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  1. Sokol1,thanks for taking the time to answer, yes I did that but it does not keep this in memory..I have to do it each time I re start., I guess its because I am using the Logitech profiler but dont know how to memorise it. So if there are any other them. suggestions I will be happy to read i
  2. Hi all, tried searching thé forum without sucess so hope this question has not been already asked .. I'm using Requiem's (thanks a lot Requiem) great setup on the Logitech profiler, but when I press the brake with my toe it releases the brake iso pressing it...so is something wrong in my setup and how can I correct it..when I invert the setting it keeps coming back each time I restart ... Thanks.
  3. Incredible images ...they do look awesome. But I am a bit confused some people are talking about BOM ..is this for BOS or for BOM or for both ? Thanks ..whatever the sim ..good work guys
  4. The look of that grass is amazing. Great work.
  5. Before addressing a message to the devs ...Can someone please post a screen copy of the unlock activate button....just to be sure I'm looking in the right place...don't know if I want to use it but it seems that I don't have it in my profil ( game profil or account profil) ...thanks.
  6. Must have been some kind of problem......Couldn't get into BOS yesterday with also a error message...just came back from work, started BOS and found an update available. Seems to work now.
  7. Dburnette... Thanks...tried that it worked...but when I left the game and re entered same problem...so I uninstalled my g940 profiler ...will have to wait for a week before getting down to finding a solution.
  8. I'm having the same problem with my G940 throttle...whatever I do it's stays inverted or if I find a fix its temporary. Should have saved my input settings before this last update....yet they said to do a clean install....
  9. This saved my life...was tearing my hair out and was seriously thinking about suicide Thank you for this strange but efficient fix.
  10. Whatever the outcome of this update ...today or next week..yeah respect and hats off to you guys.
  11. Well cause we'd like to have them on our joysticks like the G940 which allows rotating axis...don't know if the devs have planned this for us. So we are patiently waiting ..
  12. Senseispcc thanks for your feedback....ok so this somewhat reassures me....I've got a lot to learn about different fighters with a lot of practice ahead. Have to say that I'm having a great time with this sim.
  13. Yak 1 better than la5 ? Hi all, what am I doing wrong ? I was impatiently waiting for the la5....and from all the posts I read, la5 seems to outclass yak 1, yet in QMB I'm always better off against the 109 with the yak !!! Any suggestions ? I must be doing something wrong I suppose as I'm better off with engine management at normal settings. Thanks
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