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  1. This is an amazing release. I am having an incredible time playing around with the planesets, flying Rhineland missions on the kuban map, using eastern front planesets on the Rhineland map... the possibilities are endless!
  2. Exactly my situation. I notice I tend to destroy a lot more enemy targets of all types with the 190, but I get killed flying it more often. It's better in many ways, but more stressful to fly. IMO the D9 is even more finnicky in terms of stall characteristics, but the increased speed makes such a positive difference for it
  3. I really, really want to be a 190 guy, but honestly I hate how it flies. The strictness with which you have to adhere to boom n' zoom tactics feels like being in a straight jacket to me. I just can't get into it. Unless we're talking 1942-43 it's just not that fast to where I can boom n' zoom with it effectively. That said I still want to love the 190. Everyone speaks of it so glowingly and I admire its firepower. If, as the saying goes, you should chose the mission and not the plane, I should prefer the 190 because I love ground attack, but after three-ish years of flying them pretty regularl
  4. Hi Syn_Vader, This tool really is one of my favorite things in IL-2! Is there a way to edit the aircraft list to include late 109 models as a possible attacker aircraft? I know it's kind of silly I like to throw the odd jabo mission in even in late war scenarios for some variety. Thank you for this invaluable tool!
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