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  1. No, you can manage it through Windows. Here is how you setup to access both your sound from your sound card/motherboard and your sound from graphics card HDMI:
  2. It's awesome with buttkicker, highly recommend. Also, instead of getting another sound card to power the buttkicker, you can also use HD Audio from your graphics card. Plug your buttkicker into your monitor's audio out and choose HD Audio in Simshaker as the source. Works perfectly.
  3. So to be clear, the Migoto mod is NOT working at all right now, correct? I had been using an older version just for the 15 deg. look behind function and didn't want to upgrade to the latest version if it isn't working.
  4. Run the launcher and it will update automatically.
  5. I wonder if this is also a problem with the WWII planes? Haven't really seen any posts about it happening there.
  6. I was the attacking plane in that video. I had a chance to watch the actual track and it really is shocking. Three of our element of four appear out of nowhere within a few hundred meters of the Spads. We, of course, could see the Spads and had been tracking them for several minutes before attacking. My flight could all see each other as well. Interestingly, when scrolling through external views on the track, you cannot view any of our total flight of 8 until after the attack starts. It's as if we didn't even exist in the game, not just that we were invisible graphically. That event cost Baer (an excellent pilot for those that don't know him) a long killstreak. I know this is a game and all, but part of the reason it is such an enjoyable game is because many in the community take it seriously. Invisible planes in multi-player is a pretty large issue and I would really hope the developers can get this fixed before Normandy is released. Labroisse
  7. Hi, I'm pretty sure crashes are related to VR. When I play with VR off, no crashes. I've tried with and without Beta versions of SteamVR and WMR for SteamVR and same result. Also tried turning smoothing on/off, lowering Supersampling, changing framerate, still crashing every mission. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks, Labroisse
  8. HI, I'm having a very similar problem as Marvel with similar setup. Dump log is attached. Would really appreciate some help, game is basically unplayable. Thanks, Labroisse Intel i7 5820K / DDR 4 32 MB / RTX2080Ti / HP Reverb Il-2.exe.11020.zip
  9. I tried it on the Reverb. Set SS to 100% Anti-aliasing in game to 4 and enabled VRSS through Nvidia Inspector. It didn't seem to change performance one way or the other, and the image quality was about the same or perhaps slightly worse than running 120% SS without VRSS and AA @ 4 in-game.. Running 2080Ti, intel 5820K CPU oc to 4.0 GHz.
  10. You can also use HD Audio from your graphics card. Plug your buttkicker into your monitor audio out and choose HD Audio in Simshaker. Works perfectly and don't need a second sound card.
  11. You can adjust seat position with F10 while VR is active? Didn't know that, thanks.
  12. Really nice. The detail on the cliffs in the background look photorealistic.
  13. Ah, you're right. I read a review that said the Reverb had a smaller FOV, but just checked the HP website and they are both 114 deg. Not sure leatherette is worth an extra $100.
  14. I'm also thinking about getting the Reverb. The Reverb Pro (about $100 more than Reverb) has a 114 Deg FOV which I think is slightly better than the Rift S. Also, reviewing some through the lens comparisons, seems like the clarity is about as good as one could get with today's hardware.
  15. I second the OP's post about the engine sounds. Very hard to tell from the sounds where your throttle is at. Plus, at least with the 109E-7, taking the throttle to zero in flight stops all engine noise. Outside aircraft can be heard and other cockpit sounds, but no engine at all which seems very odd.
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