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  1. I agree! That would give FC the real push forward that it needs.
  2. SCG_motoadve, so from a pilot's point of view, "landing speed" should be Vref? I also can't understand any useful airspeed below stall speed. I think the specs guide simply needs to be corrected.
  3. Perhaps it's just semantics in the specs. I understood "landing speed" to be the speed when you cross the runway threshold, not Vs0 or Vs1.
  4. This seems confusing to me also. To me, "landing speed" should be equivalent to Vref which is always above stall speed.
  5. Thanks for the quick update.
  6. He went by the name of Buddye. I think part of the strength of the AI was the variety of manoeuvres that were triggered. That gave it much more the feel that you were playing against a human opponent instead of a canned response.
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