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  1. I mean, I have tomorrow off.. so I hope it’s today.. but I can’t imagine it’ll happen before the expo
  2. Today could be the day. I have a feeling it is... because I'm going away on vacation and won't be able to see it! ahuuuhuuuu :'(
  3. I remember when Wednesday’s were the days where we saw updates...
  4. Why do we think it’s today??
  5. Maybe in honor of pi day we’ll get version 3.14!
  6. I would love the option to choose my radio language or country (within a given limit, I mean a Canadian Spitfire MkV -- sure. An RCAF BF109 is a bit silly, maybe just limit axis/allied planes to their respective countries/languages) in quickmatch. In terms of career -- I agree with above, tie it to the squadron.
  7. Between the Dora and K4 I'm getting really excited for the Bodenplatte map/career. Apparently the D9s didn't see operational status until something like Sept '44... I mean... I guess a mod could slip it into Kuban.
  8. The Hurricane also had a really strong airframe, it could really taking a thrashing. Would be interesting to see how the design gets modeled in terms of damage.
  9. Yes, You can request a transfer to another squadron. It usually takes 1 day in the campaign to process but then you get accepted. I swap between 109s and 190s pretty often as they get different types of missions.
  10. Ancient priests, of course... (it’s from Age of Empires but I’m sure if you search the thread for wololo it will come up)
  11. It’s too late in the day!
  12. Wishful thinking but wololo!!!
  13. I'm gonna go with a MAYBE on DD today... This week we did get another patch (3.010c) and some solid info in the interview with Shamrockonefive ( https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/12/part-2-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev/ ) Regardless, wololo!
  14. Huge improvement in VR for me. Disabled hyperthreading because it helps a lot with some of the stuttering, but then the new UI patch changed everything... I probably gained ~15fps with the UI on in VR.
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