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  1. R3animate

    DD today?

    I'm gonna go with a MAYBE on DD today... This week we did get another patch (3.010c) and some solid info in the interview with Shamrockonefive ( https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/12/part-2-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev/ ) Regardless, wololo!
  2. R3animate

    Game running so smooth now

    Huge improvement in VR for me. Disabled hyperthreading because it helps a lot with some of the stuttering, but then the new UI patch changed everything... I probably gained ~15fps with the UI on in VR.
  3. I wouldn't suggest it. You can probably modify it with an SQL editor but you'll break a lot of stuff. I tried to rename a character once, not worth it. Started over.
  4. Honestly I'm really curious to see how the Radeon VII performs in IL-2. Not that I can upgrade to it. Currently using a 1080, can't justify ~1k cad for 20% at best... same reason I can't go to the 2080 series... just isn't worth it.
  5. Just played a test career mission... couple notes: 1. Awesome, you can join the Night Witches! 2. UI is much improved, especially in VR -- the 2d screen mirrors at 640x480 so it's really nice to have the big fonts in VR. 3. UI performance is HUGELY improved, really impressed here -- thanks guys!
  6. R3animate

    DD today?

  7. Finished Mission 4 - Baptism of Fire this morning. This is probably the most exciting mission I've played yet. It begins with 110s flying overhead as you take off to join them. On your left, a squad of 109s attacking what appears to be a nearby airfield... to the right, the smoldering ruins of what used to be a town near the river.You fly over Barricaddy(Voroshilovskiy?) and the 110s begin their work. A trio of Laggs swoops down from overhead. In the chaos I don't see the second squad. The 110s are getting torn to bits. I finally get a good line on one but tunnel vision sets in... I'm lining up shots but flak starts exploding left right and center... don't cross the Volga. I fall back to rejoin the 110s as they retreat but two of the Laggs are coming back for me. I climb until another 109 joins me and engage. One of the Russians is smoking badly, the other is on my tail. I hit the deck to evade but he follows me back to the airfield. As I begin turning to try and evade and land, I see cannon rounds fly past the right side of my plane... I start to think it's over when the Lagg banks left and is chased by my wingman. As I open the canopy, shut off the engine and roll my flaps back into position I look over to the left. Airfield AA takes out the Lagg. I finish the mission with 4 credited victories (three of which I saw, the forth must have been the one that fled over the Volga). Most fun I've had yet. Loving this purchase. I had no idea that Stalingrad looked so good, it's so easy to entire sections of the map if you don't play career or scripted.
  8. R3animate

    DD today?

    I fear it may be too late in the day..
  9. R3animate

    DD today?

  10. Just finished the third mission. This campaign is a real treat. I love reading the briefings while en-route to the objective. Also, THANK YOU for putting suggested altitude/speed in! I know a lot of people ignore it, but it certainly lines up any little surprises you have if we're in the right place at the right time.
  11. R3animate

    DD today?

    Let's get back on topic guys... it's not a complaint/whining thread. It's is a summoning thread! WOLOLO!
  12. R3animate

    DD today?

    Battle of Malta! Battle of Poland (not sure if there was much in the air for this) Battle of Devlog!
  13. R3animate

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Another one from New Brunswick here. I had the chance to go to the air show in Ottawa last year. Can confirm, very impressive museum. Spitfires, Hurricane, Sea Fury, 109-F4, some WW1 planes... Got to see a P51, Spitfire and Corsair fly in formation, that was slick.
  14. R3animate

    DD today?

    No dev log last week... patch tomorrow??
  15. R3animate

    Too many problems

    Devil's advocate for a second... 1. You picked a crappy server, or one with a ridiculously high ping. 2. See above. 3. See above. 4. See above. I get that it's discouraging, just wait it out or play career/scripted campaigns until BoP releases. I pretty well only play SP or on Coconut's servers (which clearly explain the spawning rules). If a big, north american server doesn't pop up, a coworker and I are just going to say screw it and host one ourselves :).