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  1. *sigh* He knew this was going to drive us all nuts.
  2. Is there a possibility to implement an adjustable variant (akin to normal/expert difficulty settings)? I like the idea of my career mode pilot being a bit of a veteran flyer, though in quickmatch/multiplayer I have no issues with the current model. Overall it's in decent shape.
  3. Most of the friends I've tried to get into IL-2 have had two main issues, neither of which has been price related. 1. Lack of in-game tutorial/guides on how to take off, land etc. A few well made missions could really help here -- even having a Tutorials or Training section in the menu. Yes, we all love Requiem's tutorials on youtube but not everyone knows they're there, and they also don't help people set up control binds. "Press <boundkey or axis> to pitch up" onscreen prompts, etc is the kind of thing I think would help for new players. 2. Confusion around which version to buy. I really think Stalingrad itself should be renamed IL-2: Great Battles on Steam. Might even be time to merge Stalingrad/Moscow packages together from a value perspective, might help eliminate the "feeling like you've only got 1/6th of the experience" impressions people have mentioned.
  4. Another Cessna 150 fan chiming in -- it's what I trained in until covid hit. No local instructors anymore so.... bit of a holding pattern @10 hours now. Ground school is done though :). Looking forward to finding some cool places to mark for later real-life flights once I get back into the swing of things :).
  5. Ooooh I hope it's the 747-K4 with MW50!
  6. Thank you!! Binding controls went fine, graphically it holds up pretty well!
  7. 13! Does Blitz support Virpil sticks? I remember someone mentioning it had some issues in the past but not sure if that was fixed...
  8. Index owner here to chime in -- if 99% of your VR time is going to be in IL-2 or other seated experiences? You're probably better off with the Rift S. Don't get me wrong, the Index is amazing, but simply not necessary unless you're a diehard roomscale player.
  9. Did some googling -- I think the reason you're not seeing that big of a difference is simply because we're getting small additions every 1-2 weeks. If you look at a gameplay video from BoS at release vs now I think you'll see what I mean. Honestly the biggest change lately has been that new renderer, the perf gains enabled me to enable FXAA in VR -- which is a night/day difference in terms of looks.
  10. Hmm, well, come to think of it we've just had several major upgrades in 4.0 1- New clouds in 4.002 2- Objects at 10km and distant cities in.. 4.003 or 4.004 3- New renderer, reflections, fxaa etc, new water, plus a huge perf boost overall, especially for VR in 4.006 4- New cloud tech to reduce/almost completely remove the plane+cloud visibility issues in 4.008 5- The damage model revamp in 4.005 I guess my question is -- what do you consider an engine upgrade?
  11. Hahah, I dunno what's gotten into Jason but posts like these are great. I love seeing the enthusiasm on these forums.
  12. The best set is pretty subjective, but fortunately IL-2 has pretty great, native support for VR out of the box through SteamVR. Depending on availability/where you live your best bet is either an Rift S or a Valve Index. I have an Index but honestly given that 99% of my time in VR is spent in IL-2 I'd suggest a Rift S for the easier setup. No sensors to deal with, one cable etc. What have you got for a video card? VR is pretty demanding, but as long as you've got a 1080 or better you should be ok.
  13. 1. Correct, any future addons you buy will show up. As an example, I have BoS/BoM/BoK on steam but then bought BOBP and Flying Circus here. 2. Technically you had to be online to generate career missions if you were playing career anyway, but yes, the steam client would require you to be online. You can launch the game from Steam's offline mode though.
  14. You should be fine to delete it now that your accounts are linked. You can continue to use the steam install and in the future, if you want to buy addons you can still support the devs directly here and they'll show up in the steam version as well.
  15. .7 is far too low... I'm not sure why anyone would recommend that. Try .9 or .8 for a compromise.
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