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  1. Hmm.. I want to say they confirmed drop tanks somewhere... hang on let me find it... https://il2sturmovik.com/news/360/announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-c/ See above ^^ and they mentioned it again with Normandy, so something must have held it up -- they've stated that they're working on a fuel system revamp too I think. That being said, that alternate field land/re-arm would be AWESOME in single player. It would add a lot of variety too. Really good suggestion.
  2. I've never had much luck with single engine in a twin either, but in general (for all planes) it's to the point now where (unfortunately) I just can't get a good enough handle on things to bother taxiing any** plane. I finish missions on the runway in almost every case. PS - @SYN_Requiem Just taking the opportunity to say thanks for all of your videos, not only did your videos help me get into IL-2 from other games but they're in the pool of resources that inspired me to start working on my PPL :).
  3. If I had to describe it better.. It’s like taxiing on Velcro or something... you’re stuck or you’re rolling too fast..
  4. Anyone else having issues with the Spitfires spinning a bit too easily? It really feels like it has two separate issues: 1. It feels like it takes an excessive amount of throttle to get it rolling... this one seems to be a lot of planes.. way more throttle than I’d ever expect to get them rolling. 2. Runaway tail wheel seems to happen a lot faster than expected and at really low speeds. In some cases I’m barely even moving forward and it’ll spin around. I mean I’ve never flown a tail dragger IRL but even just watching the videos of people online.. the MkV and IX just seem off. Anyone else having similar issues? Just finished the 4th mission of Achtung Spitfire, even the AI can’t land them cleanly..
  5. Just came by to show my appreciation -- thank you SAS Crew, @II./JG1_Vonrd and @OrLoK ! This is by far the best use of the cockpit photo feature yet. Must-have mod for people who change planes often . It's ESPECIALLY helpful in VR where you don't tend to be able to look down at your own notes.
  6. I suspect it's a lot more complicated to add new missions or there would be more varying types. I'm still crossing my fingers for "train intercept" and anti-shipping missions in the future though
  7. To be honest, having testing Geforce now quite a bit when it was in beta-- no, you'd get the same microstutter (I think they used to use Telsa P100 cards, not sure what they use now). Input lag is the real killer, if you can live with the input lag it'd be fine. Other factors (pretty major ones): Your trackir likely won't work VR would never work Your pedals, stick, and throttles likely won't work either. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here but you're basically remoting onto a VM -- you'd get xbox/ps4 controller support and any of the stuff Steam natively supports but that's about it. I mostly ended up using it for the Total War games, where they delay didn't bother me. You're still dealing with compressed video too, so spotting will be a nightmare online.
  8. You’d probably have to use the POH for each plane but honestly you can... mostly get away with full rich. A few of the planes also have a “run” setting (like the P51 if I’m not mistaken). As a side note there’s also a Pilot’s notes Cockpit picture mod that I would highly recommend, though I don’t believe it has mixture info.
  9. Battle of Italy/Malta/Siciliy would be an absolute dream of an expansion... Seafires, C205s... Warhawks, Early Mustangs.. G50s... CR42's... Swordfish! Sadly it'd be one-sided carrier ops, but still loads of fun. I would love to see a bigger focus on anti-shipping... that's the one thing I truly miss in the career. Here's hoping for Normandy but I'm not aware of much anti shipping operations in the lead up to (and post) invasion... I think most of the naval losses were due to naval defenses along the shore.
  10. You should be fine as the others said above, buy BoS through steam, then link the accounts and you'll get all of the content on steam and still be able to support the devs in the future / buy through the web store.
  11. Very exciting, can’t wait to fly over the channel in the pre-invasion map!
  12. Yep, I noticed that on his bio too having read Stuka Pilot. I’m excited to see what the American, Canadian(hopefully)and British biographies too as I’m sure they’ll borrow some stories here and there.
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