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  1. Hey Balou, Danke für den Hinweis. Habe im Zuge des "IL2 Str. Wintersale" oder so ähnlich ein Spiele -Upgrade vorgenommen und dabei das Spiel komplett neu- installiert. Jetzt läuft auch die Update- Routine. Beste Fliegegrüße, Pitt
  2. Hallo, Entschuldigung, ich fand kein Themen-Menü, wo mein Problem hinein passt) Das Spiel gehört kein Update; Es wird nur das "Fenster" angezeigt , in dem die die Download-Rate in MBs / Sec wird wird. Ich starte den Update-Versuch zu den korrekten Zeiten (Freitag bis Sonntag, russische Zeitrechnung). Es passiert aber nichts. Was läuft hier schief? Danke für Hilfe. mfg, Pitt
  3. Hello, Visiting one of the servers in Multiplayermode of IL2-Sturmovik BOS i can´t use the offered planes, everytime trying it i get the message named in the topic title. What does ist mean? ...And is there a possebilty to activate the offered planes for me too ? Regards, Pitt
  4. Hi JimTM; IT WORKs. !!! Everything All richt! (editing the reseteditor-file again..doubleclicking it then ..and everything was o.k ... thanks a lot ! Pitt
  5. Hello JimTM, I did the suggested changes. But still there ist no solution. i´m not able to start Missioneditor . Allways appears the same error message i posted above. regards, Pitt
  6. Hello Pilots, A strange error occured since today everytime i try to start the Mission Editor in BoS. I posted the Error messages here. Can somebody give somne support ? Regards, Pitt
  7. Hello Prangster, Will you..please ... give the link to your reference-mission .file you mentioned at page 3 in your BoS.Mission Editor pdf. ? In the pdf-file it´s no longer linked . thx, Pitt
  8. Hi Swalow, hi, _Prangster, Thx for the very good Support. I will do so and study the missionbuilder guide you put to me. thanks . i will report soon.... or upload something...yes.. Regards, Pitt
  9. Hi unreasonable, Thx, i tried to generate am simple AAA-Mission. But it did not work. Not any single 8,8-Gun fired a very round. I dont´know my issue: may be i signed teh countries in a wrong way. I think to give soem attributes to an objekt only is possible by editing teh thing i want in the "properties"-menue. I remember, that there are countries to choose, but i do not know, wether it is "conected" right to my choosen objekt. Then there are "Flags" to chose: i do not know, wether the "Flag" put near an airfiled bound that area to a special country. Yes, i know: it
  10. Hello, I´m still not firm with the mission editor. Can somebody , please tell me something about creating the following mission. I simply want to creat a mission, in which i can attack an aitfielld with a great number of aaa-guns. (you know, historically the german AAA gun "8,8" was placed massively arround areas, which had to be protected..) i still don´t know, what trigger or what kind of "linked entity" i had to create in BoS mission generator to built an accurate firing AAA protecting an airfield. Who do i "inform" the places gunners to attack inbound enemy airpla
  11. Hi Ventus, Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydmyrnoe92c6c1w/BoS_________---.eng?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9w9j4nqe5fy1be/BoS_________---.Mission?dl=0 As is said : don´t know , wether i was kicked back during try to load generatetd mission i send to you with dropbox-link. May you find an issue. Best Regards, Pitt
  12. if i try to use BoS-Missioneditor and try to load the mission generated with Simple 3rd party Mission Builder for BoSi get the error message: " error reading mission file" (????) Regards, Pitt
  13. Hi coconut, Tanks...but in the "Multiplayer"-folder there was no .msn.bin-file. I found a "gen.msn.bin" in the folder "Missions". For a test i deleted this file. But the game still stops loading at the critical point i decribed to Ventus. Don´t know the error. Regards, Pitt
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