selected, if disallowed on the server side. This is not a mod that has any real advantage; it is just an option. Please enable that. S! and great work!
  4. Lol, at least you're the only person who can SAY that they prefer Entente 😅
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