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  1. After the next round of BIOS updates next week / PBO2 features being added I'll likely do another round of tests (and provide the missing info from @chiliwili69's sheet such as my mem timings etc). Still no luck on a 3080 for me, at this point I'm waiting for the inevitable 3080TI ;).
  2. Check the benchmark thread, I went from a 6700k@4.5ghz to a 5800x... massive gains, no regrets. I'm now GPU bound, so I can't test that scenario for you yet (can't find a 3080 :P)
  3. There's a number of potential issues that could be causing this: 1. There are still a lot of b550/x570 bios issues that need to be fixed 2. PBO is known to be buggy/not working properly on Ryzen 5k right now, I also saw performance loss with PBO+200 in IL2 3. Single-rank-8gb dimms x2 (for dual rank, vs 4x8 or 2x16 for quad rank), but this is a small impact (up to 5%) 4. CCD/CCX latency -- remember, on the 5900 and 5950, the second batch of cores have to communicate through the I/O die but this should only be a small impact. 5. You still might be GPU bottlenecke
  4. I mean it's less of a "I have to bring a mouse" problem and more of a "the game feels really clunky in VR without joystick support in menus" problem :).
  5. I can confirm this is the case on my end as well. Only by ~5fps but yes, I saw a performance degradation** with PBO enabled too.
  6. Got it -- sounds good. BIOS update today fixed my Infinity Fabric -- instead of 1600 it'll be going up to 1800 (3600mhz mem). I'll re-run a regular CPU run and a VR test run and post results on both with the new 3600mhz mem. My thoughts on differences between similar Ryzen chips: I have two* dual-ranked 16gb dimms in dual channel -- meaning I have quad rank memory. The other 5800x user may not. This will likely show a small difference, 5%-ish.
  7. Did some playing with my 5800X today. IL-2 benchmarks in the SYN_Vader/Chiliwilli thread.. With PBO I managed to get single core boosts up to ~5040mhz Cinebench multicore: 6090 Cinebench single core: 634 I've got it all just back to defaults now (so max boost ~5840mhz) but I'm quite pleased with the jump up from my 6700k. I'm pretty happy with my decision to upgrade, I really didn't realize how much of a difference it would make on the CPU side alone. Whenever I can get one, I plan on getting a 3080 as well and I'll do another round of tests (like the 4K/VR IL-2 benc
  8. Hey @chiliwili69, Quick suggestion for the main post -- rather than say match settings, can you post the startup.cfgparameters for video? Should help ensure compliance + rapid retests with a quick cfg swap. My Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Pro AC / F11G Bios (I will retest when the 3600mhz/XMP bug is fixed) CPU: AMD 5800X (Noctua DH-15S air cooling) CPU Freq: 3.7ghz/4.8ghz boost (highest boost HWMonitor saw during test was 4840mhz) L3 cache: 32MB Cores: 8 Threads: 16 RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 32GB NB Freq: 1800 (AMD user / infinity fabric freq) RAM Freq: 3600mhz R
  9. Anyone else kinda wish we could get up/down/left/right/accept/back/exit bindings (that allow duplicates* so we can use our flight controls) for menus? When playing in VR, I always have to make sure I bring the mouse over to the sim rig so I can click start/navigate menus..
  10. Got lucky and picked up a 5800X (Canada/Newegg). I haven't had a chance to set up my HOTAS yet but I will try and do some benchmarking this weekend (I saw the other thread, I'll do what I can and report back). INTIAL REPORT (sans proper benchmark) - It's running a hell of a lot better on the new rig -- I did a dogfight over brussels and kept a steady 90 with my previous settings the entire time. Old rig would have been ~60ish over the city (same gpu, same settings are prior rig). My x56 throttle is finally starting to die though, getting ghost inputs now, I may have to final
  11. i7-6700k @4.5ghz, exclusively playing in VR. I'll ask again, do IPC gains not count for AVX? Zen2 saw big gains for AVX workloads. Zen3 likely will as well but there are no benchmarks available at this time.
  12. ..Do IPC improvements not apply to AVX workloads?
  13. *sigh* He knew this was going to drive us all nuts.
  14. Is there a possibility to implement an adjustable variant (akin to normal/expert difficulty settings)? I like the idea of my career mode pilot being a bit of a veteran flyer, though in quickmatch/multiplayer I have no issues with the current model. Overall it's in decent shape.
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