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  1. Very exciting, can’t wait to fly over the channel in the pre-invasion map!
  2. Yep, I noticed that on his bio too having read Stuka Pilot. I’m excited to see what the American, Canadian(hopefully)and British biographies too as I’m sure they’ll borrow some stories here and there.
  3. Hmmmm.. I kinda wish there was a middle ground between the two spotting options. I also find it difficult to believe that zoom should be allowed in expert mode though. If you’re going to argue realism that’s fine, but go the whole way. That being said? KOTA isn’t itching to spend money on an extra server, at this point I’d suggest waiting out the results of the poll and go with the community.
  4. You're talking about these, right? https://www.logitechg.com/en-ca/products/flight/flight-simulator-instrument-panel.html It's a multi-panel LCD screen that can be an airspeed indicator, artificial horizon... basically an gauge in the cockpit really... tempting but I don't play X-Plane enough to use 'em :).
  5. 6700k/1080/Index here. Honestly the 9700k & 2070S would be a good combo and should stay within that budget. My next upgrade will likely be a GPU first, contrary to a lot of the comments around IL2 being CPU bound, once you’re in VR the rendering requirements REALLY hit your GPU. There’s a performance testing thread in the VR sub forum that support this. 9700k is basically the max CPU you’d need, you could probably even get away with a 9600K.
  6. You’d have to... hmm run it in a window, and then just have this window on a separate monitor, and broadcast that*
  7. Oh man, if you can deal with a perf hit, yes, there is a way -- here let me fire up SteamVR and take a screenshot for you... You can even tell it to display one eye, both eyes, or merge them together!
  8. I'll do some more testing and get back to you. The strange thing is, 80fps with no reprojection feels better than 60fps interpolated. I still saw the ghosting when I did my initial setup on tuesday.. I haven't tried 144 as I suspect it's pretty bad.
  9. .. I told my gf about this one, as if it was a neat little feature... now we have to do a 1940s photo shoot...
  10. Oh wow. Is there a dev post tracker?
  11. I’m not quite sure what tomorrow’s DD will bring, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a bit too busy. We got spoiled last week with the video and Jason’s tempest story. That being said, I would love to hear how the community voiceovers for English pilots turned out, and what the process of bringing those into the game was like.
  12. Hah, no way, Mazex-- I got mine tonight as well (imported to Canada, took me two weeks). 1. I agree, I waited too long as well. 2. Yep -- glare is worse, -- it took me a bit of time to really dial in my IPD and the headstrap (even though it's similar to the deluxe audio strap). After I realized it was just glare and got used to it, it was fine. 3. Agreed on comfort, on long missions / bombing runs (running the game in window on the desktop) I flip up the headset and browse/chat with folks on steam etc -- MUCH better for this! 4. Honestly the FOV doesn't seem huge for me, but I had a VR cover face gasket so I really had those lenses pushed up against my eyes. You're right, the vertical FOV is improved though. 5. Agreed on pancake. It's like going from 720p to 1080p. Performance wise: I run a 6700k/1080 -- I actually run it at SS100 (so 2016x2240ish) but I decided to go down to 80hz -- once I upgrade (next year maybe) I'll be able to play around 120hz with similar settings. I'm one of the lucky ones with a stomach for it so I can deal with the framerate being a little lower. All in all? I love it. Very pleased. Between IL2, Elite, NMS and H3VR I'm all set.
  13. Big fan of: 1. Airfield assault 2. Train assault 3. Intercept ground attack/bomber/recon Could be fun: Ground/River crossing cover Not a fan of: Anything where I’m flying 80km+ to objective... in single player you kind of know not much will happen on the way there. Wish it existed: Anti shipping (Like Sea Dragons And Havoc over Kuban) Airfield is under assault (like Fortress on the Volga scripted campaign!)
  14. R3animate

    $320 us

    You should use the search function.. 1. They've been working on the sound bug, it's likely fixed in the next build. They've been VERY open about this. 2. The game does not cost 320$... not sure where you made up this number from. Counting all 6 games + collectors planes as a base cost is bs, check your bs at the door. The packs available here are a great deal... other sims charge 50-80$ for single planes in some cases. 3. "I want some answers" -- you must be really pleasant at restaurants.
  15. I'm in NB Canada, but by the time it gets up the coast (next Saturday) toward us it'll be downgraded / likely won't hit us head on anyway. Shamrock says it well above ^^ (being a pilot basically involves being a weather forecaster) -- very scary. Hopefully everyone gets out safe and the damage isn't too great.
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