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  1. You can adjust seat position with F10 while VR is active? Didn't know that, thanks.
  2. Really nice. The detail on the cliffs in the background look photorealistic.
  3. Ah, you're right. I read a review that said the Reverb had a smaller FOV, but just checked the HP website and they are both 114 deg. Not sure leatherette is worth an extra $100.
  4. I'm also thinking about getting the Reverb. The Reverb Pro (about $100 more than Reverb) has a 114 Deg FOV which I think is slightly better than the Rift S. Also, reviewing some through the lens comparisons, seems like the clarity is about as good as one could get with today's hardware.
  5. I second the OP's post about the engine sounds. Very hard to tell from the sounds where your throttle is at. Plus, at least with the 109E-7, taking the throttle to zero in flight stops all engine noise. Outside aircraft can be heard and other cockpit sounds, but no engine at all which seems very odd.
  6. Thanks Pat. I finally figured out that I had to start the program in Admin mode to make it work. All working now.
  7. Very nice work TF. Thanks! Ferd
  8. Hi Pat, Having a problem with 6.1.4. The program starts with white screen then immediately terminates. Error log says "Set product to BoS". Thx for the help and this wonderful work of yours. Ferd
  9. Bring your sunscreen and hat, it is blazing hot here in Orlando right now.
  10. Dude, you wheel-whipped the poor guy.
  11. You can also try setting fast sync on in the nvidia control panel (its one of the vsync options) and then limiting the framerate to 60 fps in-game.
  12. II./Sch.G.1 1/10/41 Thanks Pat. You are a real credit to this community. S!
  13. I'm at work and can answer definitively later, but it was the Schlachtgeschwader attack squadron (Schlg. 1 I think?) flying 109 E-7 starting at the earliest date available on the all maps option.
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