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  1. The previous one I had was dated October 9th 2020, and was an identical size. Perhaps someone from the Team can confirm if there were any changes?
  2. The Tobruk map flashcard is identical, just with a different date on the file.
  3. Try this: https://aergistal.github.io/il2/ At the bottom are the tanks.
  4. @BlackHellHound1 When I first go in to the program after an update, a handful of skins are pre-selected in the queue for download which I did not mark. Is this a known issue? Kudos to you and Haluter for a really great asset!
  5. My grandfather was in exactly that situation and spent the last year of the war in a POW camp. He was not enthusiastic about that either.
  6. Wonderful and rather unexpected news! Thanks Jason for seeing this go forward, and very excited to see this happen.
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