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  1. That is correct answer mate! Congratulations 🎅
  2. Hello everyone! The Il-2 Sturmovik has one of the best player community. When I began my adventure with this game, I was gifted by generous players with the "Battle of Cuban" and the P-40E-1. Now it is my time to be a Santa's elf. OK, talk the talk let's walk the walk. I want to give Yak-1b license key to the first player who will give the exact number of German planes shot down for sure by the Polish 1st Fighter Regiment (or 1 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego - 1PLM, which used Yak1b's, Yak-9's and Yak3's). Good luck! P.S. If you already have Yak-1b please do not give the answer 😅 Merry Christmas and a happy new 2019th!
  3. Turret presented above is the cast variant not "formochka". But of course "formochka" also had Mickey Mouse hatches :-)
  4. Hi everyone. Now the developers are still researching the exact variant of T-34/76. In my opinion the best possible variant from the Kursk battle was: Factory 183 with "Formochka" UZTM turret. As you can see on the pictures above the T-34/76 from n183 factory with UZTM Formochka turrets were used at the Kursk battle. Why this variant? The answer is obvious: 1. First of all as you can see on the first picture it was "rich" variant (not very common in the crisis first half of the 1943) - this one probably from 112 factory - stamped wheels instead of cast - look at the wheels - all with rubbers (look at the other T-34's they have cheap wheels without rubbers). It also had armoured MG, 5 gears gearbox and other improvements implemented. 2. Formochka turret from UZTM was 45mm thick (compared to 52mm thickness of cast turret) - but even though it gave better protection because it was stamped from hardened welded armour sheets. (It also has less spalling). 3. It was mass produced (2670 turrets were produced from 1942-1944). 4. It is the prettiest variant
  5. I’m rather new to the community, I jumped here from War Thunder. IL2 is great but I also had only this one concern: WarThunder-like tech chat, I would prefer to have some server without it to have more real experience. This whole tech chat is an argument for many people in WT forum not to jump to IL2 “because IL2 has unrealistic technical chat also, so what the difference” or “so what IL2 has fully working and animated cockpits and instruments if they are of no use anyway because tech chat, so what the difference”. I have no problem playing without tech tips in IL2 (like I didn’t in RoF) and it gives me truly WWII experience, I support an idea of including tech chat in realism options for server admin. Best regards to developers and this unique community
  6. I want to be added, I don't have P-40 yet. Thanks! Btw Yep, you are right RAFCIO13, three of them were unconfirmed. Still, 2 is not "only" :-)
  7. It will be great to feel like noble ace Urbanowicz who shoot down 5 Japs with his mighty P-40. :-)
  8. I would like to participate in BoBP. I also can’t wait for the western front.
  9. I hope developers will find a way to implement it in lower latency MP servers - server owner would decide if the server can cope with them. Thanks for answers.
  10. Would it be hard or resource-heavy to model some basic turbulence when flying through vortices of air generated by another plane? It was an important factor in real world. It would be some random turbulence in some area behind flying plane not to engage PC resources and it would make the experience more real. I.e. Johannes Steinhoff, Luftwaffe fighter ace.
  11. Hi AeroAce and all IL2 community! I'm an active player of War Thunder Sim and an enthusiast of flight sims since being small kid, even before 2001's IL2. I know IL2 serie is far better than War Thunder Sim but because of financial reason i couldn't jump to IL2's community. My brother with nick "Bies" is already in IL2's community. He and his friends from "303 virtual squadron" shown me the new IL2:BoX and they encouraged me to join. I recently bought a joystick and open track and i just created my account to write this post. I allready have BoK because of gift from user Gordon200, so I would like to participate for Battle of Bodenplatte. Personally i think you are doing great job promoting the game and this unique community. Have a wonderfull day☺️
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