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  1. R3animate

    Ground units disappearing in VR

    Yea, it clearly has something to do with FOV. It's object culling. It's like the game is trying to unload "less important" objects (ie; ground units) when you start to look away... but with VR the FOV is pretty large so sometimes you're looking toward them and they're culled. The strange thing, it happens with artillery... but not the sandbags around it. You can also REALLY EASILY demonstrate this by turning on target markers and simply looking around. I wonder if the devs are even aware..
  2. R3animate

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    You can. Here's how I do it. 1. Line up where you want to be. I usually line up the gunsight to be centered over my right eye. 2. Press F10. This saves it, if you look carefully you'll notice the game "shift" around you. 3. Sit back in your chair comfortably and press the VR RECENTER button. When you do the 3rd step, you'll notice it's back where you centered.
  3. R3animate


    Hah, you won't get bashed by the community. 50% of my IL2 time is spent flying circuits / landing / taking off in different planes over and over. In career mode? There should be an options button in the bottom right, hit that, you can set air/runway start :). In quick mission you pick it too. Enjoy!
  4. R3animate

    DD today?

    It’s too late in the day :’(
  5. R3animate

    DD today?

    ...I fear it is too late in the day for the wololo
  6. R3animate

    DD today?

  7. R3animate

    DD today?

  8. R3animate

    Why has ammo bug not been fixed yet???

    So just to confirm-- this was a Wings of Liberty ONLY bug, yea? Or basically anyone who modifies the mission file with a text editor.
  9. Non-Steam and Steam run off of the same servers etc-- the first time you log in with Steam you simply make an IL2 account and it links them automatically. You can copy the files over, should work fine. Devs get much more of the funding if you buy it from the IL2 website (I think all they pay is merchant fees), I think Steam takes a 30% cut. ..
  10. R3animate

    A Thought on Pricing

    They're not expansions, they're standalone titles. They simply combine together if you own multiple.. By the same logic, do you think games that use the same engine (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, IWD2, BG2) should be considered expansions and cost less?
  11. R3animate

    DD today?

    Bit of a long shot, I think everyone’s on point with next Wednesday.. but... Wololo
  12. R3animate

    Train Rendering

    Same thing here, I thought it was only a VR thing. Trains and ground AA disappears out my side window at 1km, I can make a video tonight..
  13. R3animate

    DD today?

  14. R3animate

    DD today?

    It’s too late in the day... *cries*
  15. R3animate

    DD today?

    Just wishful thinking :). They did say they were close with the P47 and K4